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Congrats!! Flash is so lucky to have ended up under MHWF's care and now yours. Love seeing the updates on all your adoptees
Love the trail cam selfies!!  So funny!!
Donna R
Flash and Annie getting love from youngest granddaughter Isla.

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Your herd is so lucky!!
Donna R
I'm starting with some photos of adoption day with Flash-even one of baby Kane.  I'm adding a couple of him as a baby.

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Donna R
Baby pics with Annie

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Donna R
I'm fighting back tears as I write this post.  First and above all, in these uncertain times I hope all of you are social distancing and are staying safe and healthy.

FLASH-Our Beloved Pony

Flash was born into the MHWF program.  His dam, Annie was rescued from auction and was found to be pregnant.  Many will remember his story from before the day he was born.  I am continuing with the last half of his life in his forever home with us.

On August 16, 2014, we were at MHWF to trailer an adopted horse back to Illinois.  We at the last minute added our own final two adoption horses, Flash and little mini horse, Annie.  Flash was at the gate looking so handsome and friendly.  He had just gotten back from training with Anna F.  She and her niece Kendall did a wonderful job making him more adoptable.  We couldn't resist.  I remember how excited their entire family was about his adoption.  They had fallen in love with him just as we did.

We found Flash to be a wonderful riding pony and such a friendly character.  He quickly made his way into the hearts of our entire extended family.

Flash dealt with lameness issues over his last years.  Two vets and our farrier were not able to give a definitive diagnosis. I quit riding him early on.  He was still great ponying our grandkids around.  He absolutely refused to work for me which was puzzling.  During the last couple of years I reached out to several people about what was going on with him.  The vets and farrier thought he had stifle issues. 

Last winter was really rough on Flash.  A month ago he was diagnosed with severe DSLD.  Over these last weeks, our dear friend Karen of MHWF helped so much with input and understanding about Flash.  She seemed to know exactly when to make a comment and when silence would be the best approach.  We are forever grateful to Karen and Scott for their friendship and for everything they have done and continue to do for equines in need and on to helping their adopters.  

Knowing another winter was out of the question, we wanted to spoil Flash for one more summer.  It became clear that was not the right thing to do.  On Wednesday, we laid Flash to rest.  It was just short of his 12th birthday.

Our wonderful vet, Dr. Julie Johnson at Janesville Animal Medical Center helped us navigate through this.  Her compassion with the diagnosis and during those last minutes was wonderful.

Flash was laid to rest next to our Quarter Horse Annie up on a hill overlooking the beautiful forest preserve next to our land.  As we walked back from the site, with tears in my eyes, I thanked Len for allowing me to take Flash home on our anniversary 6 years ago.  Len took full ownership of that decision.  We are grateful for our time with this beautiful guy.  We have literally hundreds of photos of him.  RIP sweet buddy.  See you at the bridge.

"She held him close and felt him say "You have been the center of my universe.  I have always loved you."  With words unspoken but felt with the heart she heard him say "How much do you love me?"  She stroked his face and quietly replied "with all my heart."  he looked deep into her soul and asked "Do you love me enough to let me go?"  She rested her face in his mane and with tears in her eyes softly replied "yes" "

Peggy Murphy Gobert

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Leslie V
I'm so very sorry for your loss Donna and Len.  Flash had the most wonderful home with you and I know he will be greatly missed.  Hugs to you all, may you find comfort in sweet memories..... 
I'm so very sorry--so young!
Jan N
Oh Donna, Oh Len,

I am so sorry to hear this and send my heartfelt sympathy. Flash was such a gift, and within MHWF really the best sort of 'group project', I think. I know his many fans will be very sad. My condolences to you both, your family (especially the grandchildren), and others with whom he shared his pony magic. You have shared with us his story on the forum so wonderfully since his adoption I know there are others who feel just like I do--that he was somehow a part of us. Sounds weird but expresses how I feel.

I have such respect for whatever was your particular process to become ready to reach lovingly out and give him release from his earthly troubles. With this suspensory ligament condition becoming progressively more painful over time (the area of the fetlock joints swells and weakens for those of you  unfamiliar with DSLD) your strength in confronting what future lay ahead for him and making this compassionate decision is a blessing. Above all, it's honorable. Hold on to that word, please, when you are feeling lowest - the respect you've given him over these years is in perfect balance with the honor he granted you when he gave his trust to you. He would be proud of you.

Sending comfort (if possible) and hugs. Stay safe.  
Scott & Karen: MHWF
Len and Donna, 

We are truly sorry that this had to happen and although we know you already know this, we send along our deepest condolences. There are no great words of wisdom, no cute proverbs that will help, only time and the knowledge that you have friends who know how this feels to share in your time of grief.

- Scott
Wendy W - WI
I am so sorry Donna, Len and the whole family who loved this wonderful pony. I am forever grateful that he landed with you to live out his years. He had the best care and love. I am sending you all my most sincere condolences and love. He had a great life with you.
Kara B.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I understand all to well what you are going through.
Donna and Len I am so very sorry for your loss of Flash.  What a tough journey for all of you.
Sending deep condolences for you and family. What a wonderful life you gave him, and a heartfelt ending.
Diane B
Donna and Len I am so very sorry to hear this.  Thank you for giving him a loving, forever home.  RIP pretty boy.
Jane Liess
Such a difficult ending to such a beautiful life.  Thanks to you, Donna and Len, and you, Scott and Karen, for providing him with such a loving home.
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. His life was short but full of love and care because of you. May memories bring you comfort
Donna M
I’m so sad for you. Your love for Flash was obvious and although his presence will be deeply missed, your memories of him will carry you forward. It’s hard to do the right thing when it hurts so much. I admire your compassion and strength.
Heike B
I'm so sorry.  Flash truly did belong to all of us a little bit and I'm crying reading this, so I can only imagine your devastation and that of everyone who was a bigger part of his journey. 
Barb S
My deepest sympathy. You gave Flash a great life and did right by him to the end.
Donna R
Thank you all for your condolences.  Today Flash would have turned 12. He was born at 2:08 am and was initially named "Baby Horse" by someone you all know well.  Our mini horse Annie, adopted with Flash, was born the same year.  I have always acknowledged both of their birthdays on April 4th.  Extra treats for Miss Annie today in fond memory of our Flash.  
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