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Anne, *Apache Sam* is one gorgeous boy. He sounds like he is one kool hoofer, and nothing phases him. You look like your are just loaded with so much happiness that words can't even express it. Congratulations to the two of you. Hope you have more photos and experiences to share.
John B.
Ann, sounds like a great beginning to a very long happy relationship with Sam.
Wishing you many happy years together.

John B.
Ann S.
Just got back from an amazing ride on Apache Sam.  He is phenomonal.  Oh my goodness.  Calm, sensable, totally willing to do whatever I asked him to do!!!  I told my husband that he'd have to pry the reins from my cold dead hands before I ever give up this horse.  Can't wait for the nieces to come and see him!  He's like rainbow pony but black. ha ha ha. I love this guy!!!
That is awesome Ann!  I'm glad Apache did so well on his first time out with you, that is just great!!! 
Donna R
What a great looking pair you make, Ann and Apache.  Congratulations!  I recognize that smile:-).
Can't you just lie and tell us what naughty, rotten horse he is................ at least until my jealousy subsides? ;)
Ann s.
Apache Sam continues to do well in our home. Zippy and Apache are the best of friends. Last night they both got a refreshing dousing with the hose. What a sweet little horse! He is such a pleasure to be around. I love this guy! I have been trying to send pictures but they are all too big. I'm not sure what to do since i've tried all of my cameras. Can I just say he is still beautiful?
Scott: MHWF
Ann, go ahead and email them over and either Karen or myself will get them posted for you.
Congratulations Ann!  I've always loved Apache Sam, he is one beautiful horse!
mel d
Sounds like you "sorta like" your horse...hee hee! Congratulations :)
Apache Sam and his new pasture mate Zippy!

Thank you Ann!!  They are so relaxed together, that is just great! 

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Yeah, Zippy doesn't seemed to be bothered too much by Apache's presence. LOL!
Ann S.
Just wanted to let you know Apache Sam is doing so well.  He has been going on lots of trail rides this summer.  He is sweet, and dependable.  He comes when I whistle for him and loves attention.  I have had several kids who have ridden him this summer.  One of them had her first ride on him and he behaved like a true gentleman for her.  He is a perfect fit for us and is very much loved.
That's great to hear Ann!  Thank you so much for the update! 
Hi - wondering how Apache' Sam is doing and if you can post some pics of him in his new home?
Ann S.
Thought perhaps you would like some updated photos of the beautiful Apache Sam AKA Merlin. Had another great ride.

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Jane Liess
Looks like fun!  Great pictures.  (I like the name Merlin)
Jenni O.
He looks like a Merlin, as well as an Apache Sam.  Nice photos-no snow ;), happy horse and rider. 
Looking great!  Thanks for the update and great pics Ann!! 
Nice update an picture. Where did "Merlin" come from. He reminds me of Lobo lookswise. 
So glad to hear all is magical with Merlin!  He is such a handsome guy and you look so happy with him! Thank you for the update
mel d
Looks like you and Merlin are having a blast!
Ann S.
Just wanted to drop a note to let you know Merlin (Apache Sam) finally gave me his heart this summer.  He was a tough little nut to crack.  I had felt like he had never really found that connection before with me.  Oh, he’d do what I asked him, but I could just tell his heart was never in it. This summer I had time to really spend a lot of one on one time with him.  We had a conversation of sorts and established that I am in fact the herd leader and he is the herd follower.  He has given me his loyalty.  No more dirty looks or ear pinning, now he follows me around the pasture and stops when I stop, walks when I walk.  He whinnied for me the other day which was a first.  We’ve had some wonderful rides together, and he might just be my once in a lifetime horse.  I absolutely love him.  
Diane B
Sounds like he found his forever home!  Nice!
Lindsey K
Having one of those myself...HOW AWESOME!!  That is a great feeling to have when they finally do stuff for you willingly!!
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