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Great photos, and your place is beautiful :)  Looks like you guys are really enjoying your horses!
Great pictures Donna & Len :-)
I have to agree that you place looks like you are in a SERENE area. Love it. All of the hoofers look like they are ENJOYING all of the attention.Weather is nice, BUT there is a flair again of HUMIDITY... argh!
Sandy K
Wow , he looks great !
Len, you look so happy and PROUD.. *Aries* is enjoying all of the attention.

I'm so glad he's working out so well with you!!! And that he's getting so much love!!!

Thanks so much for the update. :)
A certain couple took a short vacation and as Scott and Karen can attest to; not easy when you have a herd of equines and multiple K9's back at the farm. 

Donna to John in e-mail from drive back home to Midwest:
"Had to share.  This is my three year old grandson, a big lunk of a kid.  My daughter has her master's degree.  She has watched me saddle and put halters on.  No blanket.  Not sure how she could screw up the halter that badly.  Poor trigger.  I think Liam is pushing the weight limit too...   Len says hi"

Well after receiving this picture of Trigger (MHWF class of 2009, I laugh per the comments- below) they called it short and came home. 

We decided to kidnap Donna and go for a trail ride on Sunday as they are right off of a great trail we enjoy.  Next picture is Aries (MHWF class of 2012 and Jett MHWF class of 2008 as we head out on trail from Donna's back yard, few other graduates in the background)

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OMG!  That halter deal is HYSTERICAL!!!! 
Scott: MHWF
Love the update......not quite so much on the halter.....LOL Someone was drinking this past weekend, maybe Trigger?
At first I thought it was a new style of halter. lol
The smart ones have helmets on - the other one has "Jart" scars in his head.

Sorry Donna I posted the one of Trigger in his interesting halter fail but could not resist.  Thanks for joining us for the ride (Aries acted like he knew us horses his whole life and took multiple leads from front to back without a hesitation.  What a great guy)
The halter is hilarious. Trigger is like "What the????"
Donna R
We had a great trail ride this morning.  Len rode my...I mean his horse, Aries.  He was even in the lead and the ride couldn't have been more perfect.  We met some nice people on the trail that ended up riding with our group of four.  MHWF adoption horse Copenhagen and MHWF adoption horse Lacey (Native Lace) are also in the second photo.

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Scott: MHWF
These are the kind of pics and updates we love to see!
ME TOO, Scott!!

I'm so very glad Aries finally found his people!  I worked hard to get that beast to be friendly - he just needed Donna and Len to finish it off.  PERFECT! [smile]
Donna R
Sue, thank you so much for your hard work!  Aries is a gentle, friendly soul.  He always follows me around the pasture.  I can't express in words how very much I love this horse.  John B. asked me who my favorite was when I went trail riding with their group.  What was he getting at???  And how could there be a favorite??? [wink]  We couldn't be happier with this boy.
Oh Donna......I'm SO GLAD he found you!!!!!  It just warms my heart beyond words!!!
Aries is great -  He don't bite or kick or nutten when we ride together
Donna R
Updating on our herd.  I sent pics of Babe and Teah a couple of weeks ago. 

Aries has been a wonderful addition here.  He is Len's riding horse but I have become very attached to him too.  He is one of those really kind souls that makes your heart melt.  Love this boy so much!!!  Remember Len's test ride on him, Scott and Karen???  Scott's leg up landed Len on Aries' rump which started an immediate buck.  Karen and I in unison sputtered out "OH NO"!!!  We thought for sure at that moment that the adoption would be cancelled. Mind you, a strong let up was needed[wink].  Aries did go home with us that day.  We are so thankful that he did!

The last two photos here caught all of our adoption horses together except for Annabelle.

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Aries is so pretty. Nice you adopted him even after an oops. 
Cindy - John
Donna - Len, your pictures are always so great of your equines and family enjoying them
Donna R
A little late on this celebratory post but we had our official five year ownership paper for Aries waiting in the mail for us when we returned from the Midwest Horse Fair last month!  Yay!!!  We love this boy so much!  He is a perfect companion for us![smile][smile][smile][love]

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Who is the teenager holding him?  Congrats [thumb]
Scott: MHWF
Good lookin' pair there [smile]
Awesome, congratulations!!!
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