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Apache Sam - 10 yrs.

This will be Apache SAMs thread where we will put any new updates and/or photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  7/3/2012

$400 - Apache Sam is a 10 year old registered BLM Mustang gelding. He is jet black and stands at 13.3 hands tall. He is well broke to saddle and is very laid back and sweet. We have known Apache Sam for quite a few years now and know him to always be a reliable, sound, sturdy mount, who is a joy to be around and work with. Apache has been used as a trail horse, ridden Western. He has been ridden by both children and adults, although he is not a horse for a green child. He is current on all his shots, wormings and trims and is ready to go for the season. This is an amazing little horse. He is only back because the kids lost interest in riding. Someone is going to get a wonderful trail partner and best friend

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Paige E.
Beautiful boy, I've always wanted a Mustang.  I'm at my limit now though, until I fence more pasture.
Dying over here. I know I'll never talk Travis into it...........
Kara W.
HOLY HORSE! He is beautiful!!!!
Karla Joy
Someone is going to be very lucky to get this magnificent boy!
He is gorgeous!!!!
I agree with Karla...this boy is magnificent!
Good for an advanced beginner (small adult) who just wants to ride around the farm? I need a quiet partner who will take care of me. :) And that is the PERFECT size for me! Not looking for one that needs finishing or an advanced rider. :)
Ger R
Talk about drop dead gorgeous! 

...could be a perfect match for my son, Barak..and wouldn't he and Ioreck look beautiful together out in the pasture!!!

If only I had a couple more acres. I would love to have him in our pasture and trail ride with him. 
Jenni O.
He is beautiful.  I am drooling along with everyone else.  I doubt he will be without an Adopted sign under his photo for very long.
Faye - WI

Just gotta say I LOVE this horse.
Someone is going to be very lucky!


Apache SAM has settled in very nicely already and feels right at home.  Dawne has really picked him as her best buddy, so those two are hanging out together all the time.  As I was fly spraying and applying sunscreen to Dawne yesterday, Apache nudged right in wanting his fly spray too.  :)  He is a sweet little guy for sure! 

Sherri N.
I remember him!  You had an awesome picture of him about 6 years ago didn't you, Karen?  My computer has died so many times I don't have it anymore -but it was an awesome photo.
He looks a bit like a mini-Andalusian with all that mane and neck. Too small for me, though.  (I haven't qualified as "small adult" since I was a teen.)

Won't last long, I'd guess.
Faye - WI
Can't wait to see who got this guy.
Did I already say I love this horse?
Congratulations to Apache SAM and his new family!
Congratulations to WHOEVER adopted *Sam*. He is a gorgeous and handsome horse. He looks like a strong and well built boy. Good Luck/and I hope you have TIME for alot of updates, photos.

Apache did get adopted yesterday!  :)  A big thank-you and congratulations to Ann on her adoption of Apache.  Ann has been looking for another horse for a trail partner and buddy to her horse for some time now and Apache seemed to fit the bill just perfectly.  Ann has had an application in with MHWF for many years now and as a matter of fact, Ann helped come and test ride and evaluate horses with us that we rescued from an auction many years ago, I think that was back in 2004, so 8 years ago now.  We never used to do a forum thread for each horse adopted, but there are probably pictures somewhere of Ann riding Susie the Saddlebred as well as a few others from back then.  Anyway, Ann came to meet Apache and they definitely clicked with each other.  It looks to be a great match!  Apache is still here with us, but will be picked up soon. 

Thank you again Ann!  We look forward to updates on Apache in his new home. 

Pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few pictures from adoption day, 7/7/2012: 

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Congratulations Ann...you are sooo lucky!!! I am sure the wait will be well worth it. :)
Diane s
Wonderful news!  So happy for both of you!
Jenni O.
Congratulations, and happy trails!
Apache left for his new home tonight!  No new or extra pictures from me though, as I had to work tonight and couldn't get away from work to get out there.  We look forward to hearing how things go and how Apache settles into his new home.  Thank you again Ann! 

Sherri, I think I know what picture you are talking about and will post that here.  I remember it in relation to a friend that you lost at the time as well.  Here is the pic from back in 2005.  :) 

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Ann S.
Apache has settled into his home well.  We had an uneventful trailering to our home and he backed out of the trailer like a champ.  He and Zippy are getting along like best buddies.  They acted like long lost friends when they met.  This morning I worked with both horses on ground work and they both did an excellent job.  I am training them to come when I whistle which I can tell will not take much effort.  Apache was not quite sure about going into the barn the first time, but with a small amount of coaxing he did just fine.  Then we walked in and out 5 or 6 more times until he was very comfortable going in and out.  He stands so nicely to be fly sprayed and lifted up his feet pretty well.  I can tell he is a very nice and sweet horse.  Thank you Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation for an awesome partner.  I will update again soon.  Thanks, Ann
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