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Aries - 15 yrs.

This will be Aries' thread where we will keep any new updates and/or photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  9/2/2012 

$500 - Aries is a 15 year old Tennessee Walker gelding. He is jet black, strong and stocky. Aries stands at just a hair over 15 hands. He is a veteran trail horse and is well broke with a very nice gait. Aries has had one home for almost his entire life. He has always had top notch care and has had a good life. His only bad habit is that sometimes he can be hard to catch, but once caught, he is very well behaved and a joy to ride and we will fix the hard to catch part with time. Even though he is a veteran trail horse, Aries is not a horse for a beginner rider. He does not need an advanced rider, but he might be a bit too much for a brand new or timid rider. This is a really nice horse folks...sound, healthy, well broke, nice looking and gaited to top it all off!

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Such a beautiful horse!
He's beautiful :) I'll have to show him to my parents and try to convince them.....I love this guy and Dixie. They're amazing!
What a great horse...gorgeous, well trained, sound and healthy...and gaited...the list runs on and on!  Another prize of a partner.
Hubba hubba. Nice horse.
Aries was such an amazing horse to ride!! I was intimidated by the breed and gait, but oh my goodness it was so much fun!! He did so well for being taken away from his home, brought to the farm and saddled up. Who ever takes him home is going to one lucky spoiled person!! I promise. I
He is truly one of a kind!
Lindsey N
Maybe I could stick him in my back pocket and bring him home and nobody will notice????  "Does this horse make my butt look big??"  Wowza...can't keep my eyes off him, trying to convince the boy friend he would be a perfect trail companion and would be a "nice, smooth ride"...to no avail...even with Aires' macho physique.  I think he would be worried that I would ride HIS horse all the time lol.   The running walk really is easy on the backside!  The only horse I have ever cantered on bareback (regularly) was a gaited Kentucky Mountain Horse (yes different...) but the transitions down into the running walk was SOOO much smoother than into a trot.  I think TriciaK said it best "Hubba hubba!"
Talk about comparing apples to oranges. I rode my walker yesterday and then got on my hubby's horse Tango. It's like going from a lincoln to a farm truck! Walkers are a DREAM to ride, someone will be very lucky.
Wowza!  He's a looker!  I have a girl who sounds similar.... the hard to catch part, but a dream after you have her. I know this is not the venue for advice, but would love to know how you might work on that over time. 
I just wanted to share this gorgeous picture of Aries that his donor shared with me.  All I can say is hubba hubba!  What a looker he is! 

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mel d
Holy Moly, Hubba Hubba is right! (and the trailer ain't to shabby either...)
What a good looking guy, with a luxury ride. WOW!
John B.
Wow, what a great looking fellow this guy is.  Ya know, for those of us that have bad backs there is nothing like a TWH on trail :-)  Is almost like therapy.

John B.
Hehehehe Donna is going to shoot me...
I really need to get my application in.  This guy is beautiful and gaited too!  Who could ask for more!
I so wish my husband had a passion for riding.  He is a consummate "horse husband" and trail rides when we are on vacation and is a great help with our horses.  I have only had my TWH since Nov but am so in love with this breed.  great temperament and OMG, the ride!!!! ...and this is from a confirmed Arabian horse lover.  I would adopt this guy in a second if Frank wanted more riding time.  Right now he is happy retrieving the girls from the pasture and helping with farrier and vet appts.  This horse is just so awesome.  What a rare find.
We looked at Aries today along with Bandito.... He looks very nice and strong... would carry me well and he seems very friendly too!   Wish we could have considered taking 2..... but then they would really start calling us the Crazy Horse Ladies... ( I think they may already)......  As for our other horses from MHWF.... they are like finding diamonds..... sometimes opportunity knocks and you just have to go with it.....   Aries is Knocking on someones door (Heart)
Once you let them in.... no regrets....  
Someone adopt him please, we can't get another one! Once you've gone gaited, you'll wonder why you ever waited!
Yaaay Aries!  He found himself a great home today!  Len and Donna came up to visit from Illinois and they both rode Aries and did great with him.  Len and Donna R. are adopters already and many of you see pictures of their adoption horses here on the forum and have met at MHWF functions as well.  We are very happy that they have opened their hearts and homes to Aries as well. 

I will put this in writing for Donna...it was Len's decision.  ;)  :)  Aries is for Len and it will be fun to see how often he let's Donna ride him too.  It is a long haul home for Len and Donna and we look forward to hearing how the trip went. 

Thank you Len and Donna, and congratulations!  It was great seeing you guys! 

Here are a few pictures from adoption day today, 9/28/2012: 

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Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!!!!  That horse was my "choice" too.  I love them all, but there is something that really sucked me in for this boy.  Jealous of course, but couldn't be happier.  Aries, you found the best home ever!!  Congrats again Len and Donna!!!

John B.
OMG!  Well looks like Donna choose not to shoot me, YET.

Congrats Len and Donna and looking forward to meeting the new memeber of your herd.  That is just great :-)  Want to take your new ride for a test ride this weekend?  RC Sunday?

John B.
Well, Congratualions Donna and Len! What a nice horse you adopted to add to your herd of MHWF horses.  
I mean "congratulations" sheesh..I can't type or spell. I must add "nice photos too!"
Congratulations to Aries and his new family!
Congratulations to all of you!!!  and Thank you!  He's a great boy and I'm quite certain Len will have many enjoyable and smooth rides on him.  If Donna's able to get a few in too - even better!!!
Congratulations to Len, Donna, and Aries! Sound like a great fit all the way around.
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