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I want that view, horses in my backyard :-)
Kara B.
That's the neighbors house in the picture, but the view from the house at our farm doesn't suck either [smile]
You bought a farm????  If so, congrats!!!  
Kara B.
No I didn't buy it... Lindsey's parents own it but I call it our farm [smile]
Doh!  I thought maybe you and Tim bought a farm....sorry for my confusion.  [smile]  
Friday 11-27-2015

Durango out on the trails.

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Monday 114-30-2015


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Hubba hubba!
Are we out of pictures?  Do you need more?
Scott: MHWF
Was wondering if anyone would notice.....
It is part of my morning coffee break / fix each day, just figured you were busy.

With cell phones pretty much all having cameras you would think it would be hard to manage so many pictures flowing in.  Equines are like grandkids, who doesn't want to brag about them?!
Friday 12-11-2015

Krissy and Haze say Merry Christmas!

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Oh, I LOVE this one!  Well done, Krissy!

Great idea for the rest of you with adoptees...
Big smile - That is great Krissy and Haze [smile]
Diane B
So cute!!!
Monday 12-14-2015

My dog Cedric meeting Spirit nose to nose for the first time.

- Jan 

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Tuesday 12-15-2015

Our very ambitious horses in December in MN. From left Spice, Sarona, Sammy, and Forrest.

- Dan and Marisa

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Nice shot! They all look very comfortable.

Nice :-)

Wednesday 12-15-2015

Jurita and Sassy at a Christmas parade!

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Jane Liess
Jurita, that costume is a work of art!  Did you make it?  I'll bet Mandy wouldn't wear it.
No Jane I didn't make the costume my friend did. Mandy may put on the costume.... then again...maybe not. Would you like to come over and try? [wink]  Mandy could not handle a situation like that parade. Sassy does just fine with all the chaos: the noise, people, lights, floats and other strange objects, etc. She just doesn't like the fireworks at the end.  I even took her into the crowds to let children pet her. They loved it and Sassy took to it like a little pro. (But she did try to steal some candy bags from unsuspecting children)

We are planning to do the Eau Claire parade this Saturday. 
Thursday 12-17-2015

Inigo and Woody dozing in the sun.

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I love it!  Many horses might have trouble in that situation but lil Sassy just eats it up.

She could have her own Facebook page; like Grumpy Cat and the rest. (of course, then Mandy would want one, and it could get out of hand...)
Mandy does have a Facebook account.
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