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Wednesday 4-18-2018

Willow with a very familiar horse shoe welcome sign in the background 😉

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Thursday 4-19-2018

Sailor in her new home 😉

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Tuesday 4-24-2018

Sky and Waylon, adopted by Laura B. 

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Wednesday 4-25-2018

Kermit and Skyla this past weekend.

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Thursday 4-26-2018

Skipper in last month's snow.....

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Friday 4-27-2018

Mini Bar with Kristy on her birthday yesterday 😉

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Monday 4-30-2018

Anna (Savannah) letting me know what she thought about her spa day 😂

- Amanda R.

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Tuesday 5-1-2018

Cherokee, adopted by Holly K. way back in 2003 as a 10 year old. Cherokee is still with Holly at the ripe old age of 25, (the horse, not Holly). 😉

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Wednesday 5-2-2018

Dark Chocolate Kisses (Petey) and his adopter, Jaime E.

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Thursday 5-9-2018

Royal Pride's Nightshade (Princess) says the grass really IS greener on the other side of the fence!

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MHWF, Inc.

The traditional MHWF adoption horse photo of the day is a little different today. In the spirit of the Help a Horse Day campaign along with the ASPCA, we are celebrating and promoting equine adoption to help increase equine adoption across the United States and show you that adopting a horse is the perfect way to add an equine to your family! The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MWHF) had a record day of adoptions in one day this past weekend on April 27, 2018, with a magnificent 7 adoptions in one day! We are going to tell you all about this and highlight adoptions for you in a little more depth. We want to help you find your equine connection. We will be bringing you a daily adoption story over the next couple of months to show you what great horses and people are involved in adoption.

This adoption story is about a feral pony named Calamity Jane who came to MHWF through a 1-Day Open Door Shelter in October of 2017. Calamity Jane was in a herd of 5 horses and she was the only one able to walk at the time. She was loose and feral and our crew rounded her up and were able to help the other 4 horses as well. Calamity Jane came to MWHF and was fully vetted, rehabilitated and her gentling and training begun. CJ is smart as a whip, learned very quickly that people were pretty cool to hang out with and that learning things is a whole lot of fun. CJ had a real command of her pasture and her herd mates, got along with everyone in her herd and had no problem bossing some of them around as well. CJ took to halter training very well and truly enjoyed coming out of the pasture and walking around with people.

We are thrilled that Jane decided to adopt Calamity Jane, take this young pony's training to the next level and add her to her equine family! Calamity Jane will be learning all about everything she needs to know to be a great equine citizen and will be doing some ground driving, and eventually some riding! All along the way she will be getting loads of attention from a variety of people, including lots of kids, at Jane's barn.

Jane is not new to equine adoption, having adopted Bert/Willie way back in 2001 or 2002, Crafty Hype the TB and Rebel the Saddlebred, all from MHWF (Bert and Rebel have since crossed the Bridge). Jane has been a great adopter and advocate for equine adoption, and we are so happy that she chose the route of adoption for her next equine, which not only helps the adopted horse, but the next one who needs help and is waiting to come into MHWF. Thank you so much Jane, and a big congratulations too! You are going to love this gorgeous and smart as a whip little pony! 
#HelpaHorse #equineadoption #AdoptAHorse #adoptionworthy#RealPeopleForGreatHorses

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For today’s adoption story, we bring you a young horse named Lefty. 
Lefty was a 3-year-old QH gelding who came to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) in May of 2017. He had been rescued out of the slaughter pipeline when he was a baby by a wonderful couple named Karla and Tom, along with 3 other babies. They rehabbed the group from their emaciated and lice-infested conditions, and then because of an injury that Lefty suffered during his time in the slaughter pipeline, he needed to have his back pastern fused by the UW Madison. Lefty healed great from all of this and was ready to move on to finding a home. Karla was very leery about putting Lefty up for sale and worried that she wouldn’t be able to find the proper home for him and him falling into the wrong hands, so she asked if MHWF would take him in and find a proper fit for him, which we happily agreed to. Then in August of 2017, (3 months after Lefty’s arrival to MHWF) Anna, a long-time supporter and advocate of adoption and MHWF, entered into the picture and offered to take Lefty in for some training to help make him more adoptable, now that he was ready to begin his training journey. I am going to put Anna’s words and some photos below to show you the rest of Lefty’s story….

