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Scott: MHWF

Athena is looking and feeling really good and it's nice to see her back in decent weight, feet looking and feeling good.....and watching her run around in the pasture like a young gal should. Someone is going to get a wonderful horse.


I have been thinking about her. The good news is I meet the weight limit...the bad news is, my place isn't ready. I am sure she'll be gone by the time it is ready since I have much to do. Oh well.  

Scott Bayerl: MHWF
Just so that there is no confusion in regard to Athena. She has been through a long rehab process, but she is a sound, healthy mare with little or no special needs.

We did not want anyone to read all of her history and think that she was not sound. We expected a full recovery for her feet and with some work and luck, we got a full recovery.
MHWF, Inc.

Click here for video of Athena being ridden.

Athena came to us with a few health and soundness issues that took us some time to figure out and correct. We are happy to say that Athena is now a sound and healthy gal with great gait. She is a lot of fun to ride and you will not find a sweeter, more personable horse. Athena does not have any special needs and is ready for her new home.
Please click on the video link above to see Athena being ridden. To show how well she behaves and rides, the person riding her in the video had not been on a horse in almost 8 months and had never ridden a Paso Fino. Add to it that Athena had not been ridden or worked in almost a full year. This was her first ride. She did very well. Please click on the video link above to see for yourself.

Wow...Athena is a gorgeous little mare!!

OMG!  She looks AWESOME!

Wendy W - WI

OMG that is awesome!!!  She looks fabulous and what a sweetheart.  Her little ears kept going back to listen to her rider.  Oh man that is absolutely awesome.  Great job on rehabbing her you guys.  Someone is going to be soooo lucky to get this little girl. 

Oh be still my heart!!!

Jenni O.

Wow, I really like her.  Who's going to be the lucky one to adopt her? 


what a little peanut! I've seen Athena in person and she is so darn adorable. awesome video.

Jane J

Oh pretty little girl!! If only I had room for another right now!! I am hoping she goes to someone that really does her justice! And not too large a person as she is not a very large mare. I am certain there is a weight limit on a rider for her. She deserves the best loving home in the world and someone that will really bond with her beautiful spirit in a forever home!!
Christine- MN
I still love this horse, I so wish I could adopt right now.
I love riding Paso Finos! Best thing ever! If she is still here when Bailey comes home maybe something can work out.
Kelly S

BUMP!  Sorry to be a pest, had to get some off of page 4!  Hope another big adoption weekend is coming!

WOW watch the ridding tape. She's looking great. God I wish I could ride again and have a horse. She is beautiful, won't last long.

MHWF, Inc.

Bump....this is way too nice of a horse to still be here looking for a home.

A quick pic from Athena being ridden again yesterday, 6/12/2011. 

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Name: athena-231-june12-webready.jpg, Views: 661, Size: 173.46 KB

 that is like dangling candy in front of a child's face ;)

*Athena* looks soooo sleek and beautiful.. It looks like *Athena* is enjoying the ride too.. Nice photo. as usual. I even like the color and her form...

MHWF, Inc.
A couple of new pics of Athena, taken in the heat tonight (6-30-2011)

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Name: athena1-june30.jpg, Views: 495, Size: 79.99 KB

Name: athena2-june30.jpg, Views: 491, Size: 77.44 KB


OMG!! *Athena* looks like she is READY to find her FOREVER home/pasture/buddies. She is so sleek and gorgeous. hmmmm

She looks amazing! Karen you have two beautiful Paso's at the farm how exciting(:

You are so right Jordan, both Athena and Diablo are both gorgeous, and they are both as sweet as they come.  I wish I could keep them myself, but my inn is full.  :)  I/we have really gotten attached to Athena, she has been here a year now.  I really look forward to her finding a home and at the same time will really miss her. 

Jenni O.

Sending adoption vibes her way.  I think there are a lot of people interested, but we are all full at the time being.  Otherwsie she would have been long gone.  Someone is going to be lucky that the rest of us had no room.

Christine- MN
Would you be willing to adopt out to someone who was a little over the 140 pounds but 5'2"? I know you have the weight restriction, and that makes sense, being that she is so small, but what about someone who has the height that would work with her?
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