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Scott: MHWF
Roy is now tucked in for the night.

There are a ton of things to say and a lot of people to thank, but boy are we wiped out! Hopefully we have gotten emails out to everyone who offered their help, their thoughts, donations and their concerns and have not forgotten anybody.

Vet work is done for now on Roy, teeth will get floated when he is feeling stronger, shots given at some point when he can handle it and start his de-worming program when he can handle it and get his feet trimmed. We found out this morning that while there is no emergency concerning his teeth, they are stepped and he cannot really chew hay. So this morning I made a run into town and picked up Hydration Hay, which is hay chopped pretty fine...you soak it and make it into a slurry. Boy does he love it. Every time we go out to check on him he gives us a hearty whinny and begs for more, plus his face is covered in the slurry. He is about as happy as I have ever seen a horse and he is a very likable guy. I can honestly say, I have never seen a horse this hungry before. It is hard to do anything with him because he won't pull his head out of the feeder.  No grain, and slowly giving him a little food, as we do not want problems with Re-feeding Syndrome.

When the vets were here to look at him today they scored him at a 1 and said that if there was a score lower than 1, he would be it. Dr. Gary Johnson said that he has never seen a horse that thin that was still alive before. He has been a vet for a long time, so that says something.

Blood work is done and we are simply waiting on the results, Coggins too.  

Before we sign off for the night and go make some supper, we want to thank everyone who sent us and Roy their support today. Once again, we have the best supporters in the world, that is a fact. Thank you!
Julie & Gary P
Welcoming Roy into the MHWF family and praying for his speedy recovery.  We know there is always a reason for the way things happen and God gave Roy the strength to walk down the highway and into the loving and caring MHWF family.
A regular "bad Monday" doesn't hold a candle to the Monday you guys had.  And, we hope you both are feeling alright after such an eventful day.
Jenni O.
Poor guy. It's heartbreaking that he's that happy to have some food in him. It's disgusting to know he is more emaciated than Faith was. If nothing else, he at least will never be another day without food.
I'm glad we're on page 2, I couldn't scroll past those pictures fast enough.

Someone must, have loved him at some time to buy a personalized halter (or did the halter belong to the real Roy?)  which raises the question, what happened to them?

all these mysteries.......
I like Roy too.  Keeping my fingers crossed he fully recovers.  He's in a great place to do so.
I like Tuffy, he has to have some grit, that spark and will to survive.  For some reason I have Eye of the Tiger playing in my head.    So glad he is where he will get the love and attention he needs.
That commercial... Roy!  Roy, Roy, Roy!  We do that with the Eye of the Tiger song for him.  [smile]  

John, letting you know that I ordered the Silvetrasol this morning.  I am always open to trying things and have tried everything known to man on rain rot, and will give this one a shot and see how it goes.  This is severe rain rot, it's not like the typical rain rot that people see on horses (because people generally treat it before it gets like this).  If a person were to peel off all of the rain rot on Roy, which obviously cannot be done, he would be pretty much bald from head to toe, maybe with a few tufts of hair here and there.  It is like sheets of rain rot, not just spots.  There are spots too, like on his face, but on his body it is sheets of rot.  There is no quick fix for something this severe, but I'm hoping the Silvetrasol will be a good aid in treating this along with his thrush.  

When Scott talks about never seeing a horse so hungry, I just have to chime in on that.  We have taken in starving horses in different stages for a lot of years, too many horses to count, and seriously I have never seen a horse in this shape so hungry.  I am taking that as a good sign in Roy, that he has a good appetite.  When we gave him his first small bucket of the hay mash, he stood and ate that with his front foot up in the air almost the whole time and pawing at the stall wall.  I worried he was trying to eat too fast, but he did fine with the mash.  We have to be so careful not to feed him too much (refeeding syndrome) and this is just so hard to watch.  It hurts me to look at him, a true gnawing in the gut and heart, and I am trying very hard to get past that now.  
Did the vet say how long it would take to put a horse in this condition?  Obviously months, but a year?  two?  He looks like he's been in a concentration camp.
Kate, we didn't actually talk about an exact time frame, but did discuss how this took a long time for his body to eat away all the muscle like it has.  This is not something that happened over just a couple/few months, that's for sure.  I will go over that conversation with the vet when he calls about the blood work.  He may be writing that in his report for the county as well.  Horses in this bad of a state of starvation generally do not make it.  
Barb S.
MHWF is going to be in need of some SERIOUS fund raising. Everyone just think what Karen and Scott have going on. Yes Faith looks great now, but i doubt that it`s cheap to keep her looking great. Spirit hasn't been there very long and is on the road to recovery. THANK GOD Roy made his great escape! It`s going to be expensive to bring him back to health. Don`t forget that Open Door Day is right around the corner in October. Who knows what`s going to happen then. My thought is let`s be proactive and start to raise some money now (before the holidays). Instead of chasing the ball let`s catch it. After all Karen and Scott do the hard work. Coming down from my soapbox, what do you all think?
Carla (Wis)
Never heard the term, 'stepped teeth'.  Is this something that floating will fix?
I too wonder about his name imprinted halter.  At some time, someone must have thought enuf about him to get him that halter.  How did he tumble so far into disrepair from that point?  I sure wonder how he ended up in the 'care' of the people who let him go down this sorry path? 
Scott: MHWF
Stepped teeth simply mean that they are all different lengths, making it very hard, if not impossible to chew properly. A good hard power floating will make all the difference once he is strong enough to take the sedation.  Obviously Roy has never had routine vet work and dental work done that horses need.  
Barb S. you are right on, so give what your HEART tells you. Whatever YOU do will be MUCH appreciated by Karen and Scott!