“Today's the big day. 8 months ago I started fostering Lefty (Odin) for the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. to train him to be a more adoptable horse and today he will be moving on to his next adventure with my sister as her personal trail horse. She adopted him back in October while he was in training and decided to leave him with me for the winter. He tops the list for one of the best and most trainable horses I've ever worked with. I'm excited for my sister to have had the opportunity to adopt such an amazing horse and I look forward to watching them grow as a team.”

Tamara and Kendal, Anna’s sister and niece, adopted a TB named Wesley from MHWF back in 2011, and Wes continues to have a wonderful life with them in his retirement now at the age of 26. Kendal is Tam’s daughter and she really grew up in the 8 years they’ve had Wesley! You can read about Wesley’s adventures with Tam and Kendal at the link below to Wesley’s thread if you’re interested. We look forward to watching the new chapter in Lefty’s life! Thank you to Karla, Tom, Anna, Tam and Kendal! 


#HelpAHorse #equineadoption #RealPeopleGreatHorses #AdoptAHorse#AdoptionSaves #EquineConnection

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Trace, the beautiful QH gelding - The story of Trace is one of those that makes you believe everything happens for a reason.  While every day is help a horse day, in the spirit of the Help a Horse Day campaign along with the ASPCA, we are celebrating and promoting equine adoption through the months of May and June to help increase equine adoption across the United States and show you that adopting a horse is the perfect way to add an equine to your family!  We hope you follow along with the stories and see what a wide range of equines and people are involved in equine adoption.  Each horse and adoption has a unique story, and today’s adoption is about a horse named Trace.  Trace came to us from a 1-Day Open Door Shelter back in October of 2017.  Trace is a wonderful and well trained 14-year-old grade Quarter Horse who found himself looking for a new home through the 1-day event and he came to MHWF.  Trace did get adopted by a wonderful lady named Jamie in December of 2017, and he was a perfect fit for being loved on by the grandkids and teaching them about riding.  Unfortunately, there was a problem with herd dynamics that just could not be changed, and so Trace came back to us at MHWF on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  Jamie loved Trace, took great care of him and really did not want to bring him back, but the dynamics were just not working.  No one dreamed what would happen next for Trace.  Do you ever believe that things happen for a reason?  I think this was one of those situations in so many ways.  On the same day Trace arrived back to us, we had an adoption appointment scheduled for a wonderful lady named Kate and her mother Ann.  Unfortunately, Kate lost one of her horses and so her horse was alone and desperately needing companionship.  When we started talking to Kate in depth about the ideal horse that she would like to add to her family, it was as if she was standing there describing Trace.  Even though we had talked previously about different horses that may be a good fit for her, when going into depth about the right horse for her family, Kate was literally describing Trace… Trace had not even been a thought before this.  We went and got Trace and introduced the lovely family to him, they rode him and fell in love with him.  Trace even fell asleep a couple of times during the adoption appointment, since he was so relaxed with the situation.  Trace is now settling in beautifully in his new home.  Kate is a first-time adopter, and we welcome Kate and her family to the wonderful world of equine adoption! 

#HelpaHorse #EquineAdoption #MeantToBe #RightHorse

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Donna R
Great for everyone involved.  I know how difficult it must have been for Jamie to have returned Trace. But how rewarding that everything turned out so perfectly!  Congratulations to Kate and her family, and especially to Trace!  

