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Congratulations to Amo and his new family!
Can't wait to get him home! Will send pictures of the big day soon. I'm looking foward to many years with this special fella.
Lindsey N
I'm so happy he has had a quick turnaround!  Very happy for you Kate, and as always, I excited for pictures!!  Mr. Mischievous :P
While it is very sad to see he had to come back, it is heartwarming to see he is ready for many years of adventures with his new family!  Congratulations to Amo and Kate!
I am glad I got to meet him though. Sunday can't come soon enough.
*Amo* sure is a beautiful boy. No matter though, he found his FAMILY now, so I sure hope that everything turns into YEARS of BLISS... hope you have time for some good photos too. Just to see all your adventures, and his antics.

 Attempt #2 at posting pics. 

Here's Alamar arriving home! He did really well. Little unsure about the tractors and the hay elevator. Fit right in with his guys though! So smart! Figured out the automatic waterer in 2 seconds.  stroll around his pasture to show him the fence and introduction to his herd.  


SAM_0577.JPG "Where am I?" 

 "Okay, Dusty, that will be enough of that! "

" I thought this smelled like water in here!"

SAM_0609.JPG  "Okay, hurry up with this picture. I gotta go eat". 

SAM_0613.JPG ( Such a sweety). 


Yaaaaaay Alamar!  That is really great Kate, I LOVE the pics!!!  Thank you so much for the update, we're so happy to hear (and see) how well Alamar is settling in already.  Thanks Kate!! 
Jenni O.
Yay, great photos and a great home for Alamar! Congratulations.
*Alamar* is sure observing all that he can.. It has to be SCARY to arrive at a new place, and see all of the DIFFERENT things. The photo of *Dusty* and the others, just being nosey is really cute. Hope you have lots of updates. *Alamar* is sure a beautiful horse to add to your herd. WOW.
The herd is not mine. But I plan on many pictures and updates. So much so that this thread will probably be the first one to be de-activated due to overuse.  It's not too often that there is an internet thread out there dedicated solely to one's equine and also in which other people would actually read. :)
Scott: MHWF
I think you will be surprised at how many people will read your updates and enjoy your photos. This forum is very much a "family" and many of us have come to know each other over the years and become friends. We love to see new people and call them part of the family too.
There is no such thing as too many updates on any of the equines!  :) 

I should explain to everyone why there is no adoption day photo.  Kate had spent a fair amount of time riding Alamar and afterwards we turned him back out, and then talked about an adoption.  A decision was then made, and Alamar was a mile away in the far back pasture, so we opted not to spend another hour to go get him and make Kate stick around and have to make the 3-4 hour journey home that much later.  So for the video at the end of the year, I will just snag one of Kate's pictures here to add to the adoption video.  :) 
Jane Liess
What a handsome guy!  I, too, like the picture of his new herd checking him out.  More pictures soon!!!
Well, it is Day 4 of the new home and already my vet had to get acquainted with Alamar! (I'm calling him Al by the way). Yesterday he somehow nicked himself on his face right on the ridge of his cheek bone under his eye and despite antibiotic cream yesterday, it was swollen to the size of an apple this morning...albeit a small apple.

Anway, vet got it scrubbed out well and he is on a course of antibiotics. Luckily there is nothing to drain and no pus. Vet assured me he'll be good as new in no time.

Still, he is otherwise doing great with everbody. No squabbles at all. He must have felt he needed some extra attention though. :(
Sorry to hear Kate,

Glad all is ok though, keep us all updated on Al.  You 2 look like a great pair.
Jenni O.
He just wanted to get that first vet bill out of the way. And there's no such thing as too many updates!
Oh Al!!!  Geez...glad it is an easy fix and not really a big deal...even if he wanted you to think so!!
A few more pics of Al. Too bad none are of me riding...left the camera in the barn. He is quite the favorite with everybody at the barn already. One day my pictures will be better quality hopefully when I get around the reading the user's manual. 

Al and I.jpg 
Al in pasture.jpg 

Wow! That's a lush paddock.  The other boys must be jealous.

Thanks for the update!
mel d
Congratulations a bit late! Glad Al's wound is healing nicely. Love the updates and photos, keep 'em coming.
Al is doing pretty well. He is pretty calm and cool...except he doesn't like to walk down into the center isle of the dark, dark, dreary and very scary barn. Can't say that I blame him if I were a horse. But he'll back up all the way!

Here's a picture of Al lunging (aka- being fairly disciplined). Although he is falling asleep here at least his ear is partially cocked to the side so he is imitating a listening posture. He is a good boy. 

Al Lunging.jpg

ha ha ha...so tickled by your description of the sleeping horse pretending to listen...love it!!
He really does looked relaxed!  Such a calm guy, isn't he?! Too cute :)
Love it when it rains. Means we get the barn almost to ourselves!

Riding Al (640x360).jpg  

Al riding 2 (640x360).jpg 

Al Away (640x360).jpg 

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