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Ann S.
Merlin (Apache Sam) has been an amazing horse for me.  He is a wonderful horse to ride and does whatever you ask of him. He is happy to walk, trot, or canter and he settles right back down after a canter. He's such a beautiful horse, I sometimes can't even believe he's mine.  He's been ridden by my young nieces,  teenage girls,  and has been the first ride for several of my non horse riding friends. He has done an excellent job no matter what I ask of him. I love this guy. 

- Ann

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Jenni O.
And he's adorable! Thanks for the update.
I've always liked him. You are so lucky to have him.
Apache Sam (Merlin) is looking great!

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Jenni O.
Where is the drooling emoticon? He is super shiny and black!
Donna R
Looking great Apache Sam!!!
Wow wow wow!  Look at that hunk!!  He really is looking fantastic!!
Donna M
Oh wowzer! He is g g g gorgeous! 
Handsome horse!
New pics of Apache Sam from Ann!

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Ann - Simply stated; Beautiful pictures of you 2.
I hope your adventure together just continues to grow [smile] 
What beautiful pics.
Love these pictures!  Apache looks great!
Tuesday 11-22-2016

Apache Sam (Merlin)

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Ever have one of those days when you just figure God's checking out your sense of humor. Just thought I'd share mine. Growing up on a farm, it was always the days with the crappiest weather, or the days when you had something really important or special to be to that everything that could go wrong would. The cold rainy night and the cows would be out in the corn field or running through a hay field as high as your waist. This morning I had one of those kind of mornings. 
It started when I came around to the back side of the house and my big giant horse Buddy met me at the top of the hill. He smiled at me a bit sheepishly and followed me down the hill to the barn where through the steam that was rising from my breath and freezing my eyelashes together I could see the destruction that used to be my horse fence. I swear Merlin winked at me when I said "well shoot." As Buddy eagerly began pulling down bales of hay from the top of the stack and munching contentedly, I noticed he appeared to be walking on baseballs, which upon further examination turned out to be large balls of ice that had formed in his shoes. I looked him in the eye and said, "well shoot."  So I began attempting to dig them out with the hoof pick but it soon became obvious that it was a futile effort. I began thinking of other options one of which included my blow dryer which was instantly rejected on the grounds that not only would I have to climb back up that damn slippery hill, but I would have to sit and take my boots off, then recount the situation to my hubby who would no doubt lecture me on the trials and tribulations of "those damn horses" and how a dirt bike track would be a way better use of land than a horse pasture. Sighing, I grabbed the hammer and managed to dislodge the ice balls. 
I brought Merl out a bale of hay, so he could munch it like popcorn as he watched the entertainment of me repairing the destroyed fence. I may have made an obscene gesture at him when I swear I heard him snicker at me. I took stock of what I needed and went to gather my repair items. I had to trudge through the snow to the other end of the pasture for a suitable piece of fencing from my makeshift round pen. (Could it be any colder out!) finally got Bud set up with his grain so he would quit unstacking my hay, and fed the cats. Then headed back out. 20 minutes and very frozen fingers later I had a perfectly mended fence. I did have to use the hoof nippers to cut off my long pieces of fencing, but hey, it worked. 
When I got out to the chicken house I discovered they not only drank all of their water, but then decided to use the heated dog dish for a mass toilet? So excited said, "well shoot." Trudged back to the barn and got another bucket of water so I could wash out the chicken dish, freezing cold, barehanded, trying not to think about the grossness.
Well, everyone is now fed, secured, watered and has had their daily entertainment. I am going to go disinfect, thaw, and head to work. By the way, I'm still smiling...

- Ann S.
Well shoot...what a story that gave me a smile or two!
Thursday 2-23-2017

Merlin (Apache Sam) is one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen.

- Ann S.

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Wednesday 5-10-2017

Apache Sam, adopted by Ann S.

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Merlin is just a beautiful boy.
Merlin (Apache Sam) looking all glossy and sleek.

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Merlin (AKA Apache Sam), adopted by Ann S.

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Heike B
He is so handsome! And looks like he is enjoying the sunshine.
Apache Sam (Merlin)

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Apache Sam (Merlin) with Nephew, Nico and Niece, Isabella......

"Merlin is literally the perfect horse".

Ann S.

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There is something about those mustangs!!
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