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OMG his coloring is soo unique. I love little baby horse already. I haven't checked the site in awhile and was so glad to see healthy mom and baby. I am jealous, well atleast for 3 more months until I have my new baby girl, then I will really drop off the internet for awhile. So happy for you all that you adopted such a nice twofer.

Tammy Mn

The pictures just keep getting better and better!!  What color will this "fart in a mitten" be when he grows up?


Such a sweetie!! Mom and baby look so happy together. I'm so glad to hear things are going well!


Well, I was just WONDERFING when the HAPPY DAY will again raise its head, and NAME ""Annie's" foal. Its been about a WEEK I think. Just wondering, though, cuz it will be just as or ALMOST as exciting for the NAME to be chosen...

Annie and Fiam are so cute! Makes me want another new baby, but my foaling days are over. I love that the white on him looks like it was drizzled over him. SO CUTE!!!
nancy m

Appy Deb had to leave town on family business right after baby boy horse was born and will not be back until this week.  The name has kind of been in limbo.  Berry has been calling him "flash".  He felt like the white over the shoulders looks like a "lightening bolt, flash".  When Appy Deb returns she may have a different take on the little guy.  We will just have to wait and see.  Their barn and property always suffers from water in the spring and this spring is worse then usual..more water..more wet footing etc....so no new photos of the little guy.. Don't want to take chances with him slipping in the muck.  As soon as it dries out a little we will get some new pictures.  Take my word for it ...he is still sooooooo cute...

Emily Jane

  I had to go back through the posts and look.....had Karen named the baby and I missed it?  Oh.....Fiam.....Fart in a mitten.....


 What say U, Karen? Do you have any names picked out yet? Very anxious to hear what the name of this little "Handsome Boy" will be... It would be great to just hear some of your choices> HINT HINT


Seriously guys, you really wouldn't want me picking a name out....Baby Horse it would be!    Good thing my animals have come to me with names already, huh?  Well, with the exception of Mammakitty and Babykitty that is. 

appaloosa Debbie

I'm home now...and Flash is as cute as can be...I thought I'd get on here real quick and let you guy's know is real name and his true color as of right now. So you know his name is Flash..and when he is out that is what he is...A FLASH , His color right now is like a buckskin, but that doesn't mean he couldn't shed out and be even a black...but..right now he is a buckskin. We are having a hard time over here with the mud...it's trying to take over, but as soon as it get's under control, I'll have a little open house for Annie and Flash's fan club...How does that sound to everyone?

Wendy W - WI

I will do everything in my power to make it to see Flash!!  Love the name!  Those babies really do change color!!!  Who would know better than you??  Appy's are amazing and now you have a little one (little paint) with a really cool stripe!!!  You're still smiling aren't you???  I'm sure Nancy is too!  Congrats again on a beautiful healthy baby!  Please give Annie a kiss, I just think she is one cool looking pony. 

Lori W

FLASH fits him perfectly....love it!

Amanda S.
Flash is great!  All I can think of though is the song by Queen....Flash Gordon.......LOL!

Flash - a-ah - saviour of the universe
Flash - a-ah - he'll save everyone of us
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Flash - a-ah - he's a miracle
Flash - a-ah - king of the impossible

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He'll save with a mighty hand
Every man every woman
Every child - with a mighty flash

Flash - a-ah
Flash - a-ah - he'll save everyone of us

Since Karen guessed the closest delivery date/time, the name FLASH seems appropriate.  She's a photographer.  She uses a flash to take those amazing photos of the horses.

Seems like FLASH is this little guy's new name....it just makes sense to me.

Kiersten A.

Aww, Flash is adorable! ^^ I'll have to come out for the "Flash fan club open house" so I can see him. Congratulations to Annie, he's a beautiful colt.

News flash on Flash! 
Nancy sent some great new pics of babyhorse Flash and mom Annie!  Thanks Nancy!!!! 

Both are doing well. Even with the mud they really enjoy being out in the sun.

April & Gordon

He's adorable. They both look to be doing good. Thanks for sharing Nancy.

Wendy W - WI

Great pics!!!  Both look wonderful and OMG is that the cutest baby ever?  Thanks for sharing!!! 

Carol in OC

Ahhhhhh, he's such a little cutie pie and you can just tell Annie is such a good mama.  Flash looks like he is very inquisitve about everything that's going on around him.  Thank you for posting the pictures, I'm smiling.

Very cute!  Thanks for sharing.
mel d

Thank you for the photos, what a handsome kid!


He is so cute you just want to grab him and give him kisses all over is little nose!!!


Adorable! Do you know what type of horse Annie was bred to?


All of the topics on this forum are ALWAYS up to SNUFF....With this one, 'Annie's Boy" it feels like we ALL have had a little boy, like we are all his STEP-PARENTS... I also look forward to Mel D. photos, cuz they are ALWAYS so IMPECCABLE/FANTASTIC. Actually, almost ALL of the photo's that I have seen here are ALWAY so UNIQUE... and then here comes "Little Flash" well, to me he is "Nitro" very DYNAMIC.. gorgeous little squeezable boggie! Oh, I almost forgot "Wendy W", cuz it is always EXCITING, and her photos always send a VIBRANT cast on my screen. So, just thanks to all that send in their photos for OUR enjoyment.... blah blah blah!!! Yahoooo

Denise S - WW
What a cutie patootie!!! (Smooch smooch smoochie smooch!!)
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