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Aria has been the best thing to ever happen to me! I am absolutely in love with her and wouldn’t trade her for the world! 

We recently led her over a very small jump, she started ground tying and as always, she follows me around, digs in my pockets for treats, and is super playful! She got grumpy when it was below 0 outside but when it’s warm out, she behaves like an absolute angel! 

We just finished our round-pen and i am stoked to start riding again!

Aria has officially become the boss mare too!

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Awesome update!!
That update is what this program is all about ❤️
Jan N
What Christine said.
So happy to read this!
Donna R
Great update!  
MHWF, Inc.
Armeria (Aria) still going strong!

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She looks great!!
Leo D
awwww my babygirl is just absolutely gorgeous!!!
Kalisa N
hey guys, the other day I was out playing around with aria and onyx (lady) and got some pictures!

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