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Congratulations to a very lucky and very smart family.  Pasos are wonderful!

Jamie M

So happy to hear she has that perfect home now, and it all worked out so well!  Best wishes!

Sandy K.

A few pics of Athena in her new home, hopefully they show up in order. 


Karol tried so hard to get out of this picture but I have to laugh at Athena as she was looking at her like " Where the heck are you going ! "


We were talking as Karol cleaned stalls and Athena came up and looked in and acted like she wanted to join us for conversation.


The black Arabian is very small but the angle I was at makes him look so much bigger than Athena. 



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mel d

So happy to see Athena in her new home!


Well probably by now everyone thinks we dropped off the face of the earth, but we’ve just been really busy over the last couple of weeks getting Athena squared away, coping with fall chores and handling other things that needed to be dealt with. Even so, I do want to make sure everyone knows that I’m very aware I wasn’t the only one following Athena’s thread and wishing I could find a way to bring her home. Though we ended up being the lucky ones, I’m sure others who fell in love with her would have given her a good home too if they’d only had the chance. Please know we are working hard to make sure she gets the kind of care you would have gladly bestowed upon her if you only could have.

So here’s what’s been going on during the last two weeks….

Athena has adjusted nicely to her new surroundings and is now out of quarantine and sharing a 100x200 enclosed area with our two "oldsters" during the day where the ground is soft and she can eat her hay in peace. She gets along with both mares (one of them is blind) but seems more attached to my Arab gelding in the area out back, nickering to him across the fence or when I bring him past her stall at night. She’s now been moved to her permanent stall, which is between him and my Arab mare, a location that seems to suit her since she can hang her head over the divider and nozzle him any time she wants.

On the more worrisome side, it became quickly apparent that she is still tender footed on harder ground when we turned her out in the sick bay. She did all right on the sandy section and is sound in the indoor arena, but hobbles anytime she tries to go over the stony patch at one end of the bay or harder ground by the gate, so I ordered her some Cavallo boots which came 4 or 5 days after she did. Since then she’s been happily clumping around in them during the day and shedding them at the door when she comes in at night or into the arena where the footing is soft (a sand & rubber mix).

At our request, our farrier dropped by the third day she was here to check out her feet and discuss what he felt needed to be done when he came back to trim the horses on October 2nd. Our vet also came by that week to do a quick vet check, pick up a stool for the lab, discuss diets and verify he agreed with what the farrier thought should be done with her feet. Happily we are all on the same page. Corrective trimming will be done gradually, with the first trim concentrating on trying to get her hoof angles more in line with where they should be, filing the front of the hoof back a bit to allow an easier break over and leaving the soles alone to better protect the Plantar Cushion which is the source of her tenderness. She seems to be walking a little easier, the vet dropped off some medicine to help reduce the inflammation in the Plantar Cushion and I’m pleased that her boots now go on and off much easier after her first trim.

Although this was a little unexpected, our farrier has corrected similar problems in the past, is on the recommended list with several vets and feels confident she will be ok with time. On the vet’s side, she’s been wormed again after the stool check revealed a 1-2 count which is considered good but not perfect, has been given a quick float to eliminate a slight hook that may or may not have caused some feed droppage while chewing, and she’ll have a blood count performed in the near future to compare with the one MHWF did last spring in order to verify nothing has changed over the summer. Everyone that has come in contact with her has commented on her good disposition and calm attitude. She has been a joy to be around and well loved by everyone.

On the social side, we’ve all had a lot of fun taking care of her and planning her future. I’ve been working in the background, teaching her voice commands, grooming her, doing light lunging during the week to track her soundness and telling her about all our hopes for her. Paula did a test ride to make sure she would work in a bosal and is controllable for the girls. Sarah has ridden her briefly in the arena and is in the process of decorating her brush box, while Emily is learning how to lunge her, braids her mane and has taken her first ride on the lunge line to get used to her movements. She does pretty well with the boots for protection, is quick to pick up voice commands, stands quietly on the cross ties for the girls, doesn’t spook, deals with new things without getting excited and accepts the attention of her younger owners with a grace that is impressive for a horse her age. If she has any faults I haven’t found them yet and please rest assured, she is very well loved.

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Scott Bayerl: MHWF
Just to make it clear so that it does not sound like we sent Athena out with screwed up feet, Athena has been sound for us since late sping/early summer (only being a bit tender on the gravel, but not the screwed up feet she came to us with, and could not walk without the shoes on her feet that she came to us with).
When she left for her new home she was close to being due for her latest trim to bring her toe back, since she grows mostly toe and very little heel. She has now been gone for a few weeks and it would be about time to bring that toe back again.  Glad to hear your vet and farrier are on the same page as well. 

To make it visually clear, the tenderness isn't apparent unless Athena is on stones or very hard ground. She worked nicely up at MHWF in the round pen and works nicely in the arena as you can see with this link.

Sandy K.

Love the video of Paula riding her. She has such a pretty way of carrying herself and showing off that beautiful tail. So glad everyone is so happy with her.

Just watched the video and all I can say is wow..look at her go. Good girl Athena!

