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This will be Athena's thread for updates and new photos.  Athena arrived at MWHF on Monday, June 28th. 

Athena is a registered 5 year old Paso Fino mare out of Ocala, Florida. She is sound and healthy and stands at 14 hands tall. Athena has world class bloodlines and has just come out of 6 months of training in the hope that she might make her mark on the show circuit. While she has shown huge strides in her training, it does not look as though her gait has the perfect timing needed to win in the big time shows. That perfect gait may come out in her as she matures, but it will take time and work. As we stated, Athena has exceptional breeding and has had a lot of training. She does all the things you would expect, leads, loads, ties, you name it. She has a lot of time under saddle and a very solid foundation, but will need continued work on her confidence, maturity and of course, her gait. Athena would best be described as an ultra-hot, very well bred Paso mare with names on her papers that Paso people would certainly recognize and appreciate. She will need someone with the time and patience to keep working with her and not put time constraints on her progress. She has all the potential in the world and was bred to be a champion. Athena is current on all her shots, wormings and trimmings. She is a beautiful mare with as much flash as you can pack into a 14 hand horse. She is also very sweet and respectful of her handler. 

Here are links to video clips of Athena.  They are quite large file sizes. 

Athena Loose.wmv (1:23): 3.61 MB        
Athena Riden.wmv (4.43): 10.31 MB


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 Wow! What an awesome little horse!  

Denise From MN
Sheesh...WOW is right!
Karla Joy

I know next to nothing about this breed of horse but she sure is a beauty!


No offense, beautiful animal. I just didn't like the video of her being rode on the concrete, I feel for her legs

Denise S - WW
I know nothing about this breed either but I am always eye struck when I see one on this website. She is just gorgeous!! About the videos, (remember again I know nothing)... the one where she is being ridden...is that normal? Do horses walk like that normally or are they trained to walk like that? My body started hurting watching her.
Scott: MHWF

That gait is natural for the Paso. It has to be refined a bit for timing and collection, but is what they pay the big bucks for.

mel d
Breathtaking...she will definitely need a knowledgeable rider.

Yep, I wondered about the concrete also, did they do that so you could hear the footfalls?
Sandy K.

Wow, this horse is beautiful , and that gait, wow ! I am sure they did the video on concrete to hear the hoof beats, as in the shows they show them going across plywood to hear the hoof beats. 

Caroline D.
Athena looks to be a fine gaited horse - Wow! Those legs move fast, at the small barn I am at, which has mostly gaited horses and more than half Pasos - we would say she moves like a sewing machine. I am still learning all about the gaits and I can't remember the ones specific to the Paso Fino, but it looks like she could do almost anything shows, trails, etc.   I know at our barn we prefer a horse that covers longer distance rather than up and down.  But then again, it is a pleasure barn (though I am trying to convince the owner to give her blessing to take a Peruvian Paso to a dressage schooling show). There was some nice walking at the end of the under saddle video.

Someone is going to be very lucky, but I bet they would know it ;-)
I found this web page has information on the Paso gaits. Someone will be very lucky indeed.



OMG what a gorgeous girl!! what fino fino she has!! NOT many Paso Finos can fino fino like that!! I can't believe she isn't snatched up by a show person around here!!! She maybe does break gait in her Paso Lano but a good trainer could fix that!    Jane


What a beautiful, feminine look this mare has!  Such a pretty head and face!

Christine- MN
Paso Finos are incredible to ride. They are smooth, spirited and have a huge heart. I've known pasos to be ridden both english and western, on trails, chasing cattle and running barrels. They are versatile and smart. They are my dream horses and if I were able to adopt right now, I would be sending in an application. I do hope someone who can love and appreciate this breed can adopt her.
I just want to update Athena and let everyone know that she has settled in beautifully.  She is not one to challenge any of the horses or try and work her way up in status in the herd, but has made a close friend in Bob the Belgian already.  She easily found one of the shelters on her first day here and made herself comfortable in there.  She is very happy being out in the pasture grazing and will come right up to us when we enter the pasture, super sweet, very easy to catch and loves attention. 

Here is a picture of Athena with her new friend Bob out in the pasture. 

Wendy W - WI

They look beautiful together.  Another awesome shot.

Julie G.
OMG she is stunning!!! If I weren't horse poor at the moment myself from having taken in two neglected animals during this past year I would so love to adopt her.
I like a zesty moving mount and the gaits Paso Fino's have are exciting and smooth as glass.
She also strongly resembles my stallion that we lost at age 24 in March of 2009 he of course was an Arabian but they both have that bold look of eagles, along with the refined elegance and that rich mahogany bay I so love.

I sure hope she finds the forever loving and appreciative home she deserves.

Hi... I adopted She's Painted Morning, a spotted Saddle Horse and  It's a Magic Trick, a Tenn. Walker from MHWF....  We are having and absolute GREAT Time with these gaited horses.....  This Paso Fino is SOOOOO Tempting!
The Video of the Rider IS to accentuate the Gaited beat of the gait.   And Both videos show a very wonderful horse.  Paso Finos are known to be very smooth to ride.
Please someone give this gal a home before I hook up my trailer!
Scott and Karen do a great job describing the horses.... and this one is a Keeper!

 I am very surprised she is still at MHWF. I thought she would have been gone in a week. I keep seeing these great horses on here but I  can't adopt right now. We are still looking to buy a hobby farm but haven't had any luck.  It's been frustrating!! If we do find a place, MHWF will get an application in their mailbox.
Anyways, this is a well-bred and beautiful horse that is trained,young and well behaved. Isn't there someone out there to adopt her and make me jealous?!?!?
OMGoodness!    It is as if Satan is tempting me.... this is a wonderful gaited horse folks...  Why is she still available???!!!   this is a dangerous thing....
Please someone (Other than Me)  see the beauty of this spectacular horse!  She is golden......   She will be a wonderful horse and I would love to have her but have exceeded my horse budget..... (Darn I need a wash machine).... 

Scott: MHWF

Someone did actually hop on her yesterday and took her for a spin......she did very well, lots of energy, but very nice indeed.

Just a quick update on little Athena.  She is doing great.  She is very well adjusted in the pasture, still hangs out with Bob the Belgian quite a bit.  She is a middle to low end of the herd kind of horse, never challenging anyone and tending to mind her own business.  She is super sweet and actually will come when called out in the pasture, loving attention. 

Here is a picture of Athena in the pasture from the weekend, July 25th. 

mel d

Very happy to hear someone with expertise and an approved application is arranging to come see her!

yes she sure is nice, i wish i had the money and place to keep her, she is georgous....some day i hope i can get another one!!!! and i am too shocked that she is still available.....hope someone takes her home soon!!!
Sherry S.

Is it too late to get my application in for Athena?  I just lost my 6 year old Peruvian Paso mare to DSLD.  It was heartbreaking and then I came across this ad in Petfinder and I couldn't believe my eyes.  She is  beautiful and a lot like my mare.  I have a lot of experience with Paso's (Peruvian's and Paso Fino's) and was looking for another one.  I have an empty stall in a beautiful barn just waiting for the right horse.  Please let me know if she's already taken.

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