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CHF Argantael (Argo) - 12 yrs.


$500 - Argo is a registered 12 year old Lipizzan/Morab cross gelding. He stands at 14.2 hands tall, is sound, healthy, current on his shots, wormers and trims. He is an easy keeper, has had one home his entire life and is super laid back and loves people. Some of you may remember Sarona, a Morab mare that was donated and adopted through MHWF some time back. Argo is the son of Sarona. He is well broke, having been through quite a bit of training. He also recently went through some more refresher training simply to keep him sharp and on target. He has always been ridden English and most of his work has been in lower level dressage. He did get test ridden here as soon as he arrived and did very, very well. Super laid back, walk, trot and canter, no problem at all. He has even done some trail riding. This is a horse that can do just about anything and will be a stunning addition to some lucky adopter's pasture.  Note:  Argo is not a beginner's horse.  

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Jessica D.
Holy crapola.  that is one sharp horse.
One very handsome boy!
Lindsey K
TriciaK, my sentiments exactly.  Holy cheese nuggets, what a handsome fellow
Nice boy!!
One more Argo picture--from several years ago.

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A few more pics of Argo from 2014

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Wow! [love]
I agree! WOW! [love]
I apologize for the delay in getting the intake photos up so late, but here they are!  Please read about Argo above, and here are some pictures taken the day of his arrival and being ridden at walk-trot-canter.  

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....and, he's a nice mover! Balanced, level, nice reach.... Dang!
This is a dream horse for certain.  Just beautiful.  I have to have faith that one just like him will come available when I am looking for a horse.  Otherwise I will drive myself crazy with wanting him.  
I'm in the same boat, TriciaK!  What a nice horse!
Val P
Yep, drooling along with everyone else who is in love with this guy:-)
He seems like the kind of horse we have been looking for . . . how has his history been in regards to insulin resistance or any metabolic issues? laminitis? Can he be on grass? I love his baroque appearance, but I know those cresty necks can sometimes indicate a predisposition to metabolic health issues.
Scott: MHWF
He has no history of any health problems at all or we would most certainly have put that information in his descirption.
Here's another picture of Argo from last year.argocoverhorse.jpg 
Stop it!  I want him!  Only room for 2, only room for 2, only room for 2.  

What a super nice guy!

That is one beautiful horse. Surprised he hasn't been snapped up!
kim G
He would look really nice trotting along with Miss Diamond.....[smile]

Another big day today at the MHWF farm!  We are excited to announce that Argo found a wonderful home!!  Patricia was looking for a horse for herself to ride and take Dressage lessons on, as well as to be a buddy for her other horse when the older one passes on.  Argo really fit the bill and they did great together.  They are already on their way home now, and we really look forward to seeing updates on their adventures together.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Patricia, and a big congratulations to you and Argo!!  

Here are a couple of adoption day pics of Argo with Patricia and Ole (I like that nickname).  

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Sue J
Congrats on your new mount Patricia. He looks like he will be a lot of fun.
Boy Bella sure likes to photo bomb! Luv it

Jenni O.
Congratulations! I bet you're going to have so much fun!
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