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Wow, you two look good together!!!  I love, love, LOVE the updates!!! 

Nice pictures!  Looks like a nice barn getting built in the background!  Is that at Countryview by any chance? 
Yep. It is.
Stunning horse, adopter and facilities.  Have a wonderful time with Alamar Kate.
Keep the pictures coming please.
Heather H
This is an out question for you Kate but looking at the photos, by chance are you boarding out at CountryView Equestrian Estate? It is near West Bend, WI and and they are putting up an indoor arena. The photo of you riding in the outdoor with the framing of a building in a background looks an awful lot like their farm.

I am friends w/the family who owns it so I was just curious if it was that small of a world! haha. I boarded there a few years ago when they were just starting out. I only left because I sold my horse. I was riding at another barn last fall on someone else's horse so when I bought back the horse I had prevously sold this year in spring I took him to the place closer to my house.
Heather H
Whoops! Just saw Faith's post and your response Kate that it IS CountryView. Neat to realize some adoption horses live close to me. :)
Wow. I just went to the Countryview Equestrian stable, and it is one CLASSY looking stable. It looks like a very luxorious place, and CLEAN.
Heather, I probably have met you then. I was there as well when they just started. I had an older QH mare who I recently had to put down. She was a red dun named Missy. Who did you have there? 

I have a friend who boarded there and thought Countryview was awesome. Outdoor arena is very nice and arena/barn they are putting up sounds great too. Not far from where I live. What a small world that an adoption horse is close by!
Hopefully, not too long from now, you will start to see pictures of Al and me in the new ring.

He did pretty well yesterday. Despite few other visitors there was still a lot of commotion: ATV's back and forth multiple times, the tractor, a metal water trough being lifted with a fork lift on top of a trailer bed, my 8 yr old daughter yet again climbing over and hanging on the fence, the metal hanging doors to the storage shed being slid back and forth...all in the 45 minutes i happened to be in the ring.

Al is a pleasure to ride. He has such natural impulsion and carries himself well.
Heather H
Kate: I had a bay roan POA named Roxy and my sister owned the bay Arabian named Dew. I think Missy may have been out in a front paddock with them both for a while? We sold them both in the fall of 2011 since my sister was moving out of state and I couldn't really afford a horse on my own (and Roxy needed much more work than I had thought when I got her....lesson learned). My sister ended up moving back and then this spring we bought back the Arabian Dew since the new owner's daughter decided she wanted a calm QH to ride.

Small world! I must admit I tend to remember horse's & their names better than their human owners....haha.

Sorry to hear about Missy.
Alamar is doing great. Went out yesterday in the rather blustery weather. He did great. Getting a lot of desensitization practice. Other than tarps blowing yesterday because of construction, there was a chain saw and some sort of high pitched saw from time to time. The high pitchd noise actually spooked him.

He is a great horse. Very personable and a loving personality. And he is honest. Not a devious bone in his body. Wish I had more pictures to share but yet again, forgot my camera.
 Profile 1 (640x360).jpg 

Al looking (640x360).jpg 

Jenni O.
Pretty guy, and I'd get lost in that riding arena. Alamar looks good!
My poor little side kick and photographer was feeling under the weather at the barn today. Luckily she got to ride her pony before-hand. So far tossed her cookies 5 times now...she is not too upset though at missing school tomorrow. 

Sunshine at our back.jpg  

Trot.jpg Chillin'.jpg Looking cute.jpg 

Here's Alamar's stable mate and family: Nikki and Leah (the photographer). Leah riding Nikki.jpg 

Jane Liess
Hope Leah is feeling better.  Her pony is adorable, as is Alamar.  Keep up the good work!
Thanks. Nikki is cute and has a nice attitiude to go with. With God's help Leah will be feeling better soon! Had a 102.1 fever today.
Al is in a new home now...closer to my home. So proud of him. He just walked right into the trailer like he does it every day! Just had to brag a little. :)
Such a good boy!  He found exactly the person he needed in you, Kate.  :) 
Al stuffing his face at the new place. 

Al Eating.jpg 

Do you have a carrott.jpg  
"Do you have a carrot for me if I walk all the way over to you?"

Jenni O.
Such a gorgeous boy!
*Alamar* is as HANDSOME as they come... *Mr. Spiffy* to the MAX.. 
Al's New Cooler.jpg 

Trying on Al's new cooler. It's a little big! 

Why you still standing there.jpg 


What an adorable hunk of a horse!  :) 

Jenni O.
Ditto what Karen said. He photographs well. :)
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