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We are closed on Monday's right? Then why is it the toughest day of the week always seems to be Monday?

Woke up not feeling well this morning, made coffee and got online to start the day. Power went out and did not come back for over an hour, so while we could do chores, we could not soak feed for the oldsters and could not fill up the water tank for the minis. When the power finally came back on, we went back out to finish.

Still feeling like hell, but the power was back on, but instead of working our actual jobs, we had to do some errand running, picking up grain, etc. That took a huge chunk of the day and it was going to be nice to get home, lay down and hopefully get better.

Sheriff's Dept. calls just as we get in and are ready to drop. It turns out that last night (Sunday night) there was a horse found on the highway (highway 80 near Babcock). He was in really tough shape. He was caught and somehow they found his owners.

So, quick do chores, hook up the trailer and off we went to go met Roy, the highway roaming Appy gelding.

To say that Roy is in rough shape does not describe him very well. While he is super docile and very sweet, he is as thin as any horse we have ever seen. He is covered from head to toe in rain rot. What we saw of his paddock was a small swampy area where he stood up to his knees in slop, no dry spots and one very moldy round bale for food.

This is not the time of year to be an old, very thin, broken down horse. Cold nights are coming, pastures will be depleting and freezing rains are coming. There is no way this horse was going to survive the weather than will come soon.

So, tonight Roy is here at MHWF, in a warm stall with fresh water clean hay in front of him. He seems pretty happy about that. Being that it was dark by the time we got him home, we did not have much time or light to really evaluate him, but it is very obvious that he has a very long road ahead of him. His recovery, which we hope is doable, is not going to be a quick one. He has at least 250 pounds to gain, his teeth are almost certainly a disaster, his feet will need work, he will need to be put on a de-worming plan, he will need his shots, then his boosters and who knows what else we are going to find when we really get a chance to evaluate him. Pretty tough time of the year to try to rehab a horse in this condition, but we are going to do our very best.

In the meantime, we will update again soon and will keep updating as we learn more and as he improves. If you can spare a few dollars to help Roy out, we can certainly use the help as well. We are still very much in the middle of trying to rehab Spirit, the 32 year old rescue Saddlebred and Roy is going to need ever more special care than Spirit will. 

In these cases, there are so many things you want to say, so many questions about what is to come, but the only thing that really matters is that we give Roy the best care we can and hope for the best. So we are not going to spend our time ripping the people involved in this case and we are not going to whine about the time of year and the work it is going to take to help Roy. Our job is to get him looking and feeling good again and that is all we truly care about.

Funny, the timing of this....Shamika, a long time MHWF rescue horse who is a pasture buddy just got adopted yesterday after being here for a few years, then Roy comes into our lives.  This horse would have gone completely unnoticed and surely died a miserable death if he had not broken out and taken off down the highway.  How he even had the energy to do that is beyond me.  Roy happily greeted us when we went to pick him up and jumped on the trailer instantly.  We are so glad that Roy busted out and made himself known.  Roy deserves better than this, and now he has it.  

In the meantime, if you want to send your best wishes for Roy or make a small donation toward his care, meds and feed, we are happy to accept the help.

Everyone, please meet Roy.......who is now safe and happily eating in his stall tonight and will not go hungry again!

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Welcome to being saved Roy. 
Donna R
Bless you guys!  So glad you are there to heal and experience the good life Roy.  And your previous owners-there are no words.  At least none I can repeat here.  Pulling for you old guy.  You are in the best place possible.
Sue J
Oh Roy you poor guy. You are now safe. This just makes me cry. Why?...........Sending some money now.
Thank you Scott and Karen for all that you do.
Wendy W - WI
What TriciaK said!  

Scott, I hope you are feeling better soon.  
Donna M
I will never understand how people responsible for the life of an animal can allow something like this to happen. Roy has a strong will to survive and he is in the best care possible. Scott and Karen ... here you go again! 
Roy we are all here to help you! Karen and Scott will tend to your needs, while the rest of us will provide the funds needed for your care.  All you have to do is become the horse you were meant to be.  We will watch from a far as you transform into a handsome fellow.

So, relax Roy, you are now in a much better place!
Jenni O.
It's really something that he had the energy to escape. I can't believe how emaciated he is. And he looks like such a sweet guy, that face. I'd wish terrible things for his owners, but it's not worth my energy. I do wish they would make people that do this at least pay for the rehab, do community service, something.
Roy i know you will be feeling better soon ...ok guys do your magic..it gonna be cool to watch him improve ..
God bless you guys for the wonderful work that you do.  You are so needed, and so loved.  Glad that Roy was able to find his way to you.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of your love and support, it means the world to us, to Roy and to all of the horses.  

