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Donna, i would label it as a SUPBERB herd.. they all are so gorgeous, and the grandkids and neighbor kids love all of it... LIFE is good at your place/RANCH.
Donna M
Haven't posted an update in a while as I've been so busy with grooming before Christmas, spending time with my family over the holidays and most recently preparing for my retirement. My last day of work is January 23 but I am trying to liquidate a lot of kennel & grooming equipment, dogs supplies, and retail "stuff". Big project. 

In my spare time I've been enjoying Ariel's silliness. The day before I was scheduled to go to Madison for a few days, the little stinker showed her Houdini skills which prompted me to spend 5 hours in the cold repairing & securing fencing. She hasn't gotten out since. She was watching me and started pawing at the ground in one spot so I think I found her outlet. She was sort of peeved. lol

She likes to pretend to threaten dogs. She puts her head down and chases them when they enter her zone. It's more playful than threatening. She only chases the ones who run away from her. If they stop, she doesn't find any fun in the game. 

She eats like a Teletubby and is starting to resemble one but with the winter wickedness descending upon us, she probably needs a little extra insulation. I check on her a couple times a day and usually find her napping in the snow, sometimes with a big sister or two watching over her. Today she used her breakfast hay as bedding. She got up when she heard me approaching ~ probably wondering if I was going to fluff up her pillow. When I touched her I could not believe how warm she felt. 

Of all the equines, she is my husband's favorite. We love her to pieces. 
What is it with husband and the minis? Travis adores our mini Sassy. Even has gone out and brushed her. He doesn't do that with any of the other horses.
Jenni O.
It's because they're so darn cute! I'm talking about the minis. And we need pictures of Travis brushing Sassy and Donna's husband with Ariel.
Wendy W - WI
Sorry to hijack, but need to add my husband Mike loves our mini's best too.  

Donna, I hope Miss Houdini stays put now.
Jenni O.
That settles it. Jeremy's next equine is going to be a mini. He rarely rides anyway.

Donna, when it warms up enough for you to operate a camera, we want a photo of the hubby and Ariel.
Karen W
So great to read an update on "my" girl. She never managed an escape with me, but that certainly is her personality. So glad to hear how loved she is. Thank you for adopting her!!
Donna M
Ariel has been a big hit at our house. These two old folks with grandkids several hours away have acquired some honorary grandchildren. One of our most frequent visitors is Piper who is fearless around the horses. Today she learned to mount, dismount, and give Ariel a leg cue to move forward. I think her smile says it all ... best day ever! 

Ariel is doing very well. She is usually good for the farrier but ended up being a little stinker last time. I had to be away for a few days and asked a friend to hold her for her trim. She was quick to push him around. lol. She was a rock star when the vet was here on Monday. 

She definitely has spunk but respects Sugar Bear's status as the lead mare. Raven has lost her rank in the herd but Sugar Bear has no plans to surrender to Ariel's insurrection. [wink]

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Heather H
Aw, look at the huge grin on the young girl's face in the second photo. Priceless memories. Isn't it fun to be able to share your horses with future equestrians and watch the flame of passion ignite?
Jenni O.
Those are some really cute photos. It's kind of funny hearing about Ariel taking advantage of the substitute handler on farrier day. Naughty pony!
So sweet I think that update gave me cavities.  [smile]  Adorable!  
Donna M
Ariel continues to be a hit at our house. She really has been a sweet addition to our family. This year my granddaughter, Bella, is 3 years old and showing more interest and confidence with the horses. She visited in May and took a liking to our other little princess.

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Love it!!!
So adorable! 
Donna R
Adorable photos and update! 
Scott: MHWF
[smile] I am certain that this is what Karen W. had in mind for this little pony when she donated her.
Tricia - No. WI
Oh.My.Gosh.  Is that the sweetest thing ever or what??  Donna, you are making some beautiful memories with Ariel.
Karen W
Absolutely what I wanted for Ariel!! Happy tears!!
Karen, W, this has to be the BEST news ever. Love the photos, adorable. FANTASTIC
Life is PERFECT for little *Ariel*.[love][kiss][thumb]
Awesome update...love that "dolly" gets to ride too!
Aww..A little girl and her pony
Jan N

And hey you guys, take a look at that string girth in 1st image.  Have you e.v.e.r. seen that much shine sparkle and 'pristine-ness' in a white girth anywhere outside of a show ring??  Rock on, Donna!!!
Jenni O.
OMG, you are the best grandma EVER! What little girl wouldn't love an adorable pony with all that cute tack, and that mane?! You're going to have a little horse crazy girl that never wants to leave.
Donna M
Karen W ~ you did an amazing job with Ariel. She is nothing like the wild little pony you found on CL. I was anticipating her trying to push her weight around but aside from the first few months when she was a little sass to Raven and Rain and an occasionally venture outside of the pasture, she has been fabulous! It's been almost a year since she arrived and they are all settled nicely. There is complete harmony here with Sugar maintaining her lead status. Ariel happily greets all the kids who come here and has been such a good sport as they all want to ride her. Piper (age 4) has been learning leg cues and Ariel is now responding to those with me holding a lead rope. At first Piper was cuing and I was backing that up with my own cues to Ariel but the secondary cue is no longer needed. 

Bella is not quite as enamored with the horses as Piper. After Bella gave Ariel treats and walked her around in the yard, it only took a few minutes of her Elsa doll test riding before Bella was willing to ride. She even wanted to ride bareback after Ariel returned to the pasture. Ariel has been a very willing participant and loves the attention. She is the sweetest girl ever!

And she almost begs for more wormer paste! That's certainly a bonus. lol
Donna M
Bella and Ariel

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