Hi everyone I am new to this forum - I was "just looking" at horsey stuff and came across this website, then Roy's story (copious tears) and now I've donated and posted his story on my FB page. I ride with UW Hoofers out of a barn in Deerfield (east of Madison). I live in Madison so I can't easily help out physically but let me know if I can help in other ways? how much $$ do you think you need to raise? I work in marketing. PS Thanks for all you do..it's nice to see people come together to do the right thing. I posted the story about Roy and added the "starfish" story, which sort of explains why I volunteer with the Wisconsin Westie Rescue. We can't help ALL of them, but "it made a difference to that one." (https://eventsforchange.wordpress.com/…/the-starfish-story…/)
Thank you for your compassion and your dedication to making life better for horses.  Roy is lucky he made his way to MHWF.  I just donated to help with Roy's care.  It's just a drop in the bucket, but I wanted to do something.
I found a poem written by David J. Sanders in a book by the title of: "Animal Blessings: Prayers and Poems Celebrating our Pets", this describes Roy!

"There stood a starved gelding whose frame was immense.
His eyes were 3 inches sunk back in his head,
If he were lying down, you would have sworn he was dead.
He stood 16 one, weighed 4 and a quarter
His hair was 3 inches and not 1/2 shorter,
A skeleton with hide stood before my own eyes.
When the vet came next morning, he said, "What a sight."
We floated his teeth and trimmed his feet,
Gave him wormer and thiamin and a little to eat.
Well, his weight started coming and his health soon returned.
He showed us his love he must have thought we had earned.
He would whinny and nicker as I walked to the shed,
As if to say, "Thanks, 'cause of you, I'm not dead."
He'd come when I called, just like man's best friend.
It had been a long time, but the look on his face
Said,"Hop on, my good friend, let's ride around this place."
We rode around the yard, then out through the gate,
This giant and me, it must have been fate.
He gave me back part of my life that I lost,
I knew then I'd keep him, no matter what cost.

This poem is real, the horse's name was "Last Chance".  He passed away August, 1998.  He lived 5 yrs. after being bought at an auction.  Was buried just beyond the back door.  Over his grave the sign read, "Here lies Last Chance, a true friend of mine."

Roy took a little break from his breakfast mush and came out for a walk.  He wanted to say hello to all of you and thank you from the bottom of his big beautiful heart for all of your kindness and support.  

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Wendy W - WI
Cutest mush mouth ever.   
Donna R
I can't stop thinking about this boy.  It is good to see a photo of him standing with a full belly and mush on his muzzle.  I like the name "Roy" too.  Regardless of his past it seems to fit him well.  You are indeed his best friends Scott and Karen!

I thought the same thing Wendy said.  Love his mush covered muzzle.  hugs and kisses to you Roy, love your heart and love your spirit. 

We thought of cleaning his muzzle off for the picture, but what the heck...that is what is looks like most of the time.  [smile]  
Oh, I forgot to mention something important...Roy is pooping finally.  He is still not drinking water, but his mush has a lot of water content (the hydration hay).  We are working on getting him to drink.
I'm so happy to see this photo of Roy. He looks curious and hopeful. [smile]

We just got the verbal report of Roy's blood work back from the vet's office.  One of his liver enzymes is off, so we need to be extremely careful with re-feeding him.  There are some changes on his blood work due to the stress his body has gone through from starvation, but there are no indications of any disease process or anything like that going on.  Roy is definitely not out of the woods from a starvation standpoint, but we are very happy to find out there is no disease process going on here and we hope that Roy will make it. Roy is very wasted away from starvation and very weak in his back end. We hope Roy can gain strength.
This will be a long road for sure - Thankyou for being there for Roy.

Any update on the offenders?  I don't mean to dwell on that as it is such a distant 2nd compared to Roy's health but it angers me so much to see someone to allow this.
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