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Ares - 13 yrs.

Ares is a 13 year old gelding rescued from a feed lot in 2018. He is believed to be a QH/Warmblood cross, but there is no way to know for certain. He stands at 16 hands tall and is current on his shots and has a brand new Coggins. We do not have much history on Ares, but so far we can say that he is very easy going and polite and is not a trouble-maker at all, He appears to be sound so far, good ground manners, gets along very well with the rest of the herd and seems like a very nice horse. We have been told that he had a suspensory injury at some point in his life, but we cannot speak to that until we have had a chance to work and test ride him. There is nothing visible as far as any lameness, lumps, bumps, etc.

Until we have had time to evaluate Ares in regard to his soundness and training, there is not much more that we can share. We will share updates on his as soon as we learn more about him.

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Another looker with a great personality! Wowza!!
Leslie V
Oh my - handsome dude!
MHWF, Inc.

Update: 7-31-2020

When Ares was donated we were told that he was a QH/Warmblood cross, but that they were not sure since he was a true rescue. He looked TB to us and it finally occurred to us the other day that we should flip up his lip, just in case. Yep, tattoo.....Ares is a TB. We pulled him out to give him his first test ride as well, but he had just been trimmed and was a tiny bit tender-footed, so before we report on anything as far as his training and soundness, we want to give him at least a few more days, maybe more, to adjust to his trim. Stay tuned.

Leslie V
I wondered too - he has that TB wither. No wonder I liked him so much! :-)

Hope his feet feel better quick!
I am a thoroughbred lover. Need help identifying him let me know :) ❤️❤️ Can u post his tattoo?
Unfortunately, Ares tattoo is unreadable, even with the best photo editing available. Thank you for your offer though!
How much is this handsome dude going to be?
Hi Taylor, we are still evaluating Ares for soundness and exactly what type of riding he will be able to do or not do.  I would imagine regardless of where he falls in his abilities, his adoption fee will be right around the $500 mark.  
Ok that’s good to know I will be waiting to here his improvements thank you so much
Curious to see what kind of training he shows you when ridden. He's my type.
MHWF, Inc.

Update: 8-28-2020

Ares finally got test ridden and we are happy to say that while he is very laid back, lazy actually, he has clearly had a lot of very good training. Other than not wanting to work, maybe because it is boring in the round pen, he does not question a single cue and is as safe as they come. The only bad news is that he is very, very slightly lame on the leg with the old tendon injury. It is a very mild lameness and most people would have a hard time spotting it, but it is there. Because of this, we have to consider Ares a horse for short trails at the walk or trot. For someone who likes to ride around the property and go visit the neighbors here and there, or wants to let the kids ride around the property, Ares will be just fine for that, but he will not be able to do the long rides, lots of working in circles or anything beyond a walk and occasional trot. Let's be real though, a lot of you don't do much more than a walk and a few miles anyway. Why not have this big beautiful guy with no special needs to do that on? He is about as sweet and easy going as they come and is a joy to have around. Loves everyone, loves his treats and loves to run and play. He is a really cool dude.

He sounds like a guy that would be nice in an equine therapy program![smile]
Kalisa N.
where is he on the pecking order and good with kids?
Ares is middle to low in the pecking order in this herd.  He never starts any arguments, never picks on anyone and just likes to have friends.  His ground manners are impeccable, so he'd be fine around kids who know to be safe around horses.  
Kalisa N.
I'm looking for a horse to put with onyx when that time comes that i can put my brothers (10 and 16) on, both know the basics of riding but don't go past a walk, do you think he would be a good fit?

Hey Kalisa, I would be able to answer that until you and/or your brothers met Ares and we could see how they do together, and as above, we are still evaluating Ares soundness and what he'll be able to do under saddle.  But it sounds like it could be a good fit.  
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