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Apache - 16 yrs. (Plaudit's Mysterchi)

$400 - Apache is a registered 16 year old Appaloosa gelding.  He hardship registered as Plaudit's Mysterchi.  He stands at 14.3 hands tall and is a super mellow, smart and well-trained guy. He has been ridden both English and Western, in the arena and on the trails. Apache started his career as a line horse in Gov. Dodge State Park, but has been with the same owner for the past 13 years. Due to health reasons, his owner could no longer keep him and he is now here at MHWF. Apache is current on his shots, wormers, trims and had his teeth floated in November 2016. Apache is a very likable guy with tons of personality, very easy going, willing to please and has a very cute face to go with his good looks. We have not yet had a chance to test ride him, but have little worry that he will be a great riding horse and will make someone an excellent trail partner.

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Be still my heart! ❤️
Jenni O.
He is really cute!
Lisa B.
He is a good looking boy...he will be in a new home soon.
Ohhhh he really is a cutie!  Hope he finds his new home soon!
Jan H
When a new horse comes to Midwest Horse, do most of the other horses come up to the fence to see the newcomer?  I noticed in the pic that quite a few were in the background.
Jan, it really depends on the time of the year as to how many are interested when a new horse arrives.  If it was summer, they'd be out grazing, pop their head up and look when they heard and saw something and then go back to grazing.  Since they were all in close proximity to us taking pictures of Apache, they all had to come and take a look at the new guy and see what was going on.  They all lost interest fairly quickly though and went back out to their round bales. (we took Apache's pictures shortly after he got off the trailer here)  [smile]
Awww. Really attractive and seems nicely qualified.
Is it possible to talk to the previous owner to get more details on Apache's background?
Hi Sandy, 
We are in direct contact with Apache's previous owner and have all of the details on Apache's background.  We cannot give out the previous owner's information for people to contact them and bombard them with calls and/or emails.  We gladly deal with all of that for the previous owner.  His previous owner had him for approximately 12 years, and we have her whole write-up that she did for us to share with approved adopters who may be interested in Apache.  Is there anything specific that you are looking for regarding his background?
Any soundness issues?
How often has he been ridden?  When is the last time he was ridden regularly?
What's he like on the trail?  Will he go out alone?  How does he act in a group?  What kind of things make him nervous?
Has he ever offered to buck, rear, kick or bite?  If so, when and what were the circumstances?
In the owner's opinion, would this horse be suitable for a novice rider (like a husband horse)?

Any soundness issues? He has had an abscess that has caused him to not be sound while that was being taken care of, but he has no ongoing soundness issues.  
How often has he been ridden?  He has been ridden very regularly in short intervals by his previous owner.  
When is the last time he was ridden regularly?  Probably 5 years since he was ridden for more than just short rides.  

What's he like on the trail?  Will he go out alone?  How does he act in a group?  What kind of things make him nervous?  He hasn't been out alone on trails for about 5 years, he enjoys the company of his friends over going out alone.  
Has he ever offered to buck, rear, kick or bite?  No. If so, when and what were the circumstances?
In the owner's opinion, would this horse be suitable for a novice rider (like a husband horse)?  Depends on the husband, but Apache isn't a horse that is going to be good for a "passenger" and would prefer to have someone who has basic riding skills.  We would not consider him a horse for a complete beginner.  

Apache knows tricks as well and we have more information on him than I care to type here, since it is so much easier to just talk with a prospective adopter than have to type it all out.  

Since Apache is a new arrival here and it is still winter by us and we don't have that indoor arena up yet, we have not ridden Apache.  We are letting him settle in and feel at home, and hope to be able to do a more thorough evaluation of our own as far as riding and such very soon.  
I hate texted conversations, too.  May I call you?  What would be a good time and number to reach you?

Sandy, do you have an application on file with us?  

I am going to have to assume that you just saw this thread and haven't looked at the website, where our phone number and telephone hours are, so here is a link to our website:  

Here is also some good information to read:  


No application on file --- will you accept emailed application and photos or do you want hard copy?

Hi Sandy, we need a hard copy mailed the old-fashioned way.  We keep all of our applications on file in hard copy as well potential adopter info in our database.  We found that we were spending an absolute fortune on paper and ink when we were trying to print them all out ourselves (pictures go along with the application).  Thank you for understanding.  
What a cool dude!
Apache is a very striking horse! The story behind his arrival at MHWF tugs at my heart, but I'm excited that Apache is available for adoption! [smile]
Heather H
Do you know what his registered name is? I was going to look him on AllPedigree to see his bloodlines.
Apache is hardship registered with the name Plaudit's Mysterchi.  
What does "hardship" registered mean?
Hi Kathy, here are a couple of links for you to read about hardship registration for Appaloosa's:  
Apache has been turned out with the herd and he is settling in beautifully.  He fits right in and is loving life.  [smile]  

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Lisa B.
If I was looking to add to my herd I would definitely be trying this guy out.
stunning, just stunning. Look at that mane.  As usual, stunning photography.
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