Roy has the veterinarian coming to meet him today and get a full workup done.  We will report everything we find and continue to report Roy's progress.  
If anyone can bring him back you folks sure can.  Let's hope the vet won't find any serious underlying problems that will have to be dealt with and that time and TLC will do its job. 
Do Roy's old owners face any charge at all??
Not a picture of Roy in the paper with their names under it for everyone to see?
This poor horse. He got away the very same day I had to put my dear horse down due to complication with arthritis and abyss. He was a OTTB and like to run. So I'm hoping my Edge was right there in spirit with Roy edging him on.
This is really tough to swallow. I will never EVER understand how people can let things like this happen. I have never seen a horse in this bad of shape and still standing lone enough moving. His eyes just melt my heart. If anyone can bring him back to good health it will be MHWF.
#1 thing, Roy is out of hell and I surely hope he can be brought back to the real living.

#2 So they know who the owners are!  When will the charges be filed for starving an animal and keeping him in deplorable conditions?

Not only the starvation but having that much rain-rot is going to be a challenge for sure.  I am sure teeth and feet are in awful condition too.   I posted before and I think this would be a really good product to use with Roy.  Past exp. it works wonders and fast.  http://www.silvetrasol.com/equine.html

The pictures were difficult to view and God Speed on this poor lad's recovery.

p.s.  WTF is wrong with some people???  Also, Roy had no neighbors that saw him wasting away in the mud?

He has be less than a ONE on the scale, right? 

He looks like the worst case I've seen on here.. or close.. to Faith?  Cherokee?

My guess he was left to die... ignore that old horse in the back there, we don't want to know. 

Please let us know the story as soon as you are able.
I want to thank you all so much for your continued love and support for Roy.  

I am coming with a brief update after the veterinary visit today for Roy.  I took a little time off of work for the visit and I need to make this time up, but wanted to give you all a quick update.  

Roy was body scored as a 1, but vet said if the scale went any lower he would be as low as it gets (the 1 is as low as it goes).  A horse cannot get any skinnier than this and still be standing.  The vet said he’s never seen a horse standing that was this skinny, and he could see bones on Roy that he has never seen on a live horse, because there is just no muscle left. Roy is very weak in his back end.  We had blood work drawn on Roy and will report back with that when we get those results.  

Roy has a grade 2 systolic heart murmur, but that is not uncommon in a starvation situation, and that could improve as his body condition improves.  Roy is too weak and malnourished to be able to undergo sedation for dental work, but the vet had a look in there and said there is nothing horrible going on, but will need his teeth floated as soon as Roy is strong enough.  Estimate on age is mid 20s.  Roy has severe rain rot covering his whole body that we need to treat and try to heal.  Roy’s feet are neglected and they are all at different angles, have not been trimmed and kept up and he has thrush.  Roy has a minor lameness in the back as I had suspected, but we couldn’t evaluate it, because Roy is too skinny and has no muscles, so we need to wait until he grows some muscle back to see what that will look like then, as it could be due to the lack of muscles.  His body is so severely starved that it ate all of his muscle away and he is literally hide stretched over bones.
Roy is so hungry...  he is so happy right now and he calls out and whinnies to us now every time he sees us, even when he is eating his small amount of mush.  Roy is eating hydration hay with a lot of water in it, he is not drinking yet and not pooping, there is nothing in there to poop out at this point.  We are following a careful re-feeding syndrome protocol on re-feeding Roy.  
Jill K.
never seen a horse in such bad shape still alive.....will be sending a donation.
Poor guy. So glad he somehow ran off, and was discovered. I will never understand how people can let this happen...just let an animal suffer and starve to death. The personalized halter makes me think of the hoarder that had a fly mask on her emaciated horse.

Let's pool our resources and positive energy into helping this horse. (Sorry...But for some reason I find it hard to use his name)
For some reason, he has been called Gus a time or two now by mistake.  Maybe we ought to go with that.  My horse named Gus was the biggest escape artist I've ever met.  It kind of fits.  
Wendy W - WI
My heart is warm with how happy he is even though I know he has a long way to go.  I'm sure you will figure out his name the longer he is with you.  I also think it should be your choice as you will spend all of these hours with him.  
I like Gus better. (Kind of funny you called him that.) Or we could call him A Tough Monday...Tuffy for short [smile]
Denise H.
I have no words for the ache I feel for this poor guy....but like everyone said..he is in the right place..Will be sending monetary help..thanks for all you do. I like the name Gus...New life ..New name!
Don and Marianna
Words can not express how I am feeling right now. When you see photos like these of Roy and others like him, it totally makes you sick to your stomach. For my life, I don't understand, why have animals if you don't intend to take care of them. They depend on us to feed them, water them, protect them, and most of all, love them. If you can not do this, then for God's sake, let someone else that can. To let a living soul go hungry and live in putrid conditions is nothing but cruel.
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