Today’s adoption story is about Bobby, a 20-year-old pony who came to MHWF in August 2017 through local authorities, who needed our help in a neglect/abuse case involving two ponies they discovered.  It looked as though Bobby had probably never had his feet trimmed in his life, some of the worst we’ve seen.  I won’t share those pictures here now, but know that Bobby rehabbed beautifully with the help of our talented vets and farrier.  It was obvious that Bobby had not been handled much at all in his 20 years and had some fears about that, but quickly learned that people were a whole lot of fun to be around and it is great to be able to go for walks with them too!  Once Bobby was completely rehabbed, physically and emotionally, he was able to be made available for adoption.  Who would be the lucky person to find this gem?  We met Catherine and her daughter Olivia when they came out to volunteer and also coming to a couple of MHWF events.  They found themselves in search of an equine when one of their two equines passed away and their remaining horse, Blue, needed a companion.  The rest all fit together like that last piece in a puzzle.  

Here is a note from Bobby’s adopter, Catherine: 

“We are filled with so much joy & love 💕 for our new family member Bobby! From that first time I set eyes on him and met him I knew he was the one. Today has been such a blessing and Blue and Bobby are doing great together. …  Bobby is already so loved and he will never be unloved or neglected here!  And again, thank you MHWF for your big hearts, and endless love to these amazing animals.” 

Pictured is Bobby with his new friend, Blue.  Thank you so much to Catherine and her family for choosing adoption!!  Adopting one saves another. 

#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #EquineConnection #MHWF #RightHorse  #GreatPeopleForGreatHorses #Adopt

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There are so many magnificent horses that find their way to adoption and rescue programs.  Today’s adoption story is about Eli.  Eli came to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) in 2015 as an owner surrender, a 13-year-old Fjord gelding (sound and healthy).  Eli had bucked off his rider, she had lost all confidence, and she chose to donate Eli to MHWF for us to find the right person for him.  A volunteer and friend of MHWF named Jurita was here at the farm working with and test riding horses, and she fell in love with Eli and decided to adopt him.    Here are Jurita’s words about her adoption of Eli. 

“My husband and I had been supporters of equine adoption for a few years when Eli came along. He arrived at just the right time and supported my belief that things happen for a reason and that our animals choose us. Due to some riding accidents I had started to lose my confidence and found fear was beginning to replace it. The day I had come to fully recognize and accept my issue was the day Eli arrived at Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation. I decided to adopt him that day. 

Now, Eli didn’t make things easy for me and there were days of blood, sweat, and tears. In fact, a lot of tears. But, I would come to realize that he actually provided me with just the correct balance of challenge and reward. Eli has made me work for everything I have gotten from him but he never instilled a fear in me and this was exactly what I needed to regain the confidence I had lost. My partnership with Eli is based on trust. Hard earned trust.

Eli has become a reliable trail horse, and we enjoy trail riding, camping, and obstacle courses. We also take lessons in the summer and we are learning Dressage. We recently showed at our second Dressage schooling show. When I arrived at the show grounds I looked around at all the big, beautiful sport horses; the warmbloods, the thoroughbreds. I scoped out the talented riders abound. As I stood there with my little adopted Fjord horse I thought, “I’m out of my realm.” But then I looked at Eli and decided I was just going to do the best I could. I owed it to my horse, and owned it to myself. I rode with my heart that day. I rode with all the confidence I could muster and by the end of the day we took home three blue ribbons and one red. As I stood and looked at our ribbons and looked at my horse, I doubt I could have been more proud.  

Then a recent conversation came to mind in which I had told another equestrian that I was interested in learning Dressage. Her response to me was, “well, you have the wrong horse.” If I could talk to that same person today I would tell her, “No. I have the right horse.” 

#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #EquineConnection #RightHorse #GreatPeopleGreatHorses #AdoptionSaves  

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Wonderful, Jurita, what you've done for Eli and what he's done for you. And for showing that an expensive warmblood is not necessary to succeed in dressage.

