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Alamar (Amo) - 6 yrs.

$600  - Alamar (Amo - pronounced Ah-mo) is a 6 year old registered Quarab gelding. He stands at 15.1 hands tall and is sound, healthy, broke to ride and very good looking, as you can see for yourself. Alamar has been ridden exclusively Western and has done some small shows, but mostly trail riding. He has a very soft mouth and listens well to leg cues. He has never bucked, reared or kicked anyone and is a very well-behaved boy. He has been ridden on the trails and on country roads, with other horses and out alone. He is a very nice horse and we will post updates as we get to know him better.

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Jenni O.

I can't see him spending much time at MHWF.  He sounds perfect too.  Maybe it's a good thing I'm not looking for a horse right now.  I'd have several to try out, and what if I liked them all???  I have to say, I'm not always a big fan of Quarabs, but I really like the looks of this guy.

What a gorgeous gelding with tons of talent to boot!  He is the total package!
oh nice boy, beautiful boy!
Donna M
I'm pretty sure I have a new addiction. Fortunately my husband exercises more logic than I do in times of need. Otherwise I would have as many horses as I do dogs and cats. This handsome boy would be one of them! I would love to kiss that face!
mel d
Bella and Gus
Well HELLO big tall and handsome. Wish we had room in our domain but right now it is a full stable....SIGH!
Don't tell my other two guys, but I am drooling over this hunk of Arab cross :) Mom, Dad? Please, one more?
Oh geez! I can't even look!!

Heh.  To me 15.1 is on the short edge of perfect, not "big".  This guy is really lovely; well started but young enough to go in any direction you like.  Uphill build!  mmm-mmmm!  I'd love to see him move.

But he won't last long enough for videos.  I bet the calls will start at 4pm sharp.


Ger R
He's soo pretty! 
Kara W.

Holy crap batman! Hes VERY pretty! Love his face and build.

Too good of a horse to be on page 2. Bump!
mel d
Good work, Kenzie! Or was the bump intended to keep him in view range of mom? Hee hee hee! I love him also, but am "horse poor" already ;-)
Mel we are also "horse poor" :( We are at our max so I'm just hoping someone comes by real soon and snatches these 2 beauties up so I can stop thinking about them.
I am in love!  Working on my application.
We finally got a chance to get Amo out and take him for a ride (thank you Karin!). 
I know Scott will be working on an update for the adoption horses page, so I will keep this short and add some photos and we can add Scott's update when he gets that written. 

Amo did very well, saddling and bridling up, stood great for mounting and did walk and trot very well.  He did canter, but he needs some work on his canter (he's young). 

Here are a few pics of Amo from yesterday, 5/24/2013:

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Jane Liess
What, no guinea pig shirt on?  It looks like you had fun, Karin.
SO handsome, but under saddle....holy smokes, he is amazing!
Please keep in mind that while we are video taping these horses being ridden, we are also evaluating them, some of them for the very first time. In this video, Alamar is being ridden for the second time since arriving at MHWF. These videos are not edited or polished up and the riders are not professional riders. We want to show the horses for what they really are and what they really are like, so we are not looking for perfect videos, but rather are looking to show potential adopters how the horses act and perform as they come into MHWF.


He looks like he moves out really well, covers ground nicely at both walk and trot.  Love the perked ears and facial expression...looked very happy to be doing something!

Brandy S.
Amo is a good young man. He has really turned into a wonderful horse in front of my eyes. I was there when he was first purchased and had some ground manner issues, but he was easily brought out of that and became a gentleman really fast. He is a super fast learner and will work extra hard for the person he has bonded with. I have been Amo's farrier for the past 2 years and have the pleasure to say that he is amazingly well behaved for his trims. He is a horse that bonds well with his owner and then works perfect, and may need some affection before the bond, or firmness if he starts to get out of line (not too often that I have seen). He had great base training and is ready for finishing. He deserves a great adopter who will love him and use him to his potential. I am happy to answer any questions potential adopters may have about Amo or Lilly. Neither horse was given up because of thier abilities or personality and I hold them close to my heart along with thier previous owner.
Nicki S.
Great looking gelding!  I'm looking for a nice trail horse.... 

Wondering what the policy is on fencing?  We are working on replacing all our barbed wire with barbless (electric) but have a ways to go.  I thought I read somewhere that barbed wire was not allowed.... but now I can't find it.  We have a very large pasture... there's over two miles of fence so it's a long process.  My horses are kept at my parents' place and my dad doesn't want to replace "perfectly good fence" just because it has barbs.  Working on it, though!  
I actually have some good news about Alamar.  We got a call from Alamar's donor a few days ago telling us that a neighbor of hers found out that Almar was brought here, had not realized that Alamar had needed to be rehomed, and wanted him (already knowing him).  She will be coming to pick him up this weekend.  :)  So Alamar will be living very close to his old home again soon. 

Nicki, barbed wire is a no-go with horses.  It is far too dangerous of a fencing for horses and not something we can approve for adoption horses. 
Congrats on finding his new home!
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