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Kara B.
Awesome! Congrats!
This is outstanding news.  
Donna M
This is awesome news! Enjoy your new job Aria!
mel d
So happy to see Aria has been adopted. Hope to see some good updates, I've followed her story for a long time.

Armeria - 20 years 

$400 - Armeria is a 20 year old Trakehner/Holsteiner mare. She is 15 hands tall and is sound and healthy. Aria is current on her shots, wormers and trims. She is also very well broke to saddle. Most of her work has been in dressage, trail riding and 4H shows. Armeria has been a part of MHWF for a few years now and had been in one home for most of those years, until her adopter got out of horses completely. Armeria recently spent most of the summer and fall at Heartland Stables where she got a lot of refresher work. She is looking good and is in excellent shape. Do not let her age fool you. This is still a very sound, healthy and athletic horse with a lot of good training in a variety of disciplines...English or Western, dressage, shows, trails, you name it.

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Oh I remember her her what a sweetie ๐Ÿ˜
Beautiful Mare.
Mana L.
How's Armeria doing?
Armeria is doing well!  She is just pastured over the winter and not in any work or anything.  She has had no one interested in adopting her.  
Kate G
"no one interested in adopting her". That's a tear-jerker. 
Agreed KateG. It sure seems like her match should be out there somewhere. Whoever it is I hope they adopt her soon.
Roxanne M.
I just love this horse. I saw her a while back loved her then.
Ronda Wiesehan
HI. I am currently in the process of filling out an app for Armeria. I am looking for a all around kinda horse for my 9 year daughter, who is an advanced beginner/early intermediate rider. My daughter has been riding an aged quarter pony, who is having chronic lameness issues. Need a horse that can be ridden english, western, trail ridden and used as a 4-H horse. I am 7 hours away from the rescue, so would love to see video before making the drive.  I am dying to call, but site says no calls till app is on file. 

Ronda, though I have never ridden Aria, I have been on trail rides with her. She had a very experienced rider on her that day, but she behaved beautifully. 

I'm sure others can chime in about their experiences with her, and of course, Scott and Karen will know her the best!

thanks for that info. I am hoping to hear back from Scott and Karen, to know if I finish filling out the app or if she is not suited and I don't want to waste anyones time. 

Hi Ronda, I"m sorry I missed your question earlier, have been really busy.  

It would be impossible to know for sure whether Aria would be right for your daughter without us seeing her skill and confidence level, but Aria is definitely not for a beginner rider.  I can try to get video put up of Aria before you would consider making the trip, and that may take me a while to do for a combination of reasons, one of them being that we are super busy this week with a variety of things as well as the fact that it takes a long time to get video shot and uploaded (video is not an easy upload on our internet service).  I will do my best to get video of Aria as soon as I can.
Thanks Karen. A video would be awesome. My daughter is not a "beginner" she has ridden for several years, and her quarter mare wasn't a push button, head down plodding kinda girl. But I wouldn't say she has had a ton of experience either. Kids horses are a hard to find item, in which I am not having any success at this point.  My daughter understands cues for walk, trot, canter and some lateral work but is still figuring things out, so needs  horse that would be forgiving if she was not using her aids and cues correctly. So it comes down to Aria's temperment, sweet and forgiving or gets upset if things are not done correctly the first time. If Aria is not a fit, I'm open to other options if you have anything suitable. I have arabs, so would love to find her an arab, but not set on breed, more set on suitable, sane and sound.
Ronda, with your description I can say fairly confidently that Aria would not be the right horse for your daughter, as much as I don't like to say that, but we truly want a good fit for both the horse and the rider's sake.  Aria cannot be described as a horse who is forgiving of miscues and aids possibly not being used correctly, and I've never heard Aria described by anyone as being forgiving when things aren't presented correctly to her.  She has never been a horse to buck anyone off or do anything mean, but what is super, super important about Aria's rider is their confidence level, even over their skill level.  Aria will spot someone lacking confidence in minutes and it won't be a super fun time for either her or the rider then.  We had a teenager ride Aria yesterday who has been in lessons for about 3 years now, but her confidence level is not very high and Aria picked up on that right away.  Their ride was not disastrous or ugly, no bucking or anything of that sort, but it certainly wasn't pretty either and was definitely not a ride showing a horse and rider working together well.   

We love Arabs as well and always manage to have at least an Arab or three around here.  [wink]  If you are set on adopting (and thank you for thinking of adoption!!!), you could get your application in and approved and wait for the right horse to come along, which could be a few days, a few weeks or a few months.  It's hard to predict who the next beautiful faces will be coming to grace our pastures, but there is always a right horse for every person eventually.  
Kathy D.
I would be interested in meeting Ameria! I think she would be a great addition to our ranch. Could you please call me so we can set up a meeting?

Thank you so much for your honest response about this mare. Sounds like not a good fit at all.  I was willing to make the 7 hour trip if this was the perfect horse for her, but alas, not to be. I will keep checking your site, if you get a horse in that you think might fit my needs, feel free to contact me. Again, it a hike to your place from mine, but worth it for the right horse.  I wish you the best in finding Aria a great home!. Thanks again for your honest assessment!
Ronda, you're welcome, and thank you again for considering adoption.  We really want to make the right match.  Please do keep an eye on our website, because there are a lot of horses available for adoption, and there are always new horses for adoption as soon as others get adopted and we bring more in.
I wish Aria would find her person๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Aria got to spend some arena time today and it looks like everyone had fun who rode her!  ๐Ÿ˜‰  

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Such an elegant lady.
Cassandra PS
Aria always catches my eye, I think it's that cute little snoot of hers. It's so nice to see her under saddle!
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