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Such a nice mare!
Do I see a tentatively adopted for Armeria?
Yes, you do see a tentatively adopted on Aria, and we're as excited as you are about that!  We will definitely be sharing some pictures tomorrow (Sunday, 4/7/2019) when Aria's family comes to pick her up.  😉  
That's GREAT news!!! Woohoo! CONGRATULATIONS 🥰
Wonderful news!
Barb S
That’s fantastic news!!! Congratulations to all!!!
Sharla D.
Thank you so much for this opportunity. She is already much loved! She is sure to be an amazing addition to our herd!
Lani D.
A big thank you to letting me, my mother, and the rest of our family check Aria out! I’m completely in love with this gorgeous girl, and honestly, I’ve never been as happy as I am now! She already seems to love her new home! 

Home safe and sound!

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I’m so happy to see this awesome girl got her perfect home
We are incredibly thrilled and so happy that Aria has found her home!  Sharla, Jake, Lani and Kalisa came along and all fell in love with Aria, and those riding pictures above in this thread are from when they first came and met Aria.  Aria will have a few geldings to put in line at their place, and we really look forward to hearing about Aria's new life.  Aria got all of her vet work done yesterday at Spring Vet Day, which included a loose tooth being pulled on her dental, and she was ready to go today. 

As you see above (I'm a little slow to getting to things today), Aria already made it home safe and sound.  Here is a cute adoption day picture from today, 4/7/2019.  

Thank you for choosing adoption, Sharla and crew, and a big congratulations to all of you!  

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Congratulations!!  She looks pretty comfy in her new home!
Lindsey K
I haven't posted in forever, I don't even know how to say everything I want to say and it's not the right time or place. But thank you Karen and Scott for caring for her. Thank you for taking time to find the right home for her. She's such a unique soul. I miss her terribly and I'm very hopeful for her future ❤️
Amanda M.
Congratulations on adopting! 💜
I love this update from Aria's family along with the pictures!  Aria is fitting in just the way we all figured she would.  😉  

"She’s already put the boys in their place! She’s been prancing around every corner of the pasture and is just having a grand time!"  

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A family! Aria got a horse loving family! This is wonderful news. Congrats to all!
Jan N
And those boys seem to be standing around thinking "Shoot, now we gotta listen to someone else... better watch ourselves... it's a girl, might mean trouble!"
Sharla D.
Aria is still loving life! She likes to search pockets for treats and loves all of the attention she get from anyone who comes to visit! She really is a beautiful mare with a personality all her own!

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Good to see Ameria doing good in her new home
Great update!
Aria did walk and trot her over some poles and a 6 inch high jump and she did awesome! Of course, no one was riding her, just some fun with Kalisa, Keenin, and the geldings! we had a video but we lost it! She is extremely well behaved both on the ground and being ridden! We’ve been sitting, riding, and laying on her, being led by my mother due to the fact that we’re just using her mane to hold on! I haven’t given her a bath yet but I’m planning to do so tomorrow! She also ground ties for me!

- Leo D.

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She looks very content and settled in her new home. Love how she's getting all kinds of attention from her own girls
Sharla D
Aria catching snowflakes from the barn today! Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor to pick up her new friend!

A quick update on Aria! Aria is just the fluffiest little angel ! I am taking her back into some dressage, barrel racing, saddleseat, and liberty work. I bought a digital drawing commission of Aria, and she is currently being made into a model horse as well! For my birthday, I got Aria a red turnout blanket and we’re having a photo shoot together in the summer!

I do spend a lot of time spoiling her, as well!

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Sounds like Aria is living the life!
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