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Yes, the first Packer game is this coming Thursday already and you know what that means, time to get our super hero team together to work concessions at at least two games this year.

To make life a little easier on our volunteers for the games, we are only considering Sunday noon home games. So here are the games we are considering.

1. Sunday, September 16th: Noon (Vikings)

2. Sunday, September 30th: Noon (Bills)

3. Sunday, November 11th: Noon (Dolphins)

4. Sunday, December 2nd: Noon (Cardinals)

5. Sunday, December 9th: Noon (Falcons)

We can use all the help we can get and although it is a long hard day, we have a great team who always make it fun, not to mention a great Lambeau experience and a huge fundraiser fro the horses.

If you are interesting in working a game or two with us, feel free to pipe in what dates are good for you. If you know you want to work a game or two with us, email scott@equineadoption.com so we can add you to the list of 2018 volunteers.

What do you need to do to volunteer with us at the Packer games:

1. Let us know what game or games you can work with us and commit to those games.

2. There is a short online quiz all volunteers must take (they give you the answers and you can take the test as many times as you need to pass).

3. Black pants and black shoes.

4. Show up on time and with a big smile on your face.....it is always fun!

So, if you can help us this year, please email scott@equineadoption.com to let us know.

Thank you!
Scott: MHWF
After hearing back from some of you, it has become very clear which games we need to work.

We will be working the game on 11/11 and 12/2.....both are Sunday noon games.

So there it is folks.....if you can join us to work one or both of those games, please email Scott to get on the list!


Thank you!
Scott: MHWF
Here is who we have so far:


Sunday, December 2: Noon (Cardinals):

1. Scott B.

2. Karen B.

3. Christine A.

4. Terri M.

5. Ann. M. 

6. Robby G.

7. Chloe D.

8. Kris S.

9. Laura S.

10. Garrison K.

11. Toni V.

12. Barb S.

13. Tracy N.

14. Erin W.

15. Carly M.

16. Janice N.

17. Deb W.

18. Dawn N.

19. John N.

20. Walker N.

21. Tiffany T.

22. Holly N.

23. Samantha D.

24. Amber D.

25. Bruce G.

26. Karin H.

27. Suzy R.

28. Carolyn B.

Lots more volunteers needed!!!
Barb S
Well if I’m working Dave will be tooπŸ˜‰ I’ll inform him after our long weekend of cattle meetings that he is so (not) looking forward to in Mo.
Hoping you can add Chloe and me to both lists too.  It's a hard but fun time!  

You can work on Chloe at the show tomorrow.  πŸ˜‰
We are getting closer...got to add some new names this morning πŸ˜‰
Dawn N.
John and I can do both if you want us back  [tongue]
Hell yeah, you guys rock! I will add you to the list right now!
Dawn N.
Walker is old enough to work now, so count him in too, for both.
Excellent news Dawn! I added him to the list!
We need at least a couple more volunteers to work the Packer game with us on 12/2, but need at least 5 or 6 more people for the game on 11/11.

Anyone want to join us?
Dawn N.
Let me see if I can find anyone.  We live a bit closer...
It now looks like if everyone on the list shows up, that we have enough people for the game on 12/2, but we are still quite a few people short for the game on 11/11, which is coming up soon.

If you have some time on 11/11 and can help us out, we can sure use the help or we will not be able to work this game.
Dawn N.
My dad can help on 12/2  Bruce G.  I will get his paperwork in with ours in a day or 2.  He is out of town for the November one.  
We were just notified that the game we plan to work for the horses was moved from a noon game to a 3:30 game. We were already short at least 5 people and desperately need more people to help out at 3:30 on 11/11.

Working a 3:30 game means that most people will be able to leave around 7:30 pm. If this schedule change forces you to have to cancel, please let us know right away so that we have time to plan. 

If you have not yet volunteered to help us on this game and are considering it, we desperately need your help on the game on 11/11.
Dawn Novitski
So what is the arrival time now? 11am or 11:30am?
scott: MHWF

All the volunteers need to be in the locker room by 11:30 on game day since the game got flexed to a 3:30 game. I will be sending out an email to all the volunteers in the next 24 hours with all the details everyone will need or want to know. πŸ˜‰
Scott: MHWF
Once again our team rocked it and broke the record for this season in booth 326 with the highest sales of the year......all that through running out of just about everything and a really slow start to the day.

The people who volunteer for these games blow our minds.....honestly. To give up the day, drive to the game, then work their butts off in the cold and under stress, just to help someone else, is something we admire each of these people for and what they people will do to help. Mind-blowing, each and every game.

We want to thank these wonderful people who pulled a long hard day off without us hearing so much as one complaint. A huge thank you to:

Nick and Christine A.
Cody A.
Terri M.
Ann M.
Janice N.
Garrison K.
Tracy N.
Lisa K.
Karin H.
John, Dawn and Walker N.
Leanna B.
Carly M.
Kris S.
Jessica L.
Bethany F.
Diane B.
Dorothy W.

Once again, you all kicked some serious butt, reminded us of what wonderful people we are surrounded with and make a nice chunk of cash for the horses.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of you!

I believe the MHWF team broke a booth record last year too.  I have been to ONE Packer game, many years ago and did not pay any attention to the food booth that we got the beer and burger from.  Now I wish I had!   Specifically why do you think this team does so well.....besides that the members do not complain?  How do you stay out of each others way back there?  You must operate in a very efficient manner but how exactly does that happen?  I would like to be a mouse in that booth to watch you work!
Scott: MHWF
Carla, last year, not only did we break season records for that year, but we also broke an all time record.

Our team makes this work because we have top quality people who actually care and who are hard workers, who pay attention to the details.

How do we stay out of each other's way....we don't. We run into each other, bump into things, fall down, but we work together with a smile and that makes all the difference.
Just curious--are booths identified by who staffs them? Do I understand that Lambeau Field does not staff any/all of its concessions stands?

Unless we run out of cheese curds....than all bets are off.  HAHA. 

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