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Karen W
Thanks for the kind words, Donna! Yes,she definitely is not the same wild thing she was when I got her off CL. But, she was exactly what I wanted for a kid party pony.. She just needed some positive channeling of her dynamo personality-lol.
Donna M
Tomorrow will be one year since Ariel came home. To say this little girl has added something special to our lives would be an understatement. A year ago I was a little concerned about her asserting herself but she really never has been very naughty. She has accepted every child who eagerly runs up to her and wants to shower her with affection. Yesterday my daughter in law ran the Paavo Nurmi marathon. Mile 21 goes right past my house so I took Ariel out to the front yard until Lynn ran by. Ariel was a little agitated with all the commotion but quickly settled down. Someone even stopped his van and asked if his 8 yr old daughter could pet Ariel. Within 10 minutes the little girl was sitting on Ariel bareback with the biggest smile a child could muster. 

Last Thursday my dad died after a short battle with cancer. I went out to spend time with the horses thinking Sugar Bear would be my comfort, but it was little Ariel who would not leave my side. She has been following me everywhere whenever I'm in the pasture. Without any prompting from me, she will travel a few acres for a soft greeting. What a special little mare she is. 

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. Doesn't matter at what age we are when we lose a parent, it is always hard.
Talk about *EMOTIONS* well, this little darling is very special... She zooms in right away. Seems so phenominal. The kids like her and she them. THAT is neat. Its been a YEAR already. my where did that TIME go. Great update, and little *Ariel* will be your little HOSPICE worker... Thanks for sharing Donna M. 
Jenni O.
My condolences on the loss of your father, Donna. How sweet of Ariel to be there for you. It was also nice of both of you to make an 8 year old's day. You have a special pony!
Donna M
Yes, Ariel really is a special pony. She continues to be popular with and tolerant of all the kids. While we were building the barn, I took her out with a child on her back, walked her past the construction and down the trail away from the other horses on a very windy day. She was a rock star! She is a hit with anyone who visits and is simply too cute to resist. She holds her own with her 3 big sisters but does not cop an attitude. Love this little stinker. 
Donna, it has been fun following your adoptions, updates on them, love of them and the process of you building your dream home with them.
Jenni O.
[smile] Donna's updates always make me smile.
All animals are able to understand our emotions.  But Horses are more in tune with girls/women than boys/men.  We share our bio-rhymes, movements and thoughts.  To quote a passage from "Horse Miracles", "Inspirational True Tales of Remarkable Horses" by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, Pg. 62 and 63, "Animals are much more sensitive to "reading" humans than people are to understanding the emotions or needs of their pets or livestock."  "A dog, cat or horse is generally extremely sensitive to a human's moods and unspoken feelings, which explains why some people have a much better instant rapport with animals than others."

Donna you mean the world to Ariel and she feels your pain, she is giving you love and understanding in her own way.  This is as "special" as it gets!

My condolences on the loss of your father, may GOD give you peace.
Donna, I lost the last sentence in my last comment; "I am sorry for your loss of your Dad, may time allow you to reflect on the good times and fill in the loss that we know hurts so deep"

I think some equines can sense our sorrow at times, hard to describe but I have felt and seen this with our own during dif. times and it appears yours are helping you heal also
Sorry to hear about your dad.  Ariel looks and sounds like a sweet little gem.
Donna M.
Ariel [smile]

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Donna R
What a cutie!  Glad she has worked out so well for you!

Jenni O.
I enjoy all the photos. They all look like they enjoy company too.
Aww..she's cute. Looks like she has a big winter coat on.

She looks so warm and fuzzy!

Donna M
The girls LOVE visitors. People have commented to me that they have never met horses that just walk right up to strangers. Ariel is probably the most social of them all. She enjoys attention and treats. She has been asked to smile so many times for treats that she now just offers her smile when people visit. Ariel is a fluffy little butterball and as precious as can be. 
Donna M
Little Miss Spitfire is doing well. Over the winter we dealt with laminitis but she is much better. She is now on a trim schedule every 4 weeks and takes her Thyro-L like a champ. I've been hollowing out the thick end of carrots and putting the powder inside. She now routinely checks my pockets every morning and evening. Since she has been able to graze with this early onset of spring, she is also sporting a muzzle. I'm pretty sure she was a little perturbed by this imposition, but being very food motivated she quickly adapted. 

When she realized the north pasture was open, she started running, snorting, and kicking up her heels. What a hoot she is! Its funny to watch her navigate an area she considers a danger zone. There is a gray water ditch that runs partway into the north pasture. Rain, Raven, and Sugar all hop over it and keep moving. Ariel, however, runs all the way to the end of the ditch to go around it and calls for the other three as they get farther away from her. She started that behavior last year so I walked her over it a couple times. It isn't really much of a ditch and even my short legs can step right over it. She still isn't convinced though. She gets in a few more steps doing it her way and every little bit helps to keep her from getting too chunky I guess. [biggrin]
Too bad about the laminitis but it looks like you are on top of things. Oh yes..danger zone...the puddles that suck up horses and are never to be seen again. We encounter those on our trail rides sometimes. Plus there are probably alligators lurking in them.
Donna M
Ariel has lost 65 pounds!!! The vet stopped out to do a blood draw to recheck her glucose level and taped her at 410 pounds. She said Ariel is looking great and we expect her test results to be closer to normal this time. She is still on a trim schedule every 4 weeks and her feet have been feeling much better. 

Last week she gave her first pony ride of the season to a 5 year old who was experiencing her first pony ride ever. We did a little ground work to start just to make sure she was going to cooperate. She is such a goof. Every time I ask her to trot or canter she starts out with a little kickin' and tootin'. The little girl was quite entertained. 

Nice Job Donna!  65 pounds is alot of weight!  So glad you are having fun with Ms. Ariel!
Best way to get a girl to love horses...show her an entertaining pony!  LOL!
Jenni O.
That is a lot of weight! Hooray! You are so nice, introducing all those kids to horses. I wish I had a neighbor/acquaintance like you when I was young. Younger,I mean.
That's great Donna. Maybe you can help me lose about 10 pounds?!?! Taking weight off horses can be tricky. All they want to do is sit around and eat. Oh wait that is me.
Donna M
My little pony has a heart of gold. Ariel has befriended Brandie and has been watching out for her. Over the past couple days I've consistently seen Ariel grazing near Brandie, sharing hay, and sticking close to her wherever she goes. Today when Sugar Bear and I returned from a trail ride, Raven and Raindancer called out and ran to the gate like they always do when Sugar returns. Ariel was doing her best to keep up with them but then noticed Brandie was left behind as she was trying to navigate a small ditch. Ariel reversed direction and went to Brandie. When Brandie found the end of the ditch, Ariel walked slowly back toward the barn alongside her. I'm so in love with this little stinker. 
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