Today’s adoption story is about Rosy.  Every horse that comes into Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) has their own unique story, and every one of them is just as great of a horse as the next.  There are great people out there who are a perfect fit for every one of them.  Today’s adoption story is about Rosy, an Appaloosa mare who came into MHWF in 2013, coming to us from a family who was moving out of state and could not keep her.  They wanted the best for Rosy and entrusted MHWF to find her the perfect match.  Rosy was adopted in 2013 by Lisa and her daughter, Gabby.  Lisa was looking for a horse for herself to be a buddy to her daughter's horse and so she could trail ride with her daughter.  Lisa, Gabby and her family absolutely love Rosy and she has been perfect for them.  Here is a recent note from Gabby, included with the photos of Rosy from the county fair and from Gabby giving lessons to Abby on Rosy:

“She is the perfect horse for our family… We still can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years already. She has personally taught not only Abby & my mom, but even me as well. I have learned so much from her & she is one of the reasons why I chose to pursue an Animal Science major at UW-River Falls. We love her to pieces, & again, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to adopt such an amazing horse.” 

A huge thank-you to Lisa, Gabby and family for choosing adoption!  We are so happy that Rosy has enriched their lives and has such a perfect home. 


#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #EquineConnection #RightHorse #GreatPeopleGreatHorses #AdoptionSaves 

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Today’s adoption story is about a horse named Stormy (aka Stoney) and his adopter, Mel!  In the spirit of the Help a Horse Day campaign along with the ASPCA, we are celebrating and promoting equine adoption to help increase equine adoption across the United States and show you that adopting a horse is the perfect way to add an equine to your family!  Please follow along with us and see the wide range of equines that are available through adoption and their people!   

Stormy came to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) back in 2006 via a sheriff’s department seizure.  Stormy was a young adult equine at the age of 4 who lived with his dam (mother), knew nothing at all and liked to bite people.  MHWF was called upon to help out the sheriff’s department with these two equines, and they both came to MHWF and were rehabilitated, and getting the basics and manners.  Mel found MHWF and was on the search for a horse.  While Stormy wasn’t the exact horse she had in her mind’s eye at the beginning of her search, Stormy was here while Mel visited and she could not get him out of her head.  He did wind up being the right horse for her!  Here is a note from Mel:  

“I went to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation to look at a particular horse that should have been perfect. He would be a well behaved gentleman, fully trained and ready for a 55 yr old woman, but ...’Something’ grabbed me and directed me to Stormy...4 years old, untrained and a biter!  Eleven years later and he is still my goofy heart horse. That 'something’ was a connection that is even stronger now. We haven't won ribbons or done much past a few trails and meandering around, which is all we need." 

Thank you again, MHWF.” 

Thank you to Mel for being such a great adopter and adoption advocate! 

#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #GreatHorsesForGreatPeople #EquineConnection  #MHWF

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LOVE these stories!!!! Keep them coming!!!
I love these adoption stories[love]!
Adopters, please feel free to send me a little blurb about you and your adoption horse, anything you'd like to say.  😉  Thank you!!  



We hope you are following along with our adoption stories, and seeing what a wide variety of horses are available through the adoption route.  Today’s adoption story is about a horse named Phoenix and her adopters, Amanda, Gene and Claudia.  Phoenix was the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) first adoption in 2018!  Phoenix arrived to MHWF in October of 2017 and went on to be adopted in January of 2018.  In the spirit of the Help a Horse Day campaign along with the ASPCA, we are celebrating and promoting equine adoption to help increase equine adoption across the United States and show you that adopting a horse is the perfect way to add an equine to your family!  Please follow along with us and see the wide range of equines that are available through adoption and their great people! 

Phoenix came from a kill pen in the spring of 2017, having been "bailed" out by someone who then abandoned her at the quarantine facility.  Phoenix was going to get sent back to the kill pen, but the person who donated her to MHWF, purchased her and took care of her from the quarantine facility and paid those bills.  To ensure a safer future for Phoenix, she even sent Phoenix to training as well.  Things came up in her life that made it impossible for her to keep Phoenix, but she wanted to ensure a safe future and not bouncing down the road and winding back up in the kill pen again. 

