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In a way this may be just as rewarding as what you call "successes"  As many have said before, his last days with you were so important to his life experience. Bless you for all your kindness and love for him.
Mary V.
I am so sorry to hear about Roy. You gave him a good home for his last days. He knew human kindness even if it was for a short time. Thank you for all your hard work to make the lives of these horses better.
Jane Liess
It was a miracle that Roy made it to your care.  I guess another miracle was too much to hope for.  Know that we share your sorrow.
Don and Marianna
Scott and Karen, it was meant for Roy to make his way to you.   The few days he had with you were filled with kindness, love, and support - something that he hadn't had for weeks, months, and possibly years.  It saddens our hearts to see this happen but know you did all you could and you made his last days better.  The ones who let this happen and the ones who knew about it, seen it, and never came forth to report it - they are the ones who failed Roy.  We have a beautiful picture of horses on our living room wall.  The verse under it says " I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free" .   RIP sweet Roy. 
I am so glad he found the fight to give himself a chance.  There is no doubt you did everything possible, it just wasn't meant to be.  Thank you so much Scott and Karen.
I learned about Roy from Dr. Suzanne.  This morning, she just happened to be at the barn where I ride.  She told me the very sad news that Roy died on Saturday.  My heart aches with sadness!  I'm so sorry.  At least he had a few good days of being in a place where he was cared for and loved.  I hope you find some additional comfort in knowing that others are shedding tears and sharing in your immense sadness.  RIP, ROY
Roy knew love, kindness, warmth and caring in his last days.  His loss is heart wrenching to say the least.  While all our hearts are so sad on his loss, we know you both feel it by far the most.  We all know you gave it your very best effort.   I hope that Roy's so called  "owner" will face some kind of repercussions.  
chris MI
This is just devastating. 
In looking for a way to make this more emotionally manageable, I thought - what if fate/higher power/universe knew that Roy was not going to make it and gave him the strength to make this final break so that his last days could be filled with love, food, and kindness?

He died in a much better place, which was a great blessing for him, particularly since he only lived in the moment and wasn't thinking about the past. Thank you for giving him that peaceful ending.
I'm so very sad too.  I am imagining that Roy found himself in a such a place of love and compassion that he knew it was finally safe to let go.  He had endured a long and difficult struggle and now it was his time to float into peace.  
Scott: MHWF
I think that Karen and I both choose to believe that Roy already knew he was going to die, but that he did end up with us so that he could pass with people, food, dogs and other horses around him.
If animals are like us humans when death is near, then his sudden burst of energy out of that pen he was in and run down the road was similar actions we do. I've seen many a patient who is dying become more awake, appetite increase, and in general "be more like his old self", only to die with in a few days.
I am so heartbroken for Roy, I am so sad, bless you ole fella.... you may have lived with the worst, but you were able to pass on with the best... oxox hugs Karen and Scott oxox
ann s.
I am so sorry to hear about Roy's passing and I understand all of those mixed emotions you mentioned.  You did your best and sometimes things are just out of our hands.  You guys do amazing things there.  You do your best to correct the evil that unfortunately exists in this world.  This old guy touched a lot of people's hearts. Be kind to yourselves you did all you could.  It was just that he escaped a little too late.  So sorry for your loss.
Julie & Gary P
Words cannot express our sorrow for you Karen and Scott. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you in this heartbreak. Tears just thinking of it!
Thank you for everything you did for Roy while he was in your care. And, know that your love and compassion gave Roy the best days he has had in a long time.

Diane B
Roy's days at MHWF were happy loving ones.  I am sure this short time he had with you helped him forget his horrid past and he could leave this world in peace.  Thank you Scott and Karen for all you do.
Jenni O.
I'm sorry. Roy at least got to experience love and kindness in his last days.
Oh, my.

I am sad with you. Roy had a long tough road ahead and maybe he was just done fighting. Thank you for making his last days, and his passing, the best they could be.  I am glad you have Faith to remind you that your efforts are always worth it.
My deepest sympathy to both of you, Scott & Karen.  My heart is filled with sadness that Roy is gone, and gladness that the 2 of you could return that "look of eagles" back into his eyes during his last days.  thoughts and prayers go with you both.
mel d
Special Roy, hope you are enjoying your new adventures.
Robin's mom
I am so sorry to hear of Roy's passing, You are angels for these horses. I do not, and will not understand why people let horses, dogs, etc, to get like this. There is no reason for this, it makes me sad. Thanks for all you do.
Scott: MHWF
In honor of Roy, his suffering and his passing, plus all the good people who showed their support for Roy, as promised, we are bringing in a new horse to rehab. We want Roy's sad situation to be a blessing and a second chance for another horse.

You will all get to meet that horse here on the website and forum this coming weekend. He needs a ton of help and TLC, but we think you will really like him [smile]
mel d
I hope you keep his halter in a special place...I think no matter how he got out and away from that hellhole, he was destined to pass in loving care. Thank you!
Barb S.
Flood of emotions on this news. Sadness for Roy and the fact that there's another horse that needs this kind of help (even though I know the number is too many to count). Proud of the MHWF supporters that make this happen, and Scott & Karen for all your hard work. I'm happy that we work as a community doing whatever we can (donating, volunteering, participating in the auctions). Looking forward to meeting the new Equine member of the MHWF family. God Bless you all!
I am so sorry to hear of Roy's passing.  Thank God he had a few wonderful days with you!  He knew you were trying to help him, but it was too late for this brave soul.  I will NEVER understand how someone could do this to him or any animal?  We, the human, bring these animals into the world and it is our duty to care for them, like the children they are, until they are called home to our Lord.  He runs in green pastures now, healthy and young.  Never to want for anything again.  God Bless all of you for helping him pass from this world into the next, knowing he was loved.
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