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Kim V.
Just a quick update from me on my FB fundraiser... I ended up raising $270....  I was quite pleased with the number of folks that donated at the end... Bye for now, Kim
Scott: MHWF
Yesterday we went to feed and water the horses and kind of get to know each of them as best as we could by catching and haltering them all. We managed to get halters on all but 5 of the horses. Some of the studs were a bit worked up about people being in the pastures messing around with their herd mates in the adjoining pastures. For the most part, all of the horses are friendly and approachable. Most do not know how to lead or any of those kinds of things, but will at least let you touch them. None of the horse are skinny or sickly, just not trained or handled. 

Later this week we will be able to share more details and photos.
Norine M
I sent in my foster app this morning !  I will be glad to take two horses in to foster ! 
We will also be will to come help haul... if needed ... 
I am from Cadott,WI. so if anyone needs a ride back up this way for a foster I have a stock trailer and will have room for one or two more if I am foster approved and pick mine two up..
chloe s.
Mainly what i want to know is if you can pick the horse you would like to foster and if you want to adopt that horse do you get it discounted, and as far as working with and training them what is required to make the adoptable?
Scott: MHWF
Yes, anyone fostering can chose the horse they want to foster, as long as we feel the horse is a good match for the person fostering it. We do not want to push a horse on anyone that does not want it there.

Anyone fostering will also have the opportunity to adopt that horse with no adoption fee once we establish that it is a good home and is being worked with.

As far as what we expect from a foster home, anyone looking to foster one of these horses should be able and willing to at least teach it the basics, such as being caught, haltered, lead, tie, load and able to be able to stand for the vet and farrier. People also willing to teach the horse to ride will absolutely get preferential treatment since our ultimate goal is to get each of these horses trained to ride to make them more adoptable.

While in a foster home, trimming, de-worming and maintaining good health and weight are the responsibility of the foster home. Each horse will go to its foster home fully vaccinated, de-wormed, Coggins tested and most likely trimmed and dental work done. So each foster home will be working with a healthy horse ready to learn.

We realize that there have not been much for updates on this situation as of yet, and that is by design. Please keep in mind that these horses are on private property and we will respect the privacy of the land owners. We will share all the info needed as we cross each step. We do realize that donating to this, without a lot of info, takes a big leap of faith, but hopefully over the years most of our readers know that we take on these projects with a lot of thought and planning and always try to live up to the promises we make publicly. We have now been through more than a few situations similar to this one and will share all the details as we go along. We have a very exclusive group of people that we work with on these cases and we all know the protocol as well as what each person's strong suits are and how to work with each other. This is a very big, expensive and time consuming task, but we will get it done and will do it the right way.

In the meantime, donations have dropped off to zero. We had a stellar response for the first couple of days, but not much since then. We know that is very likely because there have not been much for updates, but that will change and we can assure everyone that the need for donations to get these horses the training they need is still very great. So, if you have not yet donated to this case and can help us out, we absolutely still need all the donations we can get. This is going to be a long process, but the faster we can raise the money to get it all done, the quicker and less painful it will be for this program and the horses.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
$100  should be there now.
Scott: MHWF

UPDATE: Lucky 13 Horses 

While there have not been a lot of updates on the Lucky 13 horses, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes and we wanted to share it all with our readers/supporters.

Our week started off pretty rough when on Monday night, Caine, our Great Dane, started to bloat. We ran him to the emergency animal hospital in Mosinee right away and once there, discovered that his stomach had twisted. His surgery started at 1 am in the morning and we patiently waited for news on how it went. At 2:45 am, we found out that he had survived the surgery and if he could stay stable, he might even be able to come home in another 24 hours. We were able to bring Caine home at 11:30 pm the next night (Tuesday). Vet work on the 13 horses started bright and early Wednesday morning and went into Thursday night. The vet work is now done and our buddy, Caine is alive and still with us. He is on 5 different meds, has a huge incision and has to wear a cone for 2 weeks, but we are happy to have him home with us and the lion’s share of this with the 13 horses vet work behind us now. It has been a tough week to say the least.

We have more than enough donated hay and grain for all the horses and they are getting fed and watered twice each day. All of them are looking good and doing well.