 Phoenix found herself an amazing family to adopt her, and here are some words from Amanda:  “I wanted to tell you about myself and my family. I am a second grade teacher, and this is my tenth year teaching. I absolutely love my job and my kids.  I rode for years growing up, and I’ve really missed that connection. My husband and I have an eight year old son… and I’m looking forward to him growing up around horses.  Another reason I wanted to adopt Phoenix is because of my dad, Gene.  My dad has Huntington’s disease which affects his balance, speech, and movement. It’s an awful disease, and we have lost family members to it.  My dad went to Nature’s Edge Therapy Center in the summer and fall of this year.  While at Nature’s Edge, he received speech therapy and occupational therapy while riding and grooming horses. We noticed physical improvements in my dad’s balance and speech through his work at Nature’s Edge.  I am in awe of the volunteers and employees at Nature’s Edge, and I cannot say enough good things about them. I wanted to find a horse for my dad to groom, lead, spoil, and love. My dad has been very excited through the process of the horse adoption. He and I are co-adopters.  Our family has a lot of love and patience, and we are looking forward to sharing that with Phoenix. Phoenix had everything we were looking for -- she is sweet, loves treats, has good manners, likes to be groomed, and loves attention.

I can't tell you how much it means to me to have my dad so excited and happy every single time we go out to the stable. --  One thing that has been pretty incredible is the way that Phoenix watches my dad's gait as she walks with him. She is very aware of him, and adjusts her pace and steps when he needs more space. My sister says that we adopted our own therapy horse.” 

We are so happy that Phoenix has enriched the lives of so many, and that this beautiful family chose adoption to add such a wonderful equine that was the right horse for them. 


#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #GreatHorsesForGreatPeople #EquineConnection #MHWF #RightHorse 

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Today’s adoption story is Grace!  Grace is an approximately 12-year-old Appaloosa mare who came to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) in October of 2016 from a 1-Day Open Door Shelter sponsored by the Right Horse Initiative and hosted by Horse Plus Humane Society.  In the spirit of the Help a Horse Day campaign along with the ASPCA, we are celebrating and promoting equine adoption to help increase equine adoption across the United States and show you that adopting a horse is the perfect way to add an equine to your family!  We hope you follow along with us and see the wide range of equines that are available through adoption and their great people! 

Grace came to the 1-Day Shelter and was pretty fearful.  In contacting her previous owner later, they said that she had a few bad things happen in her past that had made her lose her trust in people.  MHWF took her in, got her completed vetted and started her emotional healing.  When Grace was ready to begin some extra work and training, some really great volunteers and friends of MHWF named Deb and Chloe took Grace in for some extra handling and time to start riding.  They took Grace from September of 2017 until November of 2017, and then the hunt was on for Grace’s perfect person. 

Gracie girl waited a really long time to find the right home, but she wanted to be sure she chose very carefully.  Cassandra came along, had her interest sparked in Grace and watched her thread and updates carefully, and finally came out to meet Grace.  Cassandra really dedicated herself to making the right decision and came out 10 times to spend time with Grace.  That's dedication through the Wisconsin winter!  Cassandra made the decision to call Grace her own in January of 2018 (was the 2nd adoption of 2018!)  We couldn't be more thrilled for both Grace and Cassandra.  MHWF knows Cassandra's mother-in-law very well, Cindy, who had adopted a couple of horses from MHWF over the years, the most recent one being Monte the POA back in 2016 (Cindy and Karen of MHWF served on the Board of a humane society together some years ago too).  We are so thrilled to see another family member choose the adoption option! 

Here are a few words from Grace’s lovely adopter, Cassandra, along with a few of pictures of the two of them. 

