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Abby (KP Redemmers Picaboo) - 18 yrs.

$500 - Abby is a double registered AQHA mare, registered with both the AQHA as well as the American Buckskin Registry. She stands at 15.2 hands tall, is sound, healthy, broke to ride and is current on everything she needs for 2017. We do not yet have her write-up from her donor, but are told that she has been used for show halter and western riding and that it has been a few years since she was ridden. She is very outgoing and is in excellent shape. We were lucky enough to find a few minutes to give her a first test ride and considering she had just arrived and it was terribly windy out, she did very well. She is a bit rusty and will need a few refresher rides, but we have little doubt she will fall right back into being the great riding horse we are told that she has always been. Abby is a very confident mare who is a natural leader.  

*Note, while she is registered with the Buckskin Registry, she is a red dun.  

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Jenni O.
Pretty girl!
What a pretty face!
Love that face!Love the name Abby,[thumb]someone is going to get a great mare.
Update: 4-17-2017

Both Abby and Laci are now out to pasture with the rest of the herd and are doing very well, loving life and the giant pasture, which is now green. We have gotten a few answers on their training etc. to share as well. Both horses went in for professional training about 6 years or so and were ridden a great deal after training, out on the trails, arena riding, road riding, creeks, bridges, you name it. They were both once again taken in for some refresher training in 2013 and were ridden for a season after that refresher training. We are told that they are both very solid, experienced trail and arena horses and with a few refresher rides, with be that way again. Neither horse has ever been sick or lame and they have always been healthy and well-cared for. We will get them both test ridden soon and will update again then to report how it all went.
Update: 4-28-2017

Abby got her second ride since coming to MHWF tonight. Some visitors elected to hop on and rode her bareback. She was much, much improved over the first ride, right after coming here and in the 45 mile per hour winds. Very nice horse, just needs a tiny bit more refresher and she will make someone a very nice, low-maintenance trail horse.
Abby (KP Redemmers Picaboo) and her friend Laci came in together from the same home and have lived together a good share of their lives.  You would think that they would stay together then when coming to a new place and a new herd.  That was the case for some time and they did stick together.  Then two new horses arrived to MHWF, Willow along with her Morgan friend who is also named Abby, and Laci has ditched her friend Abby to hang out with Willow and the other Abby.  This Abby is now best friends with my horse, Diva, and happy as a clam.  Funny how that happens sometimes.  I guess we do not need to worry about keeping Abby and Laci together.  
Abby just wanted to say hello and let you all know she is doing great!  She hopes someone comes to meet her soon!  

Here are a couple of pictures of Abby from today, 6/1/2017.  

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Wendy W - WI
She is so pretty and build so nice.  Her hooves look great now too.  Looks like she has some really nice feet!  
Such a pretty girl.
Really beautiful color.
Liz B.

I see your request for someone who is interested in Abby.  I have been in contact with Scott a little bit about both Abby and Laci.  I am looking for an experienced trail horse (my my use) and a horse that is also quite and reliable enough for my young sons to enjoy in our arena.  

Last time I communicated with Scott these two ladies were relatively new to the rescue and  he needed more time to evaluate them.

I do have an approved application on file.  If you feel either of these mares may fit our home, I would love to talk further about how the process works from here.

Hi Liz, 

While this is Abby's thread I will address your question on Laci as well. We can rule out Laci as being a horse that fits your description (I posted an update on her thread as well). The process is that since you are approved to adopt, you can call or email us about whatever horses you may be interested in and get updates on them as well, as sometimes we may not have gotten an update on their threads here in a timely enough manner. As far as Abby, we are still unraveling exactly where we will be able to place her as well, since these two girls were not ridden for so long before arriving here at MWHF, and then us having nothing but rain over the past month keeping us from being able to do much riding at all (the indoor isn't up quite yet, but soon!). I think the count of days without rain through the month of May is a pretty small number. Abby's feet had not been trimmed in some time when she arrived and were quite off balance, but we have now gotten that corrected.  

We are hoping to get a few rides in on Abby very soon and get a better grasp of where she is at, how rusty she is, what she truly knows and doesn't know, etc. Now that the girls are completely settled in, we will get a much better picture of who they truly are, and we will post riding pictures and updates of Abby as soon as we have them. Abby did do much better the second time she was ridden versus the first, and I'm sure she will continue to improve each time she is ridden and remembering what she knows. In the meantime, we highly encourage anyone interested in her to come and check her out as well.
Liz B.
Thanks for the update.  I will give you a call during the evening hours to discuss further.

Do I see that Abby has been adopted?
Yes, Abby did get adopted yesterday!  Abby is still here with us, but we will do an adoption day picture and post an update when her adopters come and get her in 2 weeks.  [smile]  We are so happy that Abby is doing so well, she rode so nice at walk, trot and canter and really showed what she knew.  We will post the adoption day pic of Lisa and her husband Tim when they come back for Abby.  
Abby got a fresh trim on her feet this morning and she was a good girl, as usual.  She is all ready to go to her new home next weekend.  [smile]  
As I am typing this, Abby is on her way to her new home!  We are very happy and excited for Abby, Tim and Lisa.  As you see from my previous post, Tim and Lisa came to meet Abby and ride her a couple of weeks ago, and it was a great match.  They actually had a different horse in mind when they came to their appointment, but Abby wound up being the great match for them.  Lisa has her Morgan horse named Duke, and Tim needed a horse to call his own as well as Duke needing a buddy.  Abby did very well with both Lisa and Tim and was the perfect girl for the job all the way around!  

Thank you so much to Tim and Lisa for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations on your wonderful horse!  We are very happy that Abby found herself such a great home!  

Here is an adoption day picture from official adoption day today, 7/1/2017.  

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Great news!!  Many happy rides and adventures together! [biggrin]
Barb S
Congratulations! Happy trails!!!
Congratulations!  Love all the happy faces!
You couldn't have picked a better horse.She looks very happy with you both,Happy Trails!
Tim and Lisa
Thank you all for the well wishes. Abby is adjusting to her new home well. Duke and Abby are getting along famously. We kept them separated for a couple of days and then turned them out together. We were going to post a photo of them together in the pasture but couldn't get it to upload. 
Scott: MHWF
Thank you for the update! Feel free to email over any photos you want to post and I am happy to post them for you. The trick to getting them to upload is resizing them so that they are not huge file sizes...then they will upload, but either way, I am happy to post them for you if you email them to me.
Scott: MHWF
And here she is with her new buddy [smile]

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