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Don't you ever WONDER if these horses think that they are really *HOT stuff*.. *Alamar* is sure a character with the camera.... raising the head over that fence.... aha, perfecto. Personality as high as the SKY.
Well i cant take credit for making him but i will take credit for appreciating him! He is a ham! I wish my camera was better. I have many more pictures that are not worthy of posting because of the lighting setting...or something.
Man...my post just got deleted.

Anway, vet was out today and floated Al's teeth. I felt so bad for him because he had numerous razor sharp edges and more than a few ulcers. Who knew? He doesn't ever complain...no weight loss, no refusal to eat. He takes the bit, no problem. Anway, in a few days, hopefully he'll be even happier than his usual self. Wonder what "happier than usual" will look like for him. :)
Well, for me, I think *Alamar* is a beautiful boy. So if his personality matches those looks, WOW, you sure have a wonderful trail partner/FRIEND.. You are so lucky/blessed to have found him. LUCKY indeed.
Jenni O.
Don't feel bad. When they're stoic like that it's difficult to tell when something is wrong. At least you had the vet out for a checkup. I bet he will be happier though.
Lindsey N
Ditto what Jenni said.  If there were no symptoms and he is a new horse to you, don't feel bad!  You were responsible and had the vet out and took care of what needed fixing.  I "overread" symptoms (see Aria's thread...basically any page) and think a lot of negative behaviors indicate something's wrong.  When in her case a lot of it is 'tude.  Hopefully when he feels better you will go to even farther places!!

Al napping.jpg 

awww awesome sweet fella resting in the sun.  Makes me want to sit with him.
Jenni O.
Love that face! And the sun. We haven't had many sunny days here.
A fellow boarder took this picture of Al. She got lucky because usually Al tries to be as close to any human as possible and he doesn't stand for a portrait. He is usually very interested in inspecting hands and pockets for goodies. 


Heather H
He has such a kind eye. He looks really sweet.
Heather H
He has such a kind eye. He looks really sweet.
Jenni O.
Aww, he's handsome. Although the photo above it makes me think of warmer times. He likes to be close, huh? That must be the Arab in him.
yeah. He likes to inspect and sniff everything. It's cute but I have to remind him of "my space" and "his space". And when he is in "his space", then he'll just stretch his neck out as far as he can to see if he can get over to "my space". 

I think it is the Arab in him too. He's quite the character and there is a popular saying around the barn now, "He's just being Al". 

the photo above was also taken by the fellow boarder. She has a nice camera and lots of talent. 
Jenni O.
"He's just being Al."  I love it.  My mostly Arab gelding has a very small personal bubble sw ell, and thinks everyone's bubble is just as small.  It can be annoying, but I guess I'm used to it.  They just need reminders to back off more often.  :)
I've been working on ground tying with him lately and other ground related stuff. Both of us are pretty bored of being stuck in the indoor so I'm trying to get creative. Al is not a fan of indoors it seems especially when all the doors have to be closed because of this darn weather. There are lurking shadows everywhere and even lurking non shadows (sneaky real life cats that like to climb in the rafters and suspicious four legged creatures that seem like they should be horses but are short, stocky and moo and seem to cavort for no reason all of a sudden). 
Jenni O.
Poor Al, indoors are dangerous, life threatening things for a horse, especially if they are alone. Who else will save them from the scary horse-eating creatures, and the dark shadows? Anything could be lurking in there!

At least you're doing something. My lesson today was cancelled due to the cold. It was -8 at 8:30! Hello, Mother Nature, it's March!
Today's Afternoon :)

" Ooh. She's off and standing over there! Dare to think I might be done?"

Al done again.jpg 

"Let me just inspect this here for a second...nope, not food. Smells like plastic."
Al inspecting.jpg

"Can I come see you? You are SOOOO far away."
I'm coming.jpg

"See what I did there? I'm sneaky, huh? I just inched over a little. Did you notice?"

"Tag, you are it! Hee, hee!"
tag your it.jpg 

Adorable!  I love it.  :)  
Scott: MHWF
Love the commentary!
LOL...love it!
Jenni O.
He is so cute! I think he has the sweetest expression. I'm sure he doesn't have a naughty bone in his body.
Al is ready for spring! Left his blanket off today after I rode. I was fully expecting him to b-line it to the muddiest most yuckiest place to roll and itch himself but he didn't. I'm sure I will be greeted by a very muddy Al next time I'm at the barn.

I've decided we have a little problem though. Al is girthy. The last 3 times I've ridden he has been increasingly girthy. Never was that way. I'm not sure what the problem is. He doesn't mind the saddle coming at him. Doesn't seem sore on the back. He is great weight. He is eating great so I don't think it is a stomach issue. I always just put the girth on the first hole (the loosest) until I've walked him out and am ready to get on. Our rides aren't terribly stressing so I don't think he is worried about what is coming after the saddling. 

I'm going to try a different girth and tack him in a different area also. He never minds the girth being tightened once we go away from his tie spot. Also, I'm thinking with the long hair on his underbelly maybe the girth (which is a waffle weave synthetic type) is pulling some hairs. I don't know. Will see. Will try a leather one I think. 
Or better yet a fleece girth. I will also see what the vet thinks about ulcers when she comes out soon to do spring shots. After that i guess its a chiropractor. Hopefully it is nothing serious.
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