“I'm so happy to have Grace, and so grateful for everyone who took care of her and helped her learn to trust in the last year. Grace is my first horse, and I wanted to make sure I was up her par for her before bringing her home. It meant a lot that Karen and Scott were willing to let me come by so much to get to know her.  She's settling in really nicely at the barn. The property owners are excited to have a fresh face around and everyone's told me how beautiful she is. I've reassured everyone that she isn't actually mad, she just likes to make grumpy ears, but they're still shocked and excited when she lets a new person pet her face. She must look very sweet, because I've heard different people call her "the cinnamon bun" and "the powdered doughnut". I'm personally guilty of "honey bunches of oats", "sweets", "sugar baby" and ONCE when she was making a really ugly face and I thought she needed grounding, "Sparklebutt Unicorn". In spite of/because of all the crazy names, she gives me a nice nicker when I call her "Gracie girl" in the morning.”  We're spending lots of time together, learning where she likes to be scratched and going for pasture walks.”  …and more recently, along with the selfie:  “We skipped spring and went straight to summer. Grace and I don't mind. (Please forgive my horse selfie face. It's the only face I can make when I take horse selfies.)” 

Thank you for choosing adoption, Cassandra!  You and Grace are so perfect together! 


#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #GreatHorsesForGreatPeople #EquineConnection #MHWF #RightHorse 

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Today’s adoption story is about Denero!  Denero is now a 21-year-old Arabian gelding who came to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) in 2005, when he was 8 years old.  He resides with his lovely family who adopted him back in 2005, now in retirement from his show career.  In the spirit of the Help a Horse Day campaign along with the ASPCA, we are celebrating and promoting equine adoption to help increase equine adoption across the United States and show you that adopting a horse is the perfect way to add an equine to your family!  We hope you follow along with us and see the wide range of equines that are available through adoption and their great people! 

Denero had an interesting past, and came out of some very nice breeding.  It is a little too long of a story to tell here, but Denero wound up with MHWF when the farm he resided at was sold to people who were into Warmbloods, he went with the sale of the farm, and he did not fit into their plans.  Then enter Kellie along with her two daughters, Haley and Lyndsay to Denero’s story.  We all dedicate Denero’s story and their wonderful life with Denero to their late husband and father, Burt.  Kellie says without Burt, none of this would have been possible. 

Here are some words from Kellie about Denero’s story: 

“We moved here in 2000 hoping for a country life, and we already had 2 Arabians and knew we wanted to adopt one.  I had been following Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation for years, since the organization started.  I checked the website literally every day for years! Then the day came, there he was!  I knew we had to adopt him.  We met with Scott, Karen and my girls, Lyndsay and Haley and they met the man (Denero).  Needless to say, he came home with us that day.  We pulled into our driveway right after dark, and my husband had just finished building Denero’s stall.  We started showing Arabian rated shows doing hunt seat.  Denero did very well but we could tell it was not for him.  We decided to give dressage a whirl and wow! We had a spectacular dressage horse on our hands!  We competed a lot at the Arabian rated shows in dressage, and open shows against any breed.  Denero always was in the placings and always did well no matter his competitors.  He was also in the Region 10 Arabian championships for a few years, and was first level champion!  One great thing about Denero is he taught us the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  He could be spectacular, but horses will be horses.  In 2011 we qualified for Arabian Nationals for dressage to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Denero did very well just missing the top ten by a hair.  But the experience was priceless!  We got to walk down the lane of many famous horses.  Denero soon became a lesson horse and taught many young girls and boys how to ride.  He was always very gentle and patient with kids.  Makenzie and Keanna got the joys to show him and did very well!  Haley (his adopter) had been striving to get her USDF bronze medal in dressage.  She had completed it but needed one more score in first level.  To honor Denero in everything he has done for us, she took him to one last show for one last test at Silverwood Farms.  We needed one great score!  We did it!  Thank you for all the love and victories Denero.  Enjoy your big green pastures and retirement you deserve it!” 

Thank you so much to Kellie, Haley and Lyndsay for choosing adoption, and for being such great advocates for horse adoption!   

#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #GreatHorsesForGreatPeople #EquineConnection #MHWF #RightHorse

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