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Ariel - 8 yrs.

$200- Ariel is an 8 year old Paint/Shetland pony mare. She stands at 37 inches at the withers and has a strong, sturdy build. Ariel likes to be the boss, meaning she is very smart and outgoing. She is also a dominant mare and because of that, she does better being with full sized horses instead of with other little buddies. Ariel has had a lot of training and was going to be a pony to take to kids parties, but she came here to us before getting a lot of experience doing that. She did go to one kids birthday party though. Ariel is good for the farrier and easy to catch. She also knows some really cool tricks such as how to answer yes or no, how to smile, bow and even lay down on cue. She has also been ridden by children, but with her dominant personality, any riding by kids should be closely monitored by an adult until she gets more experienced and understands that you are in charge. This is a great little mare, good looks, smart, outgoing personality and is current on all her shots, wormers and trims. For the right family, Ariel is going to be a load of fun.

Sounds like someone Bambi would like to play with.
This is no fair teasing us like this, can't wait to see what she looks like.  I know a 13 year old who would love her!
I decided I better do a little video of Ariel doing her tricks, it is so darn cute!!  I will share that as soon as I can (it is a long work day for me today so that won't happen today).  

I did get Ariel's pics ready in between work here today though, so here is the adorable little girl.  

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oh for cuteness! she's a little dollybear!
 Oh my goodness, SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!
I forgot to add this picture.  When I saw Ariel arrive after Raz had arrived, I absolutely had to have a photo of the two of them together and everyone was kind enough to help out with that.  
Kind of a "mini me" thing going on.  :)  

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I love it!  Reminds me of my Frankie (mini) and Sinatraa (Arab)!
She is a doll!  What a cutie, and love the pic of Ariel and Razz together!
Adorable, love the picture of the two of them together
Sounds like a fun little pony to play with. I love that brown swirl on her neck you can see in the first photo.
More pics!

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That hurt my teeth
Kristin K
Oh I wish Colton was just a little bit older!! She could be his pony!
Lindsey N
HOLY HANNAH...that is perchance the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!  I can't imagine she will be there long!!!!
Karen W

Thought I'd jump on here now that I have better control over my bawling & let ya'll know that Maggie & Ariel were mine.  Currently, I am split between the critters at my home farm & at the facility I work out of where Gracie, Mystique (& my boys- Ace & Apache) & the majority of my "business" family boards. Nearly 50 horses over there! A lot of things came into play when I sorrowfully made the decision to sell my home farm next spring. Unfortunately, my work farm is not set up for minis nor would it be a small task to set it up for them without ripping out a vast majority of the fences & moving things into hay & oat field areas. The opening at the MHWF came sooner than expected and here they are. It was hard for me to bring them & hard for me to see them on here, but I know they are in excellent hands and I wouldn't have it any other way. I got Ariel off of Craigslist & she was the wildest little critter you ever met. My eyes sparkled with joy because she was exactly the spunky, extraordinay little sassafrass I wanted for my kids parties & lessons. She's bold & rarely afraid of anything. She was perfect. She's come a long way from our first meeting, but still needs a tad more tweaking & occasional reminders that people are above her (or at least equals) & not the other way around - lol. She's sweet, super friendly, charismatic & children absolutely LOVE her! The right family will not be disappointed.  

Karen, she is really cute. I can only imagine how hard it was to bring your little peanuts to MHWF but I am sure they will make someone out there very happy and we know they are in an excellent program. 
I think this is the cutest pony I have ever seen!!!
Karen W
Thanks, Jurita. Yes... very, very hard. Especially when we pulled in to Scott & Karen's & I saw all the cars.  All I thought was, "Crap, I'm going to be bawling in front of a whole bunch of people." I felt pretty worn out, but I kept it together as best as I could & even managed a poker face for the "mini me" photo. My consolation indeed is knowing that they're in the best hands possible. Without MHWF, I'd surely be a wreck!
John B.
Karen W, all know you are making a sacrifice in the best interest of your friends because you truly love them.  MHWF will find them a home that you can smile about and still say hi to them.  I wish it was my home they come to, I really do (hmmmmmmmmm???)

Such great big characters and personalities.  Wonderful job on all accounts Karen - smile - don't cry. 
I know - much easier said then done.
Karen W
Time to bump this little peanut :)  Thanks for the kind words too, John. I don't get on this forum often as most of my "communication" is on my phone during breaks since I'm constantly on the fly. It's easier to reply from a full-size keyboard (for me anyway!). Ariel was my oldest horse's (age 35) companion. I was second guessing letting Ariel go for a bit as Honey seemed depressed.  It took about a week, but thankfully, she's doing better. As with Maggie, I still find myself looking for Ariel now & again and swear I hear her whinny & Maggie's bray sometimes. Here's hoping Ariel will soon find her people too!
We are just about to submit our application on this little cutie! She is exactly what we have been looking for. Hope we get to meet her soon!
mel d
Hope it all works out for Ariel and you, Melissa. If my grandson were older I'd be thinking about her!
Ariel's official adoption day happened yesterday!  Donna M. came to pick up her girls yesterday.  Ariel is also a very lucky girl, Donna not only adopted Ariel but also adopted Rain!  Rain and Ariel get to go live with Donna's two other adoption horses, SugarBear and Raven (aka Lakota).  We are excited and happy for all involved, and thank you so much Donna!  We really look forward to hearing about the girls new lives with you.  

Here are a couple of pics from official adoption day yesterday, 8/9/2014.  

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Name: ariel-rain-donna-august9-IMG_6244-copy.jpg, Views: 377, Size: 174.50 KB

Love it!  Ariel is one lucky girl (so is Rain) to have hit the jackpot with Donna!!  There will be happy grandchildren too [smile] congrats!
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