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MHWF, Inc.

5'2" and 140 pounds would work.


Can't understand why she's still there, boy are people missing out on a beautiful horse. Wish I was alot smaller myself, she would be mine.

mel d

I don't understand it either.

cindy g

Ditto for me -- though I have tossed the idea around that Athena could be my daughte'rs horse. I'd be so envious though!!!

Brandy S
Hi guys, Tossing the idea around of possibly coming to meet athena if things start to work out in a few weeks. Of course I will be calling, and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to replace tessa, BUT, athena may be the perfect horse to love on my mom and be a second riding horse for the trails for the girl who had been riding with me. Just a thought to ponder if no one snatches her up before I get motivated

Hold onto your hats.....Athena got adopted today!  Yaaaaayyy!  We are just so thrilled!  As much as we are going to miss that little sweetheart around here, it makes us so happy that she has found herself the absolutely perfect home! 

We want to thank Karol, Dave, Paula and Emily from the bottom of our hearts for taking Athena into their hearts and pasture.  It is a co-adoption and a wonderful situation for Athena.  Karol has been watching Athena for the last year and everything has fallen into place.  I do believe things happen for a reason, and this was surely one of those things.  Athena has been waiting a long time and her time has finally come.  Thank you again guys!  We look forward to hearing updates in the future. 

(I will post a picture later on when I have more computer time.)
Stacie K
Been keeping an eye on her this whole time.  I love and adore my gelding and he's not replaceable, but if anything ever happened to him, I had dreams of Athena.  So glad she found a good home (and so glad I'm not in the market for a horse)!!!  Can't wait to see the adoption photos.
Wow I can't believe she has been here for this long! well shes found a family and thats all that matter! :)
Patience is a virtue...
Karla Joy

So happy for this little girl!


I just got home from work and could not wait to get on the computer and see if Karol adopted Athena. That will surely be a match made in heaven. I am so happy for Athena . She will have a great home . Plus, I will be able to stop in and visit her.


I agree with you Sandy K... It doesn't get any better than this now does it!!? *Athena* found her new family, and you will be fortunate to stop and visit... Well, Life is Good for *Athena* then. I am anxious to see the pictures from her adoption day.

Just a note to say Athena arrived home at 6:30 PM after a four hour ride to the SE corner of the state. She's a good traveler, backed carefully off the trailer without fanfare, took in her surroundings and seemed ok with what she saw.

We let her relax for a while in one of the holding areas where she could get a bit of grass and check out the horses in the next area, then pulled her in for a visual check, hoof cleaning and a light brushing before putting her up for the night. 

So far she seems calm about this sudden change in circumstances and ready to do whatever we ask. I believe she will fit into our way of life very well and hopefully, we will fit into hers. 

Congrats to Athena and her new families!

Yeah!! Congrats Athena and your new family.

 Congrats adopters, you have just adopted one special horse. There is something very special about little Athena that I can't really explain. She caught my attention from day one but it is more than that. I wanted to adopt her and almost did but after much deliberation I decided it wasn't right. No fault of Athena. I've had many dreams with Athena where I'd ride her or just talk or play with her. Some made me just want to go get my trailer and bring her home. I'd worry about her getting adopted and would be upset when I knew or suspected she had an appointment. I know that might sound bad or selfish but I really didn't mean it that way. It took me a long time to get over Athena and only a couple weeks ago I told myself to let it go, I have been sending her I guess what people would call "adoption vibes" and about a week ago I had a dream where I told her someone was coming for her. So, am I surprised to see she is adopted? Not at all. I knew it even before Scott's comment on the day to day post.  I am happy for Athena. I know you are going to love her.  

Denise S - WW
So excited this morning to see that Athena has found her home!!! Congrats to all involved!! What a great way to start my morning!! Looking forward to pics!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Karol, thank you so much for calling last night to let us know the trip home went well and thank you for posting as well. 

While we do love and get attached to every single horse that comes through this program, I have to say that this little horse really stole our hearts in a very big way.  We try to keep those feelings in check, but sometimes you just wind up getting a bit more attached and form a very strong bond with some of the horses.  As long as Athena has been with us and all that she has been through I think made that bond very deep for us.  I knew Karol had special feelings for Athena for a long time now through my sister Sandy, as they are friends.  I had expressed to Sandy how hard it was going to be for me to see Athena leave here, but on the same token how happy I am that everything has fallen into place and Karol could adopt her.  Athena couldn't have found a better home.  I think this is good for me to have this happen, as it helps me keep that deep empathy for the donors who give their horses to us who can no longer keep them and rely on us to find them good homes...I do feel like I just placed my own beloved horse into a home.  While I am really missing that little girl, I cannot express how happy and grateful I am to Karol, Dave, Paula and Emily for taking her into their hearts.   I know you guys are going to really love her and have a great time with her. 

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart Karol!!! 

Here is a pic of Athena with her new family on adoption day (although we just could not get Karol in that photo!  Maybe Sandy will be able to sneak one of Karol and Athena in the future some time) 

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Lovely picture and big congratulations!  She is a lovely girl and I look forward to hearing updates and seeing pictures.
so happy for Athena and her new family, it was nice to meet all of you and watching her being ridden was pure pleasure, she looked like so much fun to ride!
 can't wait for updates!
Jenni O.

WooHoo!  Great picture and congratulations to all.  I am surprised nobody else snatched her up sooner, but sounds like this was meant to be. 

Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!  Awesome picture and even better story, from the very beginning to the very end.  And now a new wonderful adventure for her.  Congrats again!

...happy for her and a little jealous!  I don't need another horse but if I did I would have wanted this girl. I am glad she found the perfect home.   

Sandy K.

Beautiful picture of Athena and her new family ! Now how did I know Karol would be missing from it. My mission will be to get a pic of her and Athena sometime soon. I'll hide the camera in my jeans pocket. My weekly E mailing will now have to be in reverse. Karol used to E mail me almost every week asking how Athena was doing, now I will have to ask her.


Great big congratulations to Athena and her new family...sounds like a match made in heaven!!!

Donna R

Congratulations to Athena and her new family!  Woo Hoo...so happy for all of you!  Athena is such a sweet, beautiful girl.  You will be so glad you adopted her.

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