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Congrats Patricia, you got a super horse!  May you have a wonderful life together!!!
Wendy W - WI
Woo Hoo!  A big Congrats from me!  I am so looking forward to updates and hopefully pictures with them.  
Congratulations! Enjoy the journey together [smile]
Congratulations Argo and Patricia!
Pat P.
Argo is home. He is a fantastic horse. Trip home went well. Introduced him to my 32 yr. old mare, Chesapeake, and 20 yr. old gelding Sonny. Already they are like old friends. Pictures to follow.

CHF Argantael (Argo) - 13 yrs.

$500 - Argo is a registered 12 year old Lipizzan/Morab cross gelding. He stands at 14.3 hands tall, is sound, healthy, current on his shots, wormers and trims. He is a very easy keeper, has had one home for most his life and is very laid back. Some of you may remember Sarona, a Morab mare that was donated and adopted through MHWF years ago. Argo is the son of Sarona. He is well broke, having been through quite a bit of training. He has been ridden both English and Western but most of his work has been in lower level dressage. Super laid back, walk, trot and canter, no problem at all. He has even done some trail riding. This is a horse that can do just about anything and will be a stunning addition to some lucky adopter's pasture. Argo is not a beginner's horse.

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Holy crap.  Nice nice horse.
I wanted him last time, still do!!!  Oh if only my situation were different, I'd love to show this boy, he has such a sweet face and morgan booty.
Uh, oh, Marissa! You have Sammy's brother, what about Sarona's son????  He's little and doesn't eat much...
BetC, I would love to have him.  I wanted him the first time he was here.  Unfortunately, the boss put his foot down.  He is probably right.  The head says he's right.  The heart disagrees.  Hopefully whoever does adopt him will keep us updated.  I was just wondering about him the other day, actually.
Did anyone blink too long and miss out on this guy?  [wink]  

We are very happy to announce that Argo got adopted tonight! Argo got really lucky and found himself a great home with Cathy, who boards with her friend Kathy.  Cathy was our first call on Argo and they came up today to meet him.  They spent a good amount of time getting to know Argo through ground work and then both rode him as well.  They all did really great together.  

Everyone please welcome Cathy and congratulate her on having her very first horse to call her own!  Cathy has an awesome support network at her barn and in lessons with Kathy as well.  This is a perfect situation, and we are really looking forward to hearing of Argo and Cathy's adventures together.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Cathy, and a big congratulations from us!!  

It got pretty dark by the time the whole adoption event was done, but we did manage to get a cute adoption day picture.  

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Congrats to Argo & Cathy...that smiles says it all!
Outstanding. Both are lucky to have one another.
Jenni O.
Congratulations! That was crazy fast. I'm happy he found a home so quickly, and it sounds like a great match.
Barb S.
Congrats Cathy!!! Your first horse how exciting!!!
Cathy F.
Argo settling in at his new home this afternoon, and appears relaxed and comfortable. Looking forward to our new adventure together. Need to pinch myself. Am I dreaming? Feeling blessed.

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Wendy W - WI
CONGRATULATIONS!!!   Oh yes, the smile says it all.  Looking forward to updates!  He is one fancy horse!
Congratulations Cathy! I was so glad to hear Argo got a great new home so quickly! He is a really special horse.
Happy New Year!

I wanted to give you an update on Argo. First off, he is doing wonderful. Love this boy! 
His blood work came back with slightly elevated insulin levels with all else at good levels/range. Great news! With the doctor recommended diet plan we have seen weight loss! We weight taped him at 1138 on 10/27, 1079 on 11/12 and 1050 on 12/2!! Progress!! He is looking quite handsome! 

He encountered right front hoof abscessing which has been resolved now for a good 3 weeks. We have not ridden him much because of this but worked on building our relationship and groundwork. We began riding this past week which is very exciting!
He's had some kicking issues with the farrier which we are working on. Will most likely explore a different one as we feel maybe it is not a good fit for him. When we clean his feet we are slow and calm and do not encounter the kicking, however we are cautious. So something we are working on.

He is curious and silly, sweet, quick to learn, opened his stall gate a few times and left himself out, so now we have to ensure the latch is secured with a clip! Tossed his grain bowl out a few times too! What a character! Catching on quickly to natural horsemanship, adjusting well all around and learning new things! Me too! With the support, help and knowledge of my barn pals, we are both learning and loving every minute of it.

Attaching a few pics. Couldn't decide on just one! Sorry! 

One more thing. He got his Christmas gift! His first Masterson massage! His session was great and he was an awesome boy! Pic attached. 

Thank you for the wonderful work you do and for allowing me to adopt this boy. Love him and look so forward to our journey together. 

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Donna M
It sure sounds like you are living the dream with your very photogenic boy. Happy New Year and happy trails!
Love the update!!
Wendy W - WI
Love love love the pictures.  The second from the last is my favorite.  That nose and lips.  Such a great horse you have.  Thanks for the update, he looks wonderful!

Love the update, thank you so much!  He looks pretty darn happy and has such a sweet face. 
We have a wonderful update on Argo from Cathy that I want to share here so his donor and everyone else who loved Argo can read it.  It is in handwritten form via regular mail, so I am going to take the time to re-type it here, but I am not going to be able to re-type the whole thing....  We also have a collage of 16 wonderful pictures, but that will also be impossible to share because the smaller size I would have to post it at would make the pics so tiny, but it was very enjoyable to see, thank you Cathy!!  

Update 6/5/2017 from Cathy:  

Love this guy and so blessed to have him in my life.  Sweet, silly, curious, a little bit sassy, very smart, absolutely wonderful!  

Argo and I have been working on natural horsemanship, ground work, liberty, riding and just learning lots together.  We have come so far together already!  I truly believe he knows more horsey stuff than me!  Smart boy, I feel he knows my abilities and his happy and enjoying things at my pace and level too.  We don't always work and ride when together.  We love walks, horse play, grooming and just enjoy being together.  My 11-year-old granddaughter has started to work with him, walking, grooming and ground work which he appears to really enjoy.  

His health and weight are going great.  We weight taped him mid-April and he was around 988!  Initially he first weighted in back in October 2016 around 1138!  He is looking even more handsome than ever!  Everyone comments on how beautiful he is, but I already knew this!  
The vet was out again since his wellness check in April and she indicated that his weight is perfect.  Keep at this weight, he should lose no more.  She also indicated that he can go out to pasture grass for 1-2 hours per day.  If we see additional weight again, then limit to 3 days per week.  Hurray for Argo!  He does love his hay and grass.  .......

Argo has enjoyed three Masterson Massage sessions and recently had his first chiropractic session.  We will be keeping up on these.  .......

We plan on getting our own saddle within the next few months.  Currently we are riding in a loaned Tucker Endurance saddle.  He just had a saddle fitting with the vet to ensure the tree size is a good fit for him.  She indicated it was a great fit!  Now on to getting our very own!  .......

There is so much more I could share about this guy.  And feel there is still so much yet to learn about him.  And me too!  I really can't imagine life without him!  Love him.  Blessed.  Living a dream.  Thank you for allowing me to adopt him. 

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