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A couple of new pictures of the elderly bay stud and the black mini stud.  They are both doing well!  (the name game coming soon to pick a name for these boys!)

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I'm seeing a similar white snip on the nose on these two horses.  [wink]  

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OMG!  That is a hilarious picture of Teddy!!!  And the bay stud looks like he is smiling.  Fantastic to see what love and caring does.  All those who are willing to invest so much are heroes to us all.
Why the colostrum?  I thought that was only beneficial in the first 24 hours?
Mara, we have never used colostrum on rescue horses before, but a very generous supporter ordered and sent us two containers of colostrum to try on the rescue horses, and in particular was hoping to help Faith with it.  She used this on a rescue dog and it seemed to help, and had heard good things about it helping horses as well.  So we are giving it a try, and we are very appreciative of the help from Barb W.!  

A little info about the claims of colostrum use in horses:  
It has now been researched that supplementation of bovine colostrum in mature horses have major benefits, especially in horses in need of assistance to recover from immune lowering events.  Colostrum contains many bio active substances that have been shown to prevent disease and promote overall good health. The bioactive substances in  colostrum include antibodies, immune factors, growth factors  peptides, bioactive proteins, prebiotics, vitamins , minerals and antioxidants. Antibodies and immune factors fight and destroy disease causing agents.  The gut of the horse is where much of the negative effects of stress, illness, antibiotic administration, exertion and trauma are manifested.  Colostrum contains a number of substances which help to optimize gut health.  

Wendy - WI
Oh boy that snip does match. Super cute picture.

NEILLSVILLE — A 53-year-old woman accused of neglecting dozens of animals has been charged with 26 misdemeanor counts in Clark County Circuit Court.

If convicted, Carolyn M. Christie faces a maximum of nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine on each of the 26 charges. Christie is scheduled to make her first court appearance in the case Wednesday.

On Sept. 11, Clark County District Attorney Lyndsey Brunette filed 10 counts of intentionally mistreating animals, four counts of providing an animal shelter with improper ventilation, six counts of providing an animal shelter with improper sanitation, four counts failure to provide proper food for an animal and two counts failure to provide shelter from the sun for an animal.

On Aug. 16, the Clark County Sheriff's Department responded to a report of animals loose at N4139 Marg Ave. in the town of Pine Valley, according to police. Deputies found several animals without food or water in the sweltering heat and humidity. Officers notified the Clark County Humane Society of the conditions.

When authorities searched the home, basement and barn areas of the property, they found dogs living in deplorable conditions, according to police. An overwhelming ammonia odor emanated from inside the residence.  The animals suffered from flea bites, bad dental care, ingrown nails and poor nutrition.

Authorities seized 43 dogs and six horses from the Pine Valley residence.

Looks like you have father and son there don't you think?? Very cute!
Did anyone see that I posted above regarding charges being filed in this case?  26 charges.  

On another note, Teddy has become a master at taking off Faith and Lady's fly masks.  A person would think that is annoying, and it would be in most situations, but it is just so good to see him feeling better and not just standing around dull and listless.  
Tricia - No. WI
Yes, good news!  This is a link to the CCAP page (you will probably have to cut and paste into your browser):


I saw the information on the case.  Many emotions.  Very glad that this is being followed thru on.  Angry at the condition the pictures showed the horses and dogs to be in.  Sad that someone did not see, could not see, or would not see what they were doing. Confused that it took so long and repeated attempts to get this taken care of.  Hopeful this will  not be allowed to happen with this person again.  Resigned knowing that it will happen again somewhere someplace.  And very thankful that people like Karen and Scott exist with the kind hearts and strength that they have.
This might be a stupid question and don't get me wrong I am grateful that charges are being brought against this POS but why only 26 misdemeanors?  Why not one for each animal that was seized?  They seized 49 animals for goodness sake, every single one of their lives counts.
Jane Liess
Very happy that Faith seems to be coming around.  The case is just so sad.
Jenn, some of those same thoughts went through my head, but at the same time those are some hefty charges (about max what can be done) and I do need to be thankful that charges were filed at all.  

I posted a video on my Facebook page of Faith from yesterday to show how much she has improved, and I will try to get that here (it is so much easier to upload to Facebook than to Youtube and then share a link, etc.).  Faith is hanging in there and showing a lot of improvement, but we had a problem last night.  Last evening Faith did not seem herself, did not want to eat and had a temperature of over 104.  It was later evening and I didn't feel an emergency call to the vet was warranted, but called this morning.  This morning Faith was acting herself, begging for food and eating and her temperature was back down to normal.  I do have a call into the vet (also regarding Teddy's ringworm that just won't go away), and will see what he has to say.  Hoping it's not anaplasmosis, as a fever can wax and wane with that.  Please keep Faith in your positive thoughts and prayers.  

UPDATE AFTER VET TELEPHONE CONSULT:  We discussed how Faith has so many things going on at once and how this could be anything from virus to infection as well as anaplasmosis, and we decided that watchful waiting and taking temp at least twice a day, and if it spikes again immediately draw blood, etc.  This is what we will do, and I will begin another treatment for Teddy's ringworm as well, as there could be a bacterial thing going on as well as the fungus.  

Here is a link to Faith's video from yesterday, which I made public on Facebook so anyone with an account can see it.  

I agree, I am grateful that she has been charged, just can't help but wish it were more severe, especially after hearing how hard Faith is fighting.  Gentle hugs to you beautiful Faith xoxox
Teddy nickered for the first time today.  Twice.  
That's all, I just had to share my joy with the things that may seem simple.  [smile]  
If I were a horse I'd nicker at you too baby  [wink]

NEILLSVILLE — Police had been called 13 times over the past four years to the home of a woman accused of criminally neglecting 49 animals, but repeatedly issued her warnings and allowed her to keep her pets.