Kat! *Athena* and you look like you have been together for a long time... She is that Cadillac ride, now you can't get it any better than thatj! Smooth to the step... WOW!!

Ah Char,

I'd be ok with losing 20 some years, but that's our co-adopter Paula on top. They do make a nice pair though. Don't they?

Kat! So sorry! I always put my FOOT/HOOF into my mouth. *Athena* looks gorgeous.... anyway.

Jane Liess

Love the music with the video!  Athena looks great!

Donna R

Athena looks great in the video.  Such a special horse! 

Karol Ann

Just a note to say Athena is doing well and still settling in beautifully.

After three months she is at full winter weight and has found a stall much more to her liking than the originals. It only took 3 tries, but she seems happiest in a big stall in the back with one of her pasture mates on one side and a wall on the other, so that’s where she’ll probably stay.

As suspected, Athena is a very smart mare and has her basic verbal commands (come, stand, move over, back up and give) down pat, lets me trim her bridle path without moving, lifts her feet for cleaning before I ask and makes sure they are out of the way when I sweep around her. In short she has become an active participant in our daily rituals and a joy to work with.

She also surprised me the other day when I walked over to get a lead rope after free lunging her and she decided to follow at my shoulder. Curious, I stopped, then turned and headed back across the arena at a walk. She stayed at my side all the way and no matter which way I turned or when I stopped she did the same. I’m not sure if she’s bonded or someone taught her along the way, but the only place she wouldn’t follow me was into the wash rack. That doesn’t really surprise me though since I’ve always been under the impression she never much liked the wash rack anyway. I suppose she thinks there are just too many rules in there for her to go in there voluntarily. I can live with that.

Sarah and Emily seem to be having fun riding and fussing over her when they come on Saturdays and I’m having fun too, taking care of her, teaching her our ways and going for quiet walks on the knoll during the week. I’m under the impression she likes it here, though it’s probably to my advantage to think so.

The following video was taken in mid-November and shows Sarah (15) asking her to do the slower Paso gait, which I believe is called the Largo, and to walk on command. Athena tries hard for Sarah, but seems to think we should want her to do the faster gait she was trained to do and doesn’t quite seem to understand why we keep slowing her down every time she goes into it. She’s getting there though and hopefully will like her future life as a trail horse.

Anyway, Merry Christmas from all of us (Karol Ann, Paula, Sarah & Emily) to all of you.


*Athena* looks wonderful/beautiful... it is nice to sit and watch her, and one can see that she likes the faster pace, I suppose that is how she was trained by the previous owner. Really nice video.

Jenni O.

Good to hear everything is going so well.  Very cool that she follows you around.  I think it's great that you are so attentive to what works for her, like the stall placement.  She's a lucky mare.


 I love Athena. What a little sweetie.


 How is little Athena doing? I was riding her in my dream again and this time we were in a Paso competition where you ride across those wooden planks! What's funny is I don't even dream about riding my own horses.

Karol Ann T.

Time sure slips away, but thought I ought to drop a quick note to say Athena is doing fine. She’s acclimated well to our lifestyle so I moved her from the ½ acre paddock where I could keep an eye on her over the winter to the partially wooded ten acres in back where she has room to roam. Needless to say she prefers being out back but still comes when called and, like the others, has learned to put her nose in her halter when I ask her to give me her head.

We’ve tried several light saddles on her over the winter and finally settled on my Simco Arab work saddle and a training bosal since the mechanical hack only seemed to irritate her. (Maybe later.) The Simco fits her well and she seems happier in it than the first ones we’ve tried, so it will be her saddle until I’ve saved enough to buy the Paso saddle that caught my eye this spring.

We did have a pleasant surprise when she decided to shed out as a beautiful dappled bay sometime in May. Clever idea, but unhappily it didn’t last more than a month, then she went to a “smutty” or a “Sooty” bay (if you prefer that term better) with little or no dappling. Even so, she sure looked pretty while she had them and still looks pretty now that she doesn’t so we don’t care. Besides, I strongly suspect they’ll be back next spring. Kinda like the barn swallows….. something to look forward to.

Anyway, she seems content with us and I know we are with her. Hope your spring went as well as ours did.

Karol Ann, Dave, Paula, Sarah & Emily

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Thank you for the update Karol, she looks beautiful!!!!  :) 


OMG, *Athena* looks like she is enjoying her new family. She seems to be very at ease and enjoying all of the attention. Running along the fence she looks like she is ready for a *blue ribbon*. Thanks for sharing.

Karol Ann T.
You're more than welcome Karen. I'm sorry I'm so slow, but we sure do love her if that counts for anything.

Jurita, I forgot to ask. . . Did Athena win??????

Also, sometime back , somebody asked if we had more videos of Athena. I'd been messing around with play lists tonight so whoever asked can see a string of videos showing Paula & Athena messing around at different times last winter. They are in no particular order, but you can watch her adjust to the mounting block, scary corners or just get a little exercise. The play list link is:

 Of course she won :) She is looking good. It looks like she has put on a little weight and some muscle. Such a sweet little horse.

Karol Ann T.

Ooooops! My play list didn't play. You only got the first one of about five and that one is kinda hum drum so I'll have to mess with it again in a few days.

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