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Jenni O.
Congratulations!  (Jurita must have had a few drinks before logging on today at--yikes, 6:35 a.m.-- maybe she was just still sleepy!)  And Len, it's nice to share, so let Donna ride Aries now and then.
Donna R.
Thanks for the good wishes everyone! Gotta say, we are really excited to add this wonderful boy to our herd. The trip home went well. Felt bad that we had to unload Aries in the dark but it went ok. Len took him for a walk around the property this morning and said "he was a perfect gentleman". I can tell Len is really looking forward to having this guy around and so am I. Thank you Sue for choosing the adoption option. We will keep you updated to let you know how your boy is doing. Scott and Karen, was great spending time with you yesterday! Here are some photos of Len and Aries and a couple of Monty evaluating the ride...

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Wendy W - WI
Love the pictures!!  I also love the fact that he leads from both sides.  Something I teach my horses too.  You will have so much fun with him!

Love the pics, and am so happy to hear that things are settling so well!  Wow, Monty made a picture too, that is so sweet!!!!  The apple bars are awesome too, thank you Donna! 
Denise S - WW
Love the pics too!!! Congrats to Aries & his new family!
Donna R
Aries has been with us for a week.  Today we took him on a trail ride at Rock Cut State Park.  Can't say enough good things about this boy!!!   He and Len are doing great together!  Photos: 1). Aries with his new best friend Babe.  2).  Len and Aries today at Rock Cut  3).  Aries and Chewey  4). Copenhagen (adopted from MHWF) with me, Len with Aries, Amanda with Chewey.

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Scott: MHWF
Love it!!!!
mel d
I love it, too! Thanks for sharing all the photos :) Copenhagen looks wonderful, too.
Donna R
Thanks Mel.  Long day yesterday.  Forgot to add that Babe and Lacey are also MHWF adoption horses:).
Donna R
Also forgot to add photo of Lacey with Nicole, Kameron, and Scarlet (from our trail ride).  Sheeesh!

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Len you look great up there on Aries, I hope you boys enjoy many many years of awesome riding ahead of you!! Love it!!
Donna,  I'm glad you're enjoying Aries.  I'm sure he's enjoying life with you as well. :)  Nice pictures. :)
John B.
Lot of great adoption horses there Donna and Len.  Really glad that Aries is working out so well (I think Len's smile says it all on that one)

John B.
Donna R.
Merry Christmas from Aries, Teah, Copenhagen, Babe, and Trigger.

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Awwww these are adorable! I love the elf!
Awww, big smooches to all and Merry Christmas! 
Nice pictures!!!  Thanks Donna!  You KEEP all that snow down there tho - K? ;) lol
Donna R
Aries is such a sweetheart, Sue!  We'll gladly keep the snow here this year.  More snow/moisture=lower hay prices next summer (hopefully).  Funny how we can change our thoughts after a summer like 2012, lol!
Donna,  yes....he's come along way since I brought him up from Tennessee (literally and figuratively! lol)  They have different expectations of TWHs in Tennessee, than we northern trail riders do.

I suppose I should rethink my snow stance.....  especially since when it snows - I get to work from home.  But.....I'd rather be south where it's warmer. lol
mel d
Great photos and what a good attitude about the snow! Yep, moisture in any form is golden :)
Though I do hate the ice underfoot!
John B.
Great pics of your X-Mas herd Donna :-)

Jenni O.
What a bunch of cute horses/pony.  And they were all willing to wear the hats!  I'll take more snow up here, please.
Donna R
Not much new to report except that we LOVE Aries!  He fits in very well here.  Len is still struggling with an ouchy back and hasn't ridden much.  Aries has been great on the trails for both of us. We're so happy to have him.

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Jane Liess
All that I can say about the last two pictures is "AWWWWWWE"!
Adorable!  Hey Len, I think you better watch out...I see quite a glint of love in Donna's eyes there and she may be plotting to steal Aries from you.  :) 
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