Carolyn M. Christie, Neillsville, faces 26 misdemeanor charges ranging from intentionally mistreating an animal to failure to provide proper shade for an animal after authorities on Aug. 16 seized 43 dogs and six horses police say were living in deplorable conditions.

Christie had a history of complaints, according to court documents. From June 27, 2011, through Aug. 15 of this year, county officials received 13 complaints about Christie's animals. Deputies issued Christie verbal warnings for food, water and shelter issues, as well as for letting her animals run at large, according to court documents.

On Aug. 15, a Clark County man and his son reported two dogs were running down the road on Marg Avenue in Pine Valley, and one of them was dragging a chain. The dogs were panting so the two gave them water and one began gagging and coughed up green slime and grass.

When officers went to the home, N4139 Marg Ave., Pine Valley, they found several dogs and horses in bad shape and poor living conditions, according to court documents. Empty buckets were strewn around the yard, but there was no water and no food. The temperature was 90 degrees that day and some of the animals had no shade.

Officers located a faucet and began to fill the buckets, but the water ran out the bottom. The officers searched for and found buckets that would hold water and took water to all the animals, according to court documents.

Clark County Dispatch notified Christie she needed to take care of the animals, and she sent a friend to the Pine Valley farm to help. The friend was annoyed that someone had called in a complaint about Christie, according to court documents.

The man told officers that Christie was doing her best to care for the animals, but it got away from her, according to court documents. He said people would just drop animals off at the farm and Christie would take them in.

The next day, county officers, with help from the Clark County Humane Society, the Midwest Horse Welfare Federation and a veterinarian, returned to the farm to search the buildings.

Clark County Dogs 3

A dog sits chained to a ceiling in a barn in Pine Valley, where officers arrived with search warrants Sunday. (Photo: Photo courtesy of Clark County Humane Society)


Officers found 11 dogs confined to the home's kitchen, bathroom and entryway. The floor of the area was covered in feces and urine and the house had an overwhelming smell of ammonia, making it difficult to breathe, according to documents.

Officers found more dogs in the basement, garage and barn. In all cases, the dogs were living in deplorable conditions, with no sanitation, food or water, according to the court documents.

Someone had arrived with a pickup on Sunday and placed two round bales of hay in among the approximately 25 horses, according to the documents. The hay wasn't enough and it appeared as if the more dominant horses pushed out the ones that were less aggressive.

Officers seized the animals and the county has taken ownership of them. Some have already been adopted from the Clark County Humane Society. 

About a year earlier, on Sept. 15, 2014, an officer had investigated a report of a Pine Valley resident that someone had staked two horses in the caller's yard. The officer found a small pony tangled in chicken wire in the yard and 10 dogs, which ran toward Christie's property when the officers arrived on scene, according to court documents.

The officer checked the animals at Christie's farm and saw they all appeared to be in good health. He asked Christie what her plans were for the animals, and she said she hoped to remove them before that winter, according to documents.

The officer arranged for Christie to take two of the dogs to the Clark County Humane Society, but, although she said she would, she never took the dogs in. In October, Christie turned two dogs over to the officer, according to court documents.

The court files also describe Clark County Sheriff's Department contacts with one of Christie's neighbors who expressed frustration in January that she had called the county several times, but nothing was done about the situation. The woman said she had called the county humane officer, Pine Valley chairman and Clark County Board members.

The earliest complaint in the court file was from June 2011, when an officer investigated a report of a neglected horse. The horse's muscles appeared to be wasting and its hooves were long and beginning to curl, according to the report. Christie said the horse was about 30 years old and was suffering from a bladder infection, but she was giving it medication she got from a veterinarian, according to the complaint.

Christie is scheduled to make her initial appearance in court in the case Sept. 23.

Heather H.

13 times in 4 years.....How will she not be found guilty and why did it take so long to get the animals out there?

Are there still more horses living on this woman's property?

They removed all the dogs, correct?

MHWF only has 6 horses but there are more still stuck there? What is going to happen to those?
Heather, the only one of those questions I can answer with certainty is that there were horses left on the property.  We can hope that this case moves in the right direction and she has the rest of them removed from her ownership, as it is pretty obvious what will happen if left in her "care".  We are voicing that we will help with that in any way that we can, which would include calling upon other organizations to help.  
I am hoping Faith continues on the positive path to healing and whatever is going on with her, will be another hurdle she is able to overcome. Very exciting news on Teddy [smile]
Teddy likes to play with the Jolly Ball, and he loves his Aunty Faith too (she is very patient with him and really likes him too).  

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Name: teddy-faith-lady-sept15-IMG_4853-copy.jpg, Views: 935, Size: 207.61 KB

AWWWWWWWWWWW  Teddy you are so flippin cute!!  Thanks for taking the time to share pictures! 
Jenni O.
Mentally ill, yet know enough to hide animals. What really ticks me off are people that defend them. I don't care if they're your BFF, don't defend this kind of cruelty. Get your friend and the animals some help!

Teddy is going to be such a trouble maker when he's feeling 100%. I can't wait, lol!

Hang in there, Faith.
Sue J
I know we have all said it before but thank you Scott and Karen for being there to help these horses. With out you guys they would never have survived much longer in those conditions.
It makes me so sad to hear that this went on so long and shame on the authorites that let it go on.
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