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Sue J
Way to go guys! Thank you for giving up your time to participate in this event, I can only imagine what a long day it must be. 
We did run out of cheese curds 😉

Booths are identified by number, but there is a small sign in our booth that identified the organization running it. All booths are run by volunteer groups......high school and college clubs and sports teams, churches, etc.
Dawn N.
It works, because horse people are hard workers and I think maybe because we don't do every game, so it's doesn't seem like a chore or a job, we have fun with it.  And no one gets Butt Hurt.  Get the job done and move on.  Keep the customers happy.   And for whatever reason the guys at the game love to give my husband $5.00 tips, no idea, he out tips me every time.
Scott: MHWF
Frustrated is the only word that I can come up with right now. I do not think people realize how badly they screw us over when they say they will work one of these games with us, then back out later on......or they don't care, not sure which.

If there is anyone out there who would like to or is willing to work the game with us on Sunday 12/2, we can use a few more smiling faces.
Diane B
Working a Packer game for MHWF was on my bucket list.  So last weekend LeAnna and I drove almost 4 hours one way to do it.  The veteran crew and everyone else was kind and patient with us "rookies".  The day flew by, we didn't get cold, the Packer fans were great.... and most importantly we were helping the horses of MHWF.  It was so worth it all!  Honestly, everyone should try this at least once if you are able to, you won't regret it.
I'll see if I can round up anyone.  
I just want to chime in here for a moment. These Packer games, while hard work, long days, and quite the commitment, are not only a good time, they are critical to this program. The more people we have, the larger the stand we can operate, and therefore bringing more funds for the horses! It is a heck of a good group of people, everyone works together, everyone has each other's back, no one gets upset knowing that the chaos is not personal, and at the end of the day we actually do have fun and are extremely proud of ourselves for what we've accomplished...together!

I'm going to work on rounding more people up if I can :-). I love that this is described as a bucket list item Diane ❤️!!! and what's up with the tip thing for your husband there Dawn? I don't get it and we're going to have to make this a friendly competition now! I'm going to have to put him in another head lock when he steals my customers! If Scott would give up my son in the back cooking, we can put him up front and see if he gets more tips too! Then we know there's a conspiracy 😉

Come on guys, it's a great time with really great people, and if you've never worked a game consider joining us!
I just want to chime in as well and say how fun working the games is! It can feel intense at first when everything is being explained, but once you're off and running everything flies by, you dance to the music, banter with the opposing team's guests, and celebrate with fellow Packer fans. It's work to be sure, but you hardly notice. Until the cheesecurds run out, but once the doors close and everybody sighs, you have a huge sense of accomplishment and "holy crap I made it!" then you clean a lot and go home.

But really, seeing the numbers that come in from all of your work, all of the tips you get after telling the dad of the cute little girl that you're helping the horses, that's another level of gratitude right there.

And again, none of this could happen without people there to watch each others backs, do what needs to be done, and listen when something's not going right.

So if you can come help us on the 2nd, please please do! It's an absolute blast and once (or.... third) in a lifetime chance to work a game at Lambeau! I should also mention that last time we had a TV in full view of the booth so you really don't miss a whole lot.
Jan N
Impressions from a newbie (Nov. 11 was the first time my schedule allowed me to work a Packer game).....  I had some doubts and a mild case of nerves before starting because I wasn't entirely certain I'd be able to keep up with the others, do a good enough job, pull my own weight as part of a team. That said, please read on:

Christine is a Grrreaaaaat!! boss. She is a leader and does it with dedication, elan, and sass [biggrin] . You will love working with her!

Karen and Scott are upbeat and positive, way knowledgeable, super-helpful, and work their ever-lovin' buns off (surely no surprise).

Terri is the financial rock, and she rocks!!  For everything about registers/cash management, she's got your back. Plus she does a bunch of other vital tasks not "frontline visible" to the guests/fans which are absolutely key to our success.

The experienced volunteers were my go-to when I had a question. They had Team Spirit! Wonderful!

What's ststed above about the more volunteers we have = the bigger booth we get = the more $$$ for the horses is not only correct, but is a simple matter of Lambeau Field dimensions. The booths can be only so deep, because (mostly) they are tucked into the stadium backing up underneath the stands. So the big ones are wider across the front, which means more cash registers, which means more lines of people, equaling more sales for us than smaller booths. These fans pay a premium price to see the games, to be part of the Packer/Lambeau  Experience, and they are looking to have a good time. I did not experience anybody, not even *one* person, who was cranky or even impolite. I worked a register from start to finish and had a blast.

We may not want to spend all season working every Packer game, but if you will help on one of these several weekends a year that MHWF has such a great opportunity to fund more/better care for the horses, you will not regret it. Sheesh, I worked one game and look at all the "we" "our" "us" words in this post - I became a team member and loved it.

Hope I see you at the Dec. 2 game - email Scott and join this fun, supportive team! (P.S. dressed in layers, I was never cold.)
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