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Lilly - 10 yrs.

In Rehab- Not Yet Available

Lilly is a 10 year old mini mare. She is a tiny little thing, standing at 33 inches at the withers. She was described to us as wild, and a world class kicker. Lilly arrived at MHWF on 11-7-2012 with feet as bad as they get, covered in feces and scared. After spending a few minutes with her we quickly realized that once she knew we were here to help her and not hurt her, she warmed up to us almost immediately and turned into one of the cutest, sweetest little things you ever met. Although she has been horribly neglected for a long long time, it is clear that at some point in her life she was well cared for and just ended up in the wrong hands. We immediately got her wormed and her feet trimmed and will get her all groomed out and prettied up this weekend. The after photos were taken about an hour after her arrival, once we got her feet trimmed. It looks like she is going to be a normal, sound, healthy little mare with a little more time to rehab. She already loves to beg for treats and calls to us as soon as she sees us. We owe a very big thank you to Tania W. for helping us find this little gal, and to Matt Z. as well for fixing her tiny little feet for her.

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Angie P Holmen
Oh no, this may have to come to my house once avail. Ugh why do you do this to me ;) So sad that she is in the shape she is, but at least you have her now! 

What a teeny tiny lovely little girl!!  The pic of her snuggling up to Scott's tummy is just so sweet.  Her feet improved immensely with just one trim...big thanks to all involved.

What a cutie!  So glad to see that her feet look as good as they do after only one trim.  She has the same sweet look on her face that Ellie did when we rescued her.  Amazing how they know that they are safe...it's like they can just breathe a great big sigh of relief.  I thank all whom were (and are) involved with saving little Lily.   
John B.
Such a shame she was so negelcted.  Well I know her transformation will be amazing under your care  and look forward to following her progress in pictures (like we all did with Rebel) 
She has a very sweet face.
Kara W.
I want to hug her and kiss her face! Such a pretty little girl. Breaks my heart a little bit knowing how she was treated but she is in GREAT care now :) Thank you Scott and Karen for taking her in. She will now learn what love is :)
You all have earned your angel wings...again.
mel d
She's a cutie and knows she's in good hands now...no naughty, just a happy sweet girl. She will find a home in no time. :)
Lindsey N
She is so....squooshy looking!  As in, I want to squoosh her face!!  I am going to try really hard to find a volunteer day to come up one of these weekends.  She is just so stinkin' adorable....and you can see the difference in her eyes from before the trim to after the trim how they relax.  I wouldn't blame her even if she did kick.
Anna WI
Lindsey if you decide to go volunteer let me know. We could ride together!
We would like to thank Lindsey N. for her donation in the name of Lilly this morning...thank you Lindsey!
Donna R
What a little doll.  She looks so happy to be there.  And her feet do look really good for just one trim.  Glad to hear you think she won't have soundness issues.  Thanks for all you do!
Oh what an adorable little one!  How can you resist that cute little face???  Her poor feet!  How can anyone let that happen?  I will never understand that!  I'm sure glad that you guys have got her now!
Jenni O.
She is freakin' adorable! I keep telling myself that I absolutely do not have the room (and I really don't). But she could probably stay in the house! Thank you to everyone involved in her care, and I will keep the bad thoughts about the people who let this happen to her to myself. I'd sneak her home in a heartbeat if I had more room.
She is such a cute little stinker. I just want to brush her and clean her all up and smooch her little nose. Shhhh...Don't tell Mandy Mule I said that!

We would also like to thank Linnae S. for her generous donation in the name of Lilly today....thank you Linnae!
Can I keep her in the house?  :)  She is so sweet and she is doing just great.  We had the vet out tonight and she wasn't thrilled about the needle for the blood draw, but she did pretty darn good.  With the description we got of her when we got the phone call, we thought we would have a fairly big project as far as behavior goes, but Lilly seems really well behaved and she really seems to trust us already.  I had her out for quite a while this afternoon and she is very respectful, friendly and leads around really nicely.  She is loving her new feet for sure! 

Here is a short video clip of Lilly saying hello to everyone. 

If that link doesn't work
click here
Donna R
Why yes you can keep her in the house, Karen:).  Isn't she about Trigger's size???  She is as cute as can be.  Love her markings.  Everyone will fall in love with little Lilly!
Oh how I wish I could.  :)  She is about Trigger's size! 
Oh my lord, that poor little girl!  Thankfully she is now in the best of hands, and it already shows!  Thanks to Scott and Karen for taking this sweet girl into your care!
I am totally smitten with this little peanut!!
Wendy W - WI
Big smiles here!  Love your words to her and you know that is how I sound with mine.  Thank you a million times for taking her in, although I know you would never say no to her.  
Karen, I think you have a little friend here!! I just love her so! I think you should be her new mamma!! If I didn't have 3 Arabians, and 2 Elephants (the warmbloods) I would love to have her!! Bless you and Scott for all you do!! oxoxo
Lindsey N
I am in LOVE with the video.  Thank you!!  Lily seems about as sweet as she looks! Something about her just now reminded me of Rebel.  I saw him but never really got to experience his personality in person, but it's like these horses whose spirit should be broken....aren't!  It's like they never question seeing the best in us sometimes undeserving humans.  And yet they forgive us so quickly, and teach us so much.  I think it's amazing that all the things a horse can be scared of even when well cared for (other animals included) that they allow us in their lives, often without question.  I think a lot of people can relate when you try to see the best in others, even when they are completely undeserving.  It is both my favorite and least favorite attribute of myself - that I try to see the best in everybody and most situations.  I have had the most wonderful people in my life who needed someone to believe and them and the worst scumbags I know.  But even I reach a maximum capacity for dirtbags.

I know not all horses are like this when they've been neglected or abused and take time to come around.  But they all eventually do given their own time.  I have been moved to tears multiple times in the short time that I have been familiar with MHWF (a little over 1 year).  I've learned a lot and spent probably hundreds of hours reading stories past of Mista and Rebel, Grace and Babycakes, and many more.  I've learned that we are the lucky ones.  Karen and Scott EARNED Lily allowing them to see how beautiful her soul is.  It's not a Right, every little bit is earned and some will be easier than others.  With all of Scott and Karen's experience, I have seen that they ooze something for these horses that allows them feel comfortable and loved, with reasonable boundaries.  They allow the past to be the past.  It's not gushing, it's not dramatic, but it's something felt, not heard or seen.  They beam when they see the right match for the horses in their program.  Like they are so excited for their future and not wanting to hold them back.  That is HUGE of you guys...something I would struggle with daily.  Something I think we all need a little more of. 

Okay, for real, I just wanted to quickly comment on Lily's video and then she reminded me of Rebel.  "If you give a Lindsey a pony, she'll have to reminisce...." hahahaha, alright, I'll be done. Begging the family right now to see if would could fit a teeny tiny little pony who shall not be named in with one of the other horses ;)
Denise S - WW
OMGosh! Be careful, she's charging & kicking! LOL!!

What an absolute precious little Angel!! I love her & I love you guys!!! BIG smiles over here!!
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