The Lucky 13 Horses

On Wednesday and Thursday, we started all the vet work and we got a lot done. We are very proud to say that all 13 horses are now fully vaccinated, all have new Coggins, they were all de-wormed and every one of them has a fresh trim. Most of them also have their dental work done and all the mare got ultra-sounds to make sure they were not pregnant. 

We are even more proud to say that all 4 stallions are now geldings! One of them was even cryptorchid and has now had the surgery done. All 4 of the stallions, now geldings, are doing great. 

Getting this done in such a short amount of time was no small task and we could not have gotten it done without all the help from our supporters. You are all amazing and we owe you all a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you!

From here we can start to look for good foster homes for these horses. Some of them will also come here to MHWF. We will start going through the foster applications this weekend and can hopefully get some of the horses into their foster homes as soon as possible. In two weeks they will all get de-wormed again and will get their booster vaccines as well.

Many people to thank....

Catching, handling and getting all this done was a huge task and was not easy. It also took a world record amount of sedation drugs and some very hard-working and brave volunteers, and I think we should mention each and every one of them here. 

On Wednesday we were led by Dr. Suzanne McKichan of Dells Equine. Besides myself (Scott) and my wife, Karen, we also had super volunteers, Karin H., Christine A., Nancy P. and Garrison K. there to help us get it all done.

On Thursday, we once again had Dr. Suzanne McKichan, as well as Dr. Gary Johnson from Corriente, his vet tech Katie and another of his helpers, myself and Karen, Chrristine A., Jurita L., Karin H., and Mike Kissack, one of our farriers from Wisconsin Dells.

This was a huge project to get all this vet work done and we cannot say enough good things about the vets, farrier, vet techs and volunteers who worked in the heat and dirt with us for two full days to get it done. Amazing people who do great work and make a tough job fun. Of course, our supporters who made all of this possible as well.

The Next Step: Foster and Training

Our job with these horses is by no means done however, while the sweaty, dirty, dangerous part might be done, the next and equally important next step is to get these horses trained to make them adoptable. MHWF cannot take in 13 unhandled and untrained horses at our facility. That is why we are still looking through Foster Applications and are very, very much still working on fundraising for this. Some of the horses will go into foster homes and will learn the basics such as being caught, leading, tying, standing for the vet and farrier, etc., but all of these horses will also need to go to good, reliable and seasoned trainers who can put 60 to 90 days of serious training on each of them. So, while we do have all the vet work done and we do have a few foster homes lined up, we are desperately still working on donations to send most or all of these horses to good trainers.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this enormous undertaking so far, from the vets, farrier, volunteers, people who donated hay and grain…everyone. We cannot thank you all enough and we truly admire you for your willingness to help. You are amazing people and are the reason why we are still here doing this after 17 years. Thank you!

More help needed!

In the meantime, if you have some pasture space, some time, and some knowledge on how to work with unhandled horses, please consider filling out our Foster Application. 

If you can spare a few dollars to help us send these horses off for training to make them good citizens and give them all a much brighter future, we can certainly use all the help we can get there as well. Every penny counts and every penny adds up. Please consider helping if you can.

If you cannot foster or make a donation, please share this information with friends, family members and co-workers. The more we can get the word out, the more we can do to help these horses learn and get into good permanent homes.

Our Foster Application can be found here: http://www.equineadoption.com/foster.pdf

To make a donation, all you need to do is click on any of the “donate” buttons on our website at: http://www.equineadoption.com

Or, send a check to:

Lucky 13 Horses
10990 State Hwy. 73
Pittsville, WI 54466


Thank you again and don’t miss the photos below!

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Love every one of you for doing this!!!!
Sue J
Thank you for the update and pictures. Great job to all of those involved. It just amazes me how this organization pulls people together to accomplish what would be considered something next to impossible. Even though I can only support with money donations at this time I still feel proud to be a part of this group and thank you to Scott and Karen for always taking on these cases.
I hope Caine is feeling better and has a quick recovery!
Barb S
Sue J took the words out of my mouth. I love how everyone affiliated with this organization pulls together. From the veterinarians, volunteers and those that make monetary donations awesome job! Most importantly Scott and Karen who are the life of this organization you guys are ROCK STARS🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Praying for a full and speedy recovery for Caine.
Donna R
Great update!  Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who stepped up to help with this busy undertaking.  I love this group of people!
Carla (Wis)
What a team effort....I am beyond words!  Hey...and the weather cooperated!  Good thing it wasn't scheduled for yesterday and today!
I was wondering how so much work was accomplished with these unhandled horses--then I saw the mention of a record amount of sedation.  Congratulations!

