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nancy m

Just got back from Appy Debs barn and a visit with Annie.  She is doing great.  She is putting on more weight..her feet have been trimmed several times. The farrier has been able to work through old abscesses and foundering issues.  She is much more comfortable.  Because of her sore feet she has not been ridden yet, but that will come.  I am happy to say that she is not showing any signs of "bagging up" yet.  Since no one was sure when she was bred the longer the baby stays warm the better.  She loves being groomed, is good with the farrier, loves carrots and apples.  She does not like her bag area handled (we are working on that) and is not crazy about one of the dogs in the barn.  Other then that things are good.  Will try to get a picture soon. 


Thanks for the Annie update Nancy!  Was just thinking about her in this nasty weather - good to hear she's keeping that baby tucked in where he/she belongs yet! ;)

Holly C.

I'm new at this forum, is there an older "Annie" thread I should be reading first??

Annie was renamed from Chloe....we rescued Chloe at auction back in September and then Deb adopted her.  Chloe was quite neglected and pregnant on top of that. 

It is so great to hear that she is doing so well!!!  Thanks for the update guys!!  I'll bring the camera out when the baby arrives.  :) 
Denise S - WW
So happy to hear she is doing well!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!
Wendy W - WI

Smiling.......just plain smiling.  Looking forward to another Annie report.

Tammy Mn

Thanks for the update Nancy......great news....can't wait for the pictures!


Did Annie have her foal yet?


No, not yet, but we will sure let everyone know as soon as she does.  :) 


When is the new little FOAL expected to ARRIVE?

Soon!  We don't know the exacts since she was already in foal when we rescued her at auction (coming from someone who could give absolutely no specifics and swore that she wasn't pregnant), but it was estimated to be February-March some time, so we should be approaching the big day any time now I would think. 
We are all anxious for this new arrival and just dying to see what the baby will look like.  Annie/Chloe is a little appy/pony, so when the vet was here to palpate her before she left to her adoptive home to check for the suspected pregnancy to confirm or deny it, when he felt a foal I did ask him if he could feel any spots.    (had to do it..and of course that just got answered with a chuckle/groan)
Tammy Mn

feel any spots....that made me giggle


I just read KAREN'S response, and I giggled and thought, ""leave it to her to PERK it up"" while the vet is checking her out!!! Ok, this is a STUPID question, and I hate to ask it, but HOW does a vet do the checking to find out if the horse is EXPECTING?? Is it like they do to a cow when they stick their arm in all the way to the shoulder?? I had livied on a farm, and they TRICKED me to come in just when the vet was doing that to a cow, and me being ME, I felt like I had INTRUDDED on something, LAME ME!!! I was very EMBARRASSED....I am the "dumkoph"!!! Karen, you ALWAYS seem to SHED light/LAUGHTER into a great topic!! You are that highlight when things look OMNIOUS!! Little Chloe will be a MOM for the first time!!!I hope it all works out for the VERY BEST.

nancy m

Our little Annie is still holding her own.  No baby.  Can not even give an accurate "bag report".  When you go to look or touch her bag to check the progress, she immediately goes to the ground.  Seriously...We will just have to wait and see...

Wendy W - WI

Nancy can you explain the "bag report" to us who've never experienced a mare having a foal?  Can't wait for Annie and baby pictures!!

nancy m

Wendy,  I was referring to Annie's udder.  Typically it will start to fill  before they foal. It just gives you another sign that the foaling is near.  But as I said Annie will have none of that. 

Wendy W - WI

Thanks Nancy, I was pretty sure that's what you meant.  Now what about the going down part?  You touch it and then she lays down? 

nancy m

You got it right...

Wendy W - WI

I can't wait for this baby!!!!  I looked at Annie pictures today and she is such a cutie and then I think of Karen joking with the vet about if he can feel spots.......which I still laugh about.........and I'm like a child just waiting for this baby!! 

nancy m

Good news ...Annie has started to bag up.   

Tammy Mn

Exciting news Nancy....keep us posted.  I can hardly wait to see the baby!


Well, now we can all sit and WAIT in the DELIVERY area. This is exciting, and I am very anxious and I PRAY that all things COME OUT beautiful/fine & HEALTHY....hmmm *Good Luck, Momma Annie* First it is the NEWBORN, then it is the name.... if it is a guy, **Nitro** would be slick. I am thinking of a girlie name now!! Oh! *Angel*~~~~~

Wendy W - WI

Oooohhh Nancy........I'm so excited, I can't imagine how you and Deb are doing!!!!  Can't wait!!!!

mel d

So exciting! Waiting for the news...love thename  Nitro for a boy and Angel for a girl...


I just came to see if there was any NEWS on the little foal that "Annie" will be delivering.... Geez, I feel like I am getting a grandchild!! Excitement is in very NEAR future!! An "Easter Surprise" maybe??

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