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Scott Bayerl

A Life in Rescue: The Hard Truth Whether You Like it or Not

We have always tried to keep our website and discussion forum a family friendly place, but there is a time and a place to lay it all out, and right now, we need to do exactly that. So, if you are easily offended by truth and bad language, I suggest you skip reading this.

The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation will be 19 years old this coming spring. Over those 19 years we have seen and been a part of a lot of an endless number of cases involving neglect, abuse, etc. In the eyes of some people, the work we do is admired and supported, for a few people, we are the targets of verbal abuse, bad-mouthing, outright lies and rumors, with no basis, other than that they always come from the same place, the same kind of people. The names and places can all be interchanged because it is the same bullshit story time and time again.

The people who truly care about how animals are treated and what abuse and neglect look like always seem to be there to offer support and the low-lifes always seems to be the ones to piss and moan and whine about how the whole thing was an injustice. 

For those people, here are some facts. 1). Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation are not the horse cops. We have no legal authority to act in neglect or abuse cases, nor do we wish to have that power. We do not push for action against anyone. When we are involved in these cases, it is only after the authorities have contacted us and asked for our help. If someone is being investigated by authorities, don’t blame us. Blame the dumb ass who neglected the horses. We are only there because we were asked to assist. If you can be asked for help after seeing what we have seen and still say no to helping, how sad, and you are part of the problem. But by all means, go ahead and embarrass yourself and bring attention to what kind of person you are by blasting your bullshit all over the internet. It makes it easier for the rest of us to spot you in the crowd and see your true colors.

2). We are a horse adoption and rescue program, run by 100% volunteers. For those morons who think we enjoy having to take time off from work to meet up with authorities, think again. Nothing more fun than dropping what you are doing or what you had planned to go help clean up someone else’s mess…..taking time off from work, spending much needed funding to deal with the problems other people caused. Spending our time caring for horses they always claim to love, but starve, abuse and neglect anyway……sounds like a blast huh? If you have an opinion about what MHWF does, feel free to step up. If you have the time to badmouth someone for trying to help, but do not have the time or gumption to actually help……keep your mouth shut. Nobody wants to hear your enabling, truth twisting blather. Either do something to help or get the hell out of the way of the people who are trying to help.

3). Because we run this organization, we have to behave a certain way, should never swear, and cannot voice our true feelings…yeah right. If you do not like something we have to say, move on and support something you do believe in. There are plenty of people who do support what we do.


This never-ending circle of abuse and neglect always comes from the same ilk...morons with a mouth and no brain. We very obviously do not expect their support, but I will say this……we, and our volunteers and supporters work our asses off, for no pay, to fix the problems these people created and left for countless decent people to have to deal with and pay for. But poor you, you were treated unfairly. Treated unfairly like when you call us names and threaten us while we try to help the authorities do their jobs and clean up your mess? Like that? Like when we have to drive for hours to pick up half dead animals from your property that you say is everyone’s fault but yours?  Like when we have to work late nights trying to fund-raise for the care your neglected animals needed a long time ago? Like that?

Are we pissed? Are the other people you drag into your circle of hell pissed…..damn right they are, and rightly so. We do not owe these people a damn thing. They owe the rest of us, the people who help and support the animals they abuse, a great deal. So save your opinions about us…we are not interested. Our only focus is on the horses and their rehab. Have you noticed that we do not share your neglectful, abusive names or rip these people apart for their crimes? Nope, you didn’t. All you noticed is that some abusive, lying jackass was charged with a crime and since you can’t attack the authorities, you shoot your mouth off about us. If you are one of those people, on behalf of everyone who works to clean up your messes…..kiss my ass, then go get your f-ing shine box! Leave the people trying to help alone. Or, here is an idea, do something to help end these situations with half dead animals instead of worrying about who said what and the horrible injustice dished out by servants of the law.

If anything said in this letter offends you…..maybe you need to look at yourself and see the obvious shit you are laying in, take a closer look at the sort of people you are defending and stop blaming the rest of us, the people who actually care and are willing to put their time, effort and money where it helps the most. If all you have to offer is your big mouth and the bullshit that comes out of it…..save us all the time it takes to read it and let us do our work…..fixing your f-ing mess.

Sue J
Wow, I am so sorry Scott, Karen and the countless other agencies that are involved in these type of situations. The horror you must see when you see the aftermath of pure neglect I can't even imagine and then to be verbally abused while trying to help these animals brings tears to my eyes.
I always admire the way you guys handle these situations, I don't think I could have that restraint.
Please know that all of us support you guys and without you we would not be able to have the connection to band together and help.
There is pure evil in this world and we can't let them take all the good that is done and wipe it out with their attacks. Please stay strong...
Jenni O.
Those who defend obvious abuse and neglect are just as awful as those who commit the actual abuse, in my opinion. They enable people to feel justified in their abuse/neglect. And while most of us see right through the lies and BS, it's still frustrating to know that people defend those that do not deserve anyone's support. If only they channeled all that energy into something worthwhile.
Very well said, and a long time coming as far as I'm concerned.  It tears me up to see the results of what so called humans do to our animals, who only want comfort and care from us, in exchange for love and loyalty.  I'm one for much stronger punishment for these so called humans that do these sort of things.
After reading this I looked around on FB to find out what is going on. I'm so disgusted I'm at a loss for words right now.
Really sorry for what you are putting up with Scott and Karen.  Thank you for taking the high road and doing what is right.  
Carina P.
I'm so sad that you were treated with such disrespect. Prayers for you and the horses.
Suzanne McKichan
Behavior like this, while it hurts, reveals true character as you say.  I don't know why anyone who is awaiting sentencing (or their allies) would stoop to this level.  All of their hostile behaviors, swearing at the vet/humane officers/assistants, and attempts to interfere with the care of their horses speaks volumes to the court and aids the prosecution. 
Well said! I'm sorry that you are faced with such awful situations and even more awful people. What I am extremely grateful for is the fact that MHWF exists and you and Karen continue to do what you do because the horses need you. Thank you!!!
I am so sorry you are having to deal with this type of behavior.  I hope knowing that you are appreciated, respected, and looked up to by many helps you to see past this crap....and I am one of them.  I am so glad you do what you, and am proud to be a supporter of MHWF.
I'm at a loss for words..
Finally after so many complaints about neglect and no one doing anything ever, the authorities stepped up and charged the guilty!  Everyone should be rejoicing!  Those that have to clean up the mess should be commended not attacked.
There are no excuses for neglect and it sure gets tiresome hearing the same ones over and over. 
Good Vent Scott.
We can vent to each other Scott....  When the threats start and you worry about your own animals, your own family, yourself, it gets old real fast.
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