I hope Caine gets well quickly.
Love the pictures!  What a team!
Julie G.
Hi Karen and Scott, I hope that all the geldings went smoothly and that you managed to have their hooves done at that same sedated time like many people with BLM Mustangs have done.
I had my birthday yesterday and chose your organization as a recipient of a fund raiser through Facebook I do not know exactly how you get the $$$ raised from there but I leave that up to you.
Last I looked there was $210.00 raised for you by having that fund raiser for my birthday in loo of gifts for me. I hope it helps.
Bless you for undertaking these equines and giving them the care they need and finding them suitable homes. I would love to see more photos of the tri colored pinto and that gorgeous dapple gray mare.
Thank You again  Respectfully Julie Gasper
Thank you so much everyone!  It takes a small Army, and we are so lucky that we have such a great Army behind this work.  

Thank you Julie, that was a really awesome thing for you to do with the birthday fundraiser!  I believe Facebook pays those out to us quarterly, so we will see that at some point in the future and will put that towards the ongoing cares of the Lucky 13 horses.  

We will surely be posting more pictures of all of the horses soon.  They all continue to do well.  Every one of them got their vaccines, dental exams and floats, pregnancy checks on the mares (we have no pregnancies as most were separated from the stallions), the gelding procedures done, and all got their feet trimmed as well (we definitely took advantage of the sedation time to get things done).  😉  
WOW.  That's a lot to get accomplished in just two days!  I'm glad you had a nice spacious covered work area- doing all that in the sun would have been killer.  I love the variety of expressions in the "thumbs up" gelding picture. Scott does not look as tired as he must have felt. Thanks for the peek at the horses- they do look in pretty nice shape.

Hang in there, folks!
chloe s.
thank you so much for doing all of this for these horses!!!!<3
Yippee!  Geldings!  Great job everyone!

Were the mares still open?
We have zero pregnant mares.  The stallions were all separated from the mares in separate areas, except for the youngest stallion and we now have him separated as well, as they can still impregnate a mare for a while after being gelded.  We needed to check all of the mares though, because we know of an incident last year where one of the stallions busted out of his area creating chaos, stallions fought, and then they got put back to their separate areas again, so all of the mares were possibly exposed at that time.  We are happy that nothing happened during that incident.  And who knows, when there are 4 stallions on the property things could have happened.  

We are also very happy that the horses have had decent pasture and hay up until recently, and we got the hay to them quickly, so they are all in good weight (a couple even overweight) and we do not have to deal with re-feeding on top of everything else.
Donna M
What an accomplishment in one day! And what a relief there are no pregnancies!!
Linda M
Donation on it’s way thru Paypal. Good work!!
Scott: MHWF
Yesterday (Wednesday) I took the first of the 13 horses to his new foster home where he will begin his training. These photos are of Henry in his new pasture yesterday. Henry was one of the 4 stallions that were gelded last week. He is doing good and we are super excited for him and his training. His new mom is in love with him already and has a beautiful place in the Oshkosh area.

Thank you for taking Henry in Kelli!

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Name: 20180620_170858_resized.jpg, Views: 159, Size: 216.93 KB

Scott: MHWF
Glory is a 13 year old Paint mare that was one of the Lucky 13 horses. She is now a fully vaccinated, newly trimmed, de-wormed, Coggins tested and has her dental work all done as well.

Yesterday (Thursday) I took Glory, the 2nd of the 13 horses to her new foster home where she will begin her training. 

Thank you for taking Glory in Rachael!

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I confess, I am curious about Never and wondering where he'll end up.  If I was in a position to foster, I would have volunteered for him.  It's great to see the fosters getting their horses so quickly! Henry is a handsome guy.
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