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Armeria - 19 yrs.

$400 - Armeria is a 19 year old Trakenehner/Holsteiner cross mare. She stands at 15 hands tall and has done many 4H shows and some dressage. She has been part of MHWF for a long time and has been in the same home for the past 6 years. Sadly, due to circumstances that had nothing to do with horses, Armeria had to come back to MHWF. She is in excellent shape, very sound, very well broke and has very good manners. She is current on all her shots, wormers and trims and is ready to go. Armeria is a fairly easy keeper and moves like a horse half her age. The bandage on her leg in the photos is simply a small cut that she got a short while ago and it will be healed very quickly with no lasting issues. No tendons or ligaments were affected. Armeria has been ridden English exclusively, as far as we know and has been ridden a great deal. She even got worked and ridden by Smokie Brannaman recently and has been shown by a teenager in her distant past. Armeria is a big, strong horse and is not a horse for a complete beginner, but she does have a lot of good training and many hours in saddle for someone who can ride and has a little experience.

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Such a good looking horse! I'm sure she'll find a home in no time!
Nice to meet you Armeria - don't unpack your bags, you won't be there long...
chris MI
Is Aria blind in one eye? I seem to remember that being mentioned in the past, not that it affects her ability in anyway. 
Mary V.
Oh my, is she a beautiful horse. Someone will be very lucky.

Armeria has partial eyesight loss in one eye, but not completely blind in it, which is due to cataracts.  

This is the wound she presented to us with upon her arrival that we need to treat and get rid of the proud flesh.

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Jenni O.
She is a beauty. And I like your new photo backdrop.
Wendy W - WI
She is a very beautiful horse.  Now tell me how you treat a wound like that.  I've never had to deal with anything like this...thank gawd.  
Wendy, I'm sorry that I didn't see your question right away, but I saw it this morning and took a snapshot with my phone to share on the wound treatment.  Generally when we've had wounds like this, we cold hose them a couple times a day and then put a topical on the wound like Dry Cow or another wound remedy we have or the ExcelEQ or ExcelEQ Rescue and it usually doesn't wind up getting the proud flesh that is a bit out of control like this.  Proud flesh like this is generally granulation tissue that has gotten a little out of control.  You want granulation tissue, but you don't want it to get out of control and over the wound edges.  But we have the proud flesh to deal with and are cold hosing a couple of times a day to try and get it in control.  If it keeps growing we may have to have a vet trim some of it back, but we hope to get it under control.  

Here are a couple of pics of Aria getting her spa treatment this morning.  

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Wendy W - WI
I sure hope it works out without having to have the vet trim it.  That sounds....well, icky.  She looks like she's enjoying her spa.  
Scott: MHWF
Nah, she actually hates it, but it is better than being scolded for dancing around the hose.
Wendy W - WI
Well, then I hope it heals properly and quickly!  
I can't figure out why this horse is still here! She's so gorgeous and sounds like a great ride. 
How is this wound doing?  Do you still have the B & W salve to try on her?

Is it possible she has Appaloosa genes with that striped hoof?  She sure is a beautiful girl.
The wound is coming along okay. It is about 1/2 the circumference as it was when she arrived.  That proud flesh is not fun to deal with, nor has this wound been.  Josey, I have been using the B&W on it.  As of right now I have about 1/4 jar left (there was a lot in that container).
Josey E.
Do you need more B & W?  I'll get more.  I think that sized jar is the biggest, but will check for sure.
Thank you Josey!  No, we don't need another container yet, but thank you so much for that generous offer.  That is a really big container and even what is left is going to last some time.  

Update: 11-6-2016

Yesterday Armeria got taken out of the pasture and test ridden for the first time since coming back to MHWF. Being that she has been in her adoptive home for the past 5 years, we were not sure what to expect. Armeria did excellent under saddle and Priscilla had a blast riding her. No limitations on this girl. She can do it all and she is in the shape of a 10 year old. Ameria did come back to MHWF with a pretty nasty cut on her left rear pastern which is almost fully healed, but it will take a little more time to finish healing.  Aria will be having an x-ray done on that joint on November 12th to be sure that there is nothing damaged.  What an amazing mare this is, and a blast to ride.

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Tiara P.
I have some nice pics of Aria I'd love to share!

1404709_217227185117076_822967531_o.jpg 10698434_345567785616348_8402570297615597687_n.jpg 11139968_438258923013900_8077956993169000358_n.jpg

Aria is a beautiful horse. I am sure her perfect home is out there somewhere.
Mana L
Hi! Aria's so pretty but I'm just wondering Tiara P. posted a picture of someone riding her and it looks like a western saddle. Does she know both western and english or just english? Thanks you if you answer my question.
Armeria has done a lot of riding, both English and Western, some showing, some trail riding, low level dressage, you name it....she has done it.
Wondering about how her fetlock wound has healed, and what information did the radiographs give about how the internal structures were affected?
Hi Kelley and Mary S., thank you for your inquiry on Aria.  I apologize for not seeing the other question previously until now from Mary.  

When Aria came in that wound had a lot of proud flesh, and the wound has healed up nicely.  That ankle is bigger than on the other side and may always stay that way, but x-rays were completely clear and there is no lasting damage and Aria has no soundness issues from that at all.  Of course, she is not cut out to be a jumper or anything like that.  We had her hocks x-rayed as well while we had vet day, and her hocks showed the usual type of wear for a horse her age.  Aria floats at a trot and her canter is beautiful.  Aria is cleared as being sound, shows no signs of lameness, but just not cleared for jumping or any super strenuous type of show work.  

As far as what Aria's idea home situation would be, she could do well at a quiet private farm or in a boarding situation where her adopter spent plenty of time with her to bond with her.  Aria does prefer the company of mares to geldings, but she gets along in our big herd just great.  She did bond with the donkeys who were here in our pasture as well and really loved the donkeys.  As far as what kind of rider and handler Aria needs, she needs someone who is confident about themselves and their riding and handling abilities.  I don't know how well a beginner would do with Aria in a lesson program, but possibly well if that beginner has a good seat, quiet hands and has confidence.  

Aria did get adopted, and she left for her new home yesterday, 5/23/2017!  
We are happy to announce that Aria got adopted by Sarah, Kari and Ron of Heartland Equestrian Center!  Aria is going to be part of a lesson program there at Heartland, and we are happy that she will have such a great job and keep busy doing some of the things she loves to do and use some of her wonderful talents.  We look forward to hearing about Aria's adventures and visiting with Aria in her new home in the future too.  [smile]  

Sarah and Kari did not come back to the farm to pick up Aria and we hadn't done an adoption day photo when they were here since the decision on adoption wasn't made then.  Ron, the owner of Heartland, came to pick up Aria yesterday and he graciously accepted to be in the adoption day photo.  

The first pic is Aria when I asked her to smile.  [smile]  

A big congratulations to everyone at Heartland, and a giant thank-you for choosing adoption!  

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