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Faith continues to do absolutely fantastic.  We tried to keep her in a stall next to Chilly to keep him company while he was recuperating from his surgery, but she was extremely unhappy about that and did not want to be in a stall.  Every time we opened her stall door she would try to escape and was very communicative about her displeasure of being in a stall, even though her little buddy Chilly was next to her.  We only made her stay in for 2 days with him and had to turn her back out (we put Molly next to him then who did not mind as much).  Chilly is out now and doing well.  When we put Faith back out into the pasture with Dan and Sheba, we did that at feeding time.  Faith pranced all the way to the pasture, we put her in and she proceeded to run out into the pasture, kick her heels up and run around and would not come up to eat for about 10 minutes...she was going to show us how mad she was.  She has forgiven us for that and is back to normal daily routines and loving being out in the pasture.  

Here is a pic of Faith along with Sheba from just a little while ago today, 1/15/2017.

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Seeing these updates for Faith makes me happy, and then sad that it couldn't happen for Roy.
Donna M
This update on Faith makes me smile. I vividly remember the video done at intake when she could barely walk. Knowing she survived a near death experience and is living a healthy, happy senior life with you is heart warming. Thank you for all you do. 
Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing a girl with an attitude who ain't afraid (or to sick) to show it!  Kick away Ms. Faith!!
She looks great,love black and white, she has come so far,and she going to have a long happy,heathy life
Faith had a little bit of a "spa" day here at the MHWF farm yesterday.  Terri and I got a pile of hair out of Faith that was enough to make a small pony!  [smile]  Faith absolutely loves the attention, and I'm sure it felt good to get so much of that shedding hair out.  
Thanks for all the help Terri!  

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Boy is that girl ROUND.  So happy to see her with some extra poundage (and fluff) after such a rough start being rescued.  What a lucky girl!
Scott: MHWF
I also wanted to add something to Faith's thread....besides everything being wrong with her, a big problem for Faith was her feet. We are happy to say that it has been a long time since she has had any hoof issues and tonight when I went out to do chores, Faith did not see that everyone else had come up for their grain. When she did notice, she came galloping up, full speed. We have seen Faith come sound for short periods of time since coming here, but the past few weeks she has been moving better than we have ever seen and although she is an old gal, she is looking and feeling better than some horses 1/2 her age.

Horses like Faith are the reason we are still here after all these years, working and pushing forward.
Donna R
Faith looks amazing!  So does Big Dan!

Faith has no problem playing boss from time to time in her pasture either.  She was such an excellent "aunty" for Teddy, teaching him things that his blind mother, Lady, did not.  

Here is Faith's best "boss face".  I don't know about you, but if I were a horse I'd listen to someone who could make a face like that.  [smile]  

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Whoa...serious.  However, if you really look in even her crabby eye you see sweetness.
Jenni O.
She means business! But I do agree that there's still some sweetness in that eye.
LOL what a face!!
Kate G
I love how her nose and mouth are all puckered up. She has the stern granny face!
Karen Sue
Question....Do you know the approximate age of Lady?  She may be Chey's granddaughter.   Somehow this woman got a hold of Chey's paint colt named Alladdin.  My friend was very upset about it and tried to get him back but she would not sell.  If this mare is under 10 she is Chey's granddaughter.    She has the same markings as Alladdin.  I should know I helped foal him.  The white streak is indicative of that bloodline. I own Alladdin's 1/2 brother and sister. My gelding Monte is from my friends farm.  His mother is still there and well taken care of.   I'll try to send a photo of Alladdin's other 1/2 brother that looks a lot like this mare. 

Karen Sue
Karen Sue
I found a photo of my sisters horse who would be an uncle of this mare.   I tried to upload it but it didn't work.  Let me know where I can email it to.  The sire would be Alladdin and the grandsire would be Otis a buckskin paint.  This woman more than likely has a lot of foals running around. I don't think Alladdin was gelded that I'm aware of.  Spirit looks like your Lady.   My sister bought him for 3 round bales of hay.  He came home with a horrible case of strangles.   She almost lost him.  He lived a good life with her.  He coliced two years ago and died.  


Hi Karen Sue, thank you for posting.  When Lady came to us she was aged by the vet to be about 9 years old.  

If you'd like to read more about her and see updates from her new home, here is a link to that thread:  


A big thank-you to Alisa for coming and helping out last evening, and grooming Faith too!  Faith is really blowing her coat just like she did last spring.  I didn't get any pictures because I was still working while Alisa was here, but I'm sure it looked something like this.  😉  

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It's always good to see news of Faith. Does she continue to be free of foot problems?
Scott: MHWF
Faith has not had any hoof related problems for a long time now (2016). She is the herd boss in her little herd and it is her job to make sure the youngsters, Cougar and Charlie learn and maintain their manners.
Faith says hello to everyone, and thanks you all for your love and support!  

Faith continues to do great.  She isn't completely shed out yet, but she is sure working on it.  Faith has been the best aunty mare to the babies, Charlie and Cougar (from the ASPCA case).  The babies are turning 1 year old now, and Faith has done a great job teaching them all kinds of good things about manners and herd life.  A very important job and a role not just any horse can take on.  Priceless.  

Fun fact on Faith: She LOVES to be groomed and petted.  Now during shedding, when I move from her sides or back to her neck where she really likes to be scratched, she softly nickers.  [love]

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday, 5/15/2018.

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Leslie V
Beautiful Auntie and babies!  And the nicker - that makes me melt.... 
What a great pic of Faith and "her" babies!  Love hearing about that nicker....
Scott: MHWF
This week has not only been a tough week, it has been a wierd week, a hot week, a tiring week and now a sad week.

It is with great sadness that we let everyone know that Faith passed away today. During morning chores she was fine, nothing odd at all all day, then tonight, when I went out to do chores, I did a quick look over toward Faith's pasture to see if her, Mac, Cougar and Charlie were up and waiting for their grain and saw something very big and black in one of the grain bunker feeders. As I walked over, I saw that it was Faith.

We really do not know what happened, but it looks to have been a heart attack when she either came up to lick the feeder clean or to get a drink. Her entire body was laying in the bunk feeder right next to the auto-waterer and she had clearly passed.

Faith came to us almost 3 years ago, a walking skeleton that nobody expected to survive. She bloomed into a big, healthy and super sweet 30 something old mare that had enough presence to become the herd boss in her little pasture. She was happy, healthy and greeted us at every chore time with a little nicker. We are very sorry that she passed today and Cougar & Charlie lost a step-mother today, but we are very happy that we were part of her life these final 3 years and are very proud that her last years were very good ones.

This is why we do the work we do, for horses like Faith who needed a place to be cared for and fed and to feel safe and happy. She got that and we will miss her very much.

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Sooo very sorry.  RIP you lovely mare.
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