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Missprint - 22 yrs.

This will be Missprint's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos.
Date of arrival to MHWF:  6/15/2012
$300 - Missprint, or Missy is a 22 year old registered Arabian mare. She is sound, healthy, current on all of her shots and wormers and is well broke to saddle. Missy stands at an even 15 hands tall. She is very sweet and mellow and a joy to be around. She came to MHWF with Harley, also listed on this site. Her adopters ran into some family health problems and had to return Harley. Being that Missprint has been Harley's pasture mate for the past few years, we felt that taking Missy into MHWF was the right thing to do, and we are very glad we did. When Missy arrived at MHWF, she had not been ridden at all in 5 years and had not really been ridden more than a couple of times in the past eight years. You would never know it. She stood very calmly to be tacked up and mounted and rode like she had been ridden every day. She is an amazing horse and will make someone a wonderful trail horse. Since she has not been ridden for almost half her life, she does not have the wear and tear a lot of other horses would have. She has great training and a very willing attitude, along with being very pretty and likable. Misprint will make someone a great first trail horse or will do great for someone who wants a more mature, safe horse to ride on the trails.

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A big thank-you to Alyssa for taking the time and helping us out with riding Missy!  We appreciate all of your help with Elsie and are so happy that you stuck around and rode Missy too, thank you! 

Just want to start off by saying I know my stirrups are too short for western, but all I ride is english so I'm used to them shorter. Lol.

Now on to missy... when I was at mhwf to pick up elsie for training, missy had arrived the day before and I was asked if I wanted to test ride her. When I brought her out, I did a little ground work with her and she does remember quite a bit and wasn't on top of me in my space like most horses would be who haven't had much at all done with them in 8 yrs. She stood like a rock for me to tack her up and mount and only started walking when asked. I only did walk/trot since it rained the night before so the round pen was a tad bit slippery. Missy did phenominal though! she did everything I asked of her without hesitation and transitioned down from a trot very nicely when I asked her verbally to walk. I had the reins loose the whole time and I never once had to get in her mouth. She truly is a gem of a horse and whomever ends up with her in their pasture will be lucky!
Angie P-Mondovi
What a pretty mate! And sounds like a sweety!
Lindsey N

Droool....someday I WILL have my herd of bays, if only it could be now!!  She looks like she'd be fun for someone with skill OR safe for beginners....that's a rare kind of horse :)  I keep drooling over the Arabs coming in, and for those who haven't had one yet and are skeptical, until I owned one...I didn't get it.  I thought they were crazy horses with flared nostrils and the whites of their eyes showing.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  Mine...although he needs an intermediate handler, (almost) always pays attention to me, has LOADS of personality, and really is the sweetest cuddle bug I've ever had.  Yes, he flares his nostrils and thinks that the Horsasaurus Monster might get him sometimes, but I've never had a horse with more "try" and willing to put himself in scary situations just because I told him it was okay to trust me.  If I ever choose a horse that I am most confident I won't fall off of (be...he's my go-to.  He has single-handedly changed my mind about Arabs.  Okay, that was my Arab PSA for the day...TOTALLY jealous of whoever gets their hands on this gorgeous girl!

Sandy K

She's a pretty girl , and looks really well behaved being ridden . My friend's daughter just started riding and she took her 24 yr. old on a 3 hr. trail ride . Horse and rider did well . Our oldest on that ride was a 30 yr. old QH who also did well. As Scott had said before, with good care the 20 yr. old of today is like the 10 yr. old of yesterday .

Very pretty mare!
Missy was used to give a lesson to a 12-year-old girl yesterday and she did fantastic! People, this girl is a gem. Someone is going to be extremely lucky. She hasn't been ridden in a long time, but she definitely remembers and is so well behaved and eager to please. This is the one you should have at the top of your list.
(Thank you Linda!!)
Here are a couple of pics of Missy from yesterday, 6/23/2012:

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I rode Missy on Saturday and she was very relaxed and willing.  She walks out beautifully and her trot though 'big" is smooth can be collected into a very smooth gait.  Her lope is wonderful.  She did it all without hesitation and was starting to remember leg pressure and cues by the end of a brief session with her.  I know I have room for a second horse when Kim picks up Dream.  Hmmmmm.  THis is the one that you could have for friends to ride or tune up for some fun arena work in between super trail riding.


*Missy* is one gorgeous girl.Sounds like your ride was PURFECT and I sure hope that there is ENOUGH ROOM for another passenger when you pick up *Dream*. One can't get any LUCKIER in finding such a nicely built beauty.
Congrats to Missy and her adopter!  She is a sweet sweet girl!
Missy got adopted? Hmmmmm......I wonder who the adopter could be????Someone at the party perhaps????
Kara W.
:P I think I know what pasture she is in :D

Oh boy, I'm running a little slow, aren't I?  :)  Missy is one lucky girl and found herself a great home with Julie P.!!  Julie has been looking for her horse for some time now, and Missy is absolutely perfect for her.  Julie, Kara and Lindsey all came to the party together and they brought a horse trailer with just in case.  Good thing they did because Missy was the perfect match for Julie.  It was a little hot and tired out Sunday morning, but the adoption appointment went beautifully and Julie and Lindsey both rode Missy (I think someone got some pictures of that too that they might share).  Missy gets to go live with Aria and Cassie too!  We are really excited for all involved and we really look forward to hearing updates on all the girls.  Thank you Julie, and congratulations! 

Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful girls from adoption day, 7/1/2012. 

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Name: MISSY-JULIE-JULY1-543-FORUM.jpg, Views: 511, Size: 173.17 KB

Kara W.
I told you I knew what pasture she was in :P
John B.
Such great pictures and congrats to all
congratulations Julie. Have fun with her!
Lindsey N
SOO happy for Julie...she's already getting lots of love and attention :)  We've learned our lesson on horse introductions from last time with Cassie though... She's out with Eli right now, tonight we'll do my Arab (They are going to look adorable together fyi :P) and then the rest of the MHWF girls.  Missprint really is a unique horse, she arrive very calm and curious (mostly just looking for food).  She was AMAZING in the trailer...I've never seen a horse trailer so well...ever.  I do think she will be just perfect for Julie.  She makes you earn things, but also lets you make mistakes.  She's exactly what I imagined for her :D :D
Congrats!!  Sounds like another awesome match!!  You guys look great together!
Congratulations to Missy and her new family!
Congrats to both of you!! Both pictures are great, but that first picture is just beautiful :) It sounds like a perfect match!
mel d
Hurray for another awesome adoption! What smart folks you are to bring a horse trailer to the party...just in case ;-)
Donna R

Congratulations!  What a great horse!  Love the pictures.

Jenni O.
Congrats!  Love the pictures, and you're so lucky to have an Arab mare!
Julie P.
Lindsey N. (Aria) just sent Kara W. (Kass) a photo of my sweet Miss and Thunder getting all snuggly in the barn.  I can't wait to get some photos to post.  Miss seems to be settling into the herd really well!  I'm so excited to actually have my sweet Miss, my very first horse that I don't think I've stopped smiling since Sunday.  Thank you for all of the congratulations everybody.  I'm officially part of the MHWF family now!  And, thank you to Scott and Karen for the great party; but odddly enough I think a horse followed us home!  hummmmmm.......lol
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