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Sam getting his breakfast 😉

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Sam looks great...but also like "what?? I am eating...."
New Merlin (Apache Sam) pics!

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Tami - CO
Hi - Any updates on Apache SAM (Merlin)? The pics of him look great. Thx
Apache Sam!

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Sam is looking good!
Ann S.
Merlin and I have been hitting the trails a lot this spring. He is seriously the best trail horse you could ever ask for. He has a very fast walk and the best slow rocking horse canter you could ever ask for. He was great for his vet check and shots. Stood like a rock. I also had his teeth floated and the dentist said he has really great molars. Have I mentioned how beautiful he is?
MHWF, Inc.
Merlin (Apache Sam)

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MHWF, Inc.

Once again Merlin proves what a stellar horse he is. My daughter in law got a perfect ride. She is a novice level rider. Merlin is the best. It’s like he knows when someone is just learning and he just takes amazing care of them. And he looks gorgeous while he is doing it.

I just love this sweet boy.

- Ann S.

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