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Nancy M.
Pics of Chloe (Annie)

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Lori W

Annie looks good. Keeping my fingers crossed for an uneventful delivery!

Wendy W - WI

She looks great!!!  OMG is she cute.  Thanks for posting those!


These two pictures are gorgeous. She looks like it will be any MINUTE now. This made my horrible day, much better. She looks like she is coming for the POSE, and POSE she did. Beautiful!  Almost like she was ready to


does "Annie" have some hair/flesh missing on her right rear leg? It looks like it is very SKINNY in that lower area, or is it the angle of the picture?

Denise S - WW
She is the cutest 'mom to be' I have ever seen!!!!! Thanks for the pics nancy!!
Isn't she just the cutest thing?!!  Thanks for the pics Nancy! 
Tammy Mn

How is the pregnant momma doing?

nancy m

Annie's bag is  quite full, and she is starting to soften a little in the rear.  Someone should start a pool for the day and as close as can be determined ..the time of birth.  $2.00 per guess..money to go to MHWF..  Any takers?????  Appy Deb is the judge.

Wendy W - WI
I'm in!  How many guesses do we get? 

I'm picking April 2nd.  2 bucks is on it's way............well I'll actually send 5.

Nancy M. $2 a bet... Lets do it..... all monies go to MHWF...

Tammy Mn

I'm in with Wendy's $5 and I'll raise her $5 to $10 and pick April 1st...sending thru paypal.

appaloosa Debbie

WOW!!! I think you guys are on to something...Forget the racing and start betting on mares foaling!! It would be much harder....GO ANNIE!!!!!!!!  She got her hoofs done today, waiting for the big day  Let's hope everything goes well!!


April 7 @ 3:30 p.m.

nancy m

my $5.00 said April 2 3:00am..no, I do not have an inside track.. only Annie does and her legs are crossed.

nancy m

my $5.00 said April 2 3:00am..no, I do not have an inside track.. only Annie does and her legs are crossed.


March 31 @230am

Here's $10.00 Pay Pal to Scott for this one:  April 20, (full moon). Hang in there, Chloe! 
I hope everybody's up for a new donation contest when Tequila, my rescued Paint mare, gets close.  Lord only knows when she's due, but I'm hoping for May or June!
Emily Jane

I'm sending $20 for March 31st and for April 3.  I know nothing about the timing of these things! 

I can play too, right?...Since there are no prizes and no one has any kind of inside info.  This is too much fun, I have to try a guess too. 

I'll say April 4th at 1:30 a.m. 

I'll put my $5.00 in tomorrow already for the hay delivery.  :) 
Wendy W - WI
Of course you can play!!!!  Okay now I see I need to pick a time........I'll pick 4 a.m. on the 2nd. 

Everyone play!!!  If you pick the same day as someone else, like Nancy and I did, then pick a time.  Fun stuff and a great way to buy wormers, hay, farrier work, and shots...........and all the other stuff that comes up!!! 

Jean after Annie has her baby I think another fundraiser/contest would be great for your baby too! 
Lori W

April 2....5:14 am.   Karen, I'll pay you this weekend...REMIND ME!

I will pick 5:13am on April 4th, 2008
appaloosa Debbie

OK!!!! Since I'm the one that has to stay up watch in little Annie, I have another fun thing to add to this....If you guess the right time and date of her foaling....here it come's....drum roll please!!!! You will be able to name the foal, So get your thinking caps on and make your guess..hey!! vote as much as you want..but remember to donate $5 or more for each guess!!

Jane Liess
I'lll send my donation for April 6 at midnight.  Who knows...
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