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Liberty C.
Hey just wondering if he has been test ridden yet? Is he suitable for a beginner, intermediate, or experienced? Thanks
Apache has not been test ridden yet, our indoor is not constructed yet and the weather has not permitting any riding between wind snow and ice.  While everyone can have a different idea of what is beginner to experienced, we are saying that Apache is not a beginner's horse and his rider should be someone who has some experience and confidence.  We can only go off of what we have been told at this point since we have not been able to test ride and get into great detail of the "why's" at this point and more exactly what kind of rider we will be looking for.  Let's all keep hoping for some nicer weather!  
Jaime E.
He is just gorgeous! I've always had a soft spot [wink] for Appys. My first horse as an adult was a appy named Joe that I got while in CO. He had been a guide horse for elk hunting. He took such great care teaching me to mountain ride, always had my back! I brought him back to WI, my crazy daddy started riding him. Dad got off to go pee out in a potato field miles from home. Joe decided that dad needed to get knocked down a few notches and took himself home, leaving poor dad to hike while cussing Joe, all the way home in his boots, cowboy hat, and long Aussie style jacket. Needless to say the neighbors had a good laugh. And I don't think dad ever let go of the reins again... Appaloosa personalities!![wink]
My gelding Little John is a Plaudet baby. Prince Plaudet.
Very nice horse. Even nicer looking in person and very rides well. If the phones aren't ringing yet they should be.
I have lots of pictures of Apache being ridden, and a big thank-you to Jurita for coming over and spending some time with us and the horses as well as doing some riding!  

We have exciting news and I am going to post about that first before posting the other riding pictures.  Apache and Leonard got adopted to the same home!  This mother and daughter team were looking for two horses to call their own, and Apache and Leonard fit the bill perfectly.  They both rode the horses and did great!!  We are so happy and excited for Annette and Courtney, and for Apache and Leonard for finding such a great home together!  

Thank you for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations from all of us!  

Here are a couple of the official adoption day photos (I will come back and post a few riding pictures soon too).  

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Both ladies and horses are so lucky!
Photos of Apache and Leonard in their new homes last night!

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Annette K.
Hi Scott and Karen! I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday! It was truly one of the most exciting moments of my life!

I can't express the rush I felt when I first laid eyes on Apache. He was and is simply an amazing soul. And as promised in the write up about him, Apache does indeed like to give hugs - especially when a treat is involved!

We made the trip home safely and Apache and Leonard walked right into their new pasture and started to eat grass. They even had 3 eager neighboring horses standing by their fence, eyes glued to Apache and Leonard wondering who those two new guys were. They had a good night last night and great day today. Courtney said that Apache and Leonard seem to be best buds, and they're side by side all the time. The trailer ride home must have done the trick!

Scott and Karen, thank you again for believing in us and for entrusting Courtney and I with Apache and Leonard. We truly look forward to providing them with a loving home, and having fun making memories with them through the years!
You're welcome Karen. Apache was fun to ride. I'm happy he found a new home. Congrats to the adopters. Good choice!
Just wanted to congratulate Annette and Courtney for finding their heart horses in Apache and Leonard.
I have known Apache for many, many years at the barn that my horse was boarded at as well. He IS a sweetheart and I am sure that it was very hard for his previous owner to let him go. I am SO happy for Apache that he will be able to have lots and lots of fun at his new home and with his new friends.
We got this great message and adorable picture from Apache and Annette:  

Hi Scott and Karen. Apache wanted me to send this selfie he took of us, and to also let you know he's all settled in to his new home! He thinks he the king of the paddock, and Bandit (alias Leonard) says Apache thinks he should get all of the attention too. So life is good for Apache! 😊  

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Great selfie, Apache!
Courtney and Apache

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Apache and Leonard:


Just thought I’d let you know how our 2 boys are doing! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we adopted them, time flies by so quickly! My mom and I had them both out for a ride yesterday afternoon since it was so nice out! They ride so nicely next to each other and Bandit (Leonard) isn’t trying any funny business while he’s under saddle. We’re looking forward to a lot more trail riding this summer and know that the boys are too! Apache gets so excited when he sees the trailer coming too. I got Bandit a new headstall and reins and got to show that off yesterday! He’s definitely my handsome boy! Thank you so much, again, for the opportunity to adopt our first horses from you! You both are amazing people and we will definitely be coming back to you guys when my husband is ready to get his own horse. 😊 I attached a few pictures of the boys as well. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Courtney H.

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It's wonderful to see Apache looking relaxed under saddle and spending lots of time at his favorite activity - eating!  What a spectacular sunset!  Thanks for the update and photos.
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