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Great picture
Donna R
Stunning photo of a beautiful horse.  Great update!
Friday 1-15-2015

Dragon and Chip enjoying a nap in the sun on a warm January day...

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Monday 1-18-2016

Frozen Tear (Lady, blind mare). It was so cold that tears froze. It was about -30 with the wind chill.

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They might be frozen tears but they are definitely happy tears.  Hello beautiful Lady.
Tuesday 1-19-2016

Emma, all dressed for winter.

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Wednesday 1-20-2016

Kim and Diamond

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Scott: MHWF
We are fresh out of photos for the photo of the day!

Come on folks.....almost a 1000 horses out there!
Thursday 1-21-2016

Ioreck [smile]

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Heike B
He's so fuzzy he looks like a pony!  Cute [smile]
Jenni O.
These are all wonderful. I'll try to remember to get a good one of Pea.
Friday 1-22-2016

Chubby Checker on a much warmer, greener day.

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Monday 1-25-2016

Inigo playing in the snow. He's such a good guy and so much fun to play with.  

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Tuesday 1-26-2016

Pea (right) and the Canadians. There's also a German in the photo. [smile]

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Wednesday 1-27-2016

Cassie: What the heck did you put in my grain?

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Thursday 1-28-2016

Chauncey, who was adopted way back in 2004 at 22 years old. Here he is today, still in the same home and doing well. Chauncey is now 34 years old.

Thank you Mary Ann!

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Jenni O.
Wow! And look at that friendly face!
Friday 1-29-2016

Lindsey and Aria

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Monday 2-1-2016

From left to right: Amos, Mack, Samon, Sully and Figaro.

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Tuesday 2-2-2016

Wyatt and Whisper (Wizzer) at Stable Hands Therapy Center in Wausau.

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Wednesday 2-3-2016

Sympatica (known as Attie), adopted by Priscilla G.

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Thursday 2-4-2016

Forrest (Sgt. Bubba) and Sarona just after turnout one January morning.  They love the cold parts of winter for the free choice hay in roundbale form.  Forrest doesn't love that we put a net on the bale, but he deals.

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I was so blinded by Sympatica's stunning physique that I missed the adorable picture of Whizzer.  And Forest looks like a big fleece blanket I want to cuddle on the couch with.  Love all these pics of the happily adopted horses.  
Friday 2-5-2016

Miss Sarona loves to lie down in her stall over night and really get some good Z's.  Sometimes she is still lying down when we come in the barn in the morning (5:30am IS awfully early to expect any princess to get up).  It always cracks me up that she goes out every morning covered in shavings.  She sure seems comfortable with her routine here.

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Monday 2-8-2016

Cowboy (Cash) finding the edible parts of the snowman.

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