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I hope that you are all following the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge!  
We are posting about it on Facebook, and will be posting updates here as well.  Willow and Never will be getting their own threads on the forum here very soon!  

Never was selected to be a contestant in the Trainers Challenge, and Willow was also accepted into the Trainers Challenge.  They were both paired with awesome trainers, and will be getting approximately 90 days of training and will be showcased at the event at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Park on September 22, 2018.  

Here are links to the Trainers Challenge:  


Ooh, goody!  Great news!
There were lots of people willing to help out and donate to get these horses Coggins tested, de-wormed, vaccinated, trimmed, dental work and food, but so far, only three people willing to donate toward their training. We need to get at least two of these horses, preferably three of them, out of where they are now and directly into training immediately. We are only half way through this project and the horses are only half way through their journey toward a new life. But, we cannot complete this without you and your support. Please consider making a donation toward their training today by going to our website and clicking on any of the "donate" buttons or by sending a check to the address on our contact page at: http://www.equineadoption.com
Rayne V.
My name is Rayne and I am the lucky one to foster Serenity.. 24 hours ago she was dropped off at my home.. I could not even get close enough to her to introduce myself. Two hours after she was here i was able to touch her for about ten seconds. Today I spent two hours with her and I am in awe at our progress. 

This horse has never been lunged, nor has she ever had a lead rope or lunge line on her whatsoever in her six-year life. as I stated slow is the magic word with this horse. Look at the pictures to see the progress we made in 2 hours. she let me touch her she let me put a lunge line on her and she let me lunge her. I don't think this horse has a mean bone in her body I think she just wants to be loved. She's going to make an excellent horse for someone. What an amazing personality

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Each horse from the Lucky 13 Herd has their own thread on this forum where we will keep all of their updates, new pictures, etc.  Here is a list with a link to each one of the 13 horses:  

Lucky 13 horses, links to their separate threads on the forum where their updates are kept: 


























Nevermore (Never): 
















Suzanne McKichan
When you get a chance, could you please make a list of the 13 with where they are at, and what is the next step for them?
Suzanne McKichan
OOps, I just saw that you just posted links for each horse. I will go through their individual threads.
Suzanne McKichan
Do I have this right?

Nevermore & Willow-with trainers through the Trainer's Challenge
The geldings we gelded: Semper, Henry, Alex, Riley-all in foster homes or with trainers?
Oz, Glory, Cora, Serenity, Faith-all with fosters/trainers?
Hope & Belle-at MHWF?  What is next for them?

Thanks, it's so fun to see all the amazing things happening for these horses. I don't want anyone to forget about them!

Scott: MHWF
It looks like you have it pretty accurate, except Semper still needs to be delivered to his trainer. 

Hope and Belle are here in our pasture and we have been trying to fundraise to be able to send them off to training as well. With Quest and Pandora already being here, along with Cougar and Charlie, we need to get Hope and Belle into training so that they do not end up sitting all summer, fall and winter.

Not only that, but we have not yet shared the fact that we are taking in 2 more untrained horses, probably on Sunday with the agreement that those two horses would also go to training in the next week or two as well.

Crazy, busy summer so far.......we are tired. 😉
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