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What a good story! What a good pony!
Diane B
Precious!  You both are lucky to have each other!
What a good pony.
Donna R
What a sweetheart!  Great story!
Karen W
Sweet Ariel...
Donna M
Ariel will be at Tractor Supply in Ironwood on Saturday. She will be doing tricks for treats (carrots) and participating in a photo shoot. Pics to come. 
Karen W
Awesome! If I didn't live 400 miles away, I'd visit! So happy she has such a wonderful home!!
Kristin K
I am actually up in ironwood this weekend! I might have to stop and say hi!
Donna M
What a phenomenal little pony Ariel is! Today she loaded like a dream and walked right into Tractor Supply like she has been doing it all her life. She was very well behaved, walked around the store with kids on her back, posed for pictures, remained calm during the chaos of pet photos and multiple dogs of all sizes (and decibel levels), and hopped right back into the trailer when it was time to go home. 

There was a little girl named Zoey at the store today. She stopped in yesterday looking at horse halters because she has her heart set on a little Arab mare. I told her Ariel would be in the store from 11-4:00 today. Zoey was there before I arrived at 10:00 and stayed until Ariel went home. I learned a lot about Ariel from Zoey. Until now I've never had a child with any riding experience so Ariel has always been under my control when a child is on her back. Today Zoey had complete control and was able to get Ariel to respond to leg and "rein" cues using just two lead ropes and a halter. It was very cool to watch. Ariel helped raise about $200 for our local shelter and was a perfect angel all day.

Will email pics to Scott so he can resize them.
Donna M
Here are a few of the pics from Ariel's guest appearance at Tractor Supply today. She is so awesome. 

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Scott: MHWF
Love it, thanks for sharing Donna!
Donna R
What a great little pony you have, Donna!  She has the perfect home.  I'm sure you made an exciting, memorable day for many kids at your local Tractor Supply yesterday.  Love this story.
Donna M
More pics of my rock star

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What a sweet little mare! 
Wendy W - WI
Such a good girl and it's so much fun showing off and sharing our horses.
Thank you for sharing these pictures!  What a sweet girl you have there!  Loved the one where she is smiling.  So adorable!
Jenni O.
That's great, Donna! I bet you made so many kids'day. Well, Ariel did, thanks to you.
Donna, I have to say THANK YOU for doing this.  I was one of those little kids that always dreamed of owning their own horse/pony.  And any chance I was given, I would ride, brush, just spend time with them.  I remember going to our local Mall one year (and I was in high school), and someone had their pony there, and I was allowed to sit on the horse for a picture.  It was great.  And you know, to this day, I still do not have my own, and any chance to be around them or brush or ride, is such an enjoyment that can not be described.  So thank you for taking Ariel to Tractor Supply and helping other little kids dreams come true and/or become bigger [smile]  Thank you!  (And please give Ariel a pet for me for being so tolerable)
Diane B
Ditto on what Kathy said.  You and Ariel made a lot of smiles and memories for kids that day.  Thank you.
Donna M
I have to admit, this was by far my best day at work. My manager already showed me the Christmas promotion and he wants to hook Ariel to a sleigh for pics. Not sure she is ready for something like that but she definitely was a very well behaved little girl on Saturday. My heart was swelling with pride. The faces of customers when they saw a pony walking through the store was priceless. The kids really did enjoy spending time with her and she loved all the attention. 

I know her early history has been described as wild and uncatchable, but in our 2+ years together, she has never shown me that side of her. Thanks Karen W for giving me such a wonderful baby girl. 
Photo of Ariel with her new friends, Journey and Merrylegs.

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barb S
What a cute herd!
Oh my ... I never really expected this scenario to play out like it did but around here we roll with whatever comes our way. 

Journey and Willow (formerly Merrylegs) arrived home in November. They were inseparable at first but have become less dependent on each other. Journey is a petite little thing but never underestimate her determination. My spunky Ariel has met her mini match! I never thought I would see the day, but Journey is regularly seen telling Ariel where to go. Sometimes I see them turn their butts toward each other in the barn like it's "game on"! That's when I chase their little hindends outside. Journey has asserted her authority and has become number 3 in the herd which means Ariel walks away from hay when Journey approaches, Ariel moves out of the way when Journey tells her to. And to my surprise Ariel does not complain ... much. 

Yesterday when the farrier was here, it took just as long to trim Journey as it did Sugar, Raven, and Ariel combined. It is definitely something we will be working on. She wasn't horrible but it would be nice to have a tad bit more cooperation. Even though she can show a pinch of sass, she is also the only one who calls out to me when she sees me approach. I'm pretty sure she thinks she has me trained well. "I call out to human. Human gives me food."

Ariel has been very healthy all winter. The past couple years we've dealt with laminitis during the winter months but so far this year, there have been no issues. She has remained at a good weight without any Thyro-L (the first time in 2 years). 

And then there is Willow. She is probably the sweetest, most quiet little girl on the planet. I can't imagine not having her here. Thank you Karen for deciding to take her into care at the end of a very long and emotional event. You made the right choice. Willow loves to be showered with affection and enjoys just hanging out with people. 

These three are very entertaining and too cute for words. They like to hang out with me when I clean the barn. That might be because they know food follows. 

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Donna M
Ariel made an appearance at Tractor Supply. It’s been 2 years since her last visit but she acted like she spends everyday in the store. She did her usual ... posing for pics, giving rides, smiling and entertaining. Today she even helped me assist customers, hung out with me at the service counter, and helped me write schedules, approve time cards, and a few miscellaneous office tasks. She preferred to be with me than in her stall we set up. Everyone enjoyed seeing her and it didn’t take too long for the initial shock to wear off when customers saw a pony walking around the store. Lots of cell phones were taking pics today with Ariel the focal point. She loved the attention.

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Very, very cool!

Thanks for sharing!
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