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Thanks Karol, I look forward to seeing them! 

Karol Ann T.

OK, I think the playlist of all Athena's wintervideos is working now, or at least it worked when I sent it to Paula so we'll seeif it works if you click on Play Allfrom the Foundation's thread. Once again, the videos are in noparticular order and one or two might be a repeat of previous videos, but if all goes well, youmight be able to see her first reaction to being asked to line up with themounting block as well as her expertise in doing it in a different video, watch her test Paulaat a corner and decide to stand as asked, start accepting the slower paso gaits and her happinesswhen Paula lets her do her beloved Fino gait.


Sharp eyes will be able to tellwe've tried several saddles on her to see which works best for her and tried amechanical hack on her (which she doesn't like… thank you very much, but nothanks!). She's currently in my Arabian Simco work saddle with a standard Bosal,but we finally decided on a Paso saddle last week and she should be in it sometime thiscoming week. We'll see. Anyway, the link to herwinter playlist is: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0DDDF8699225ED90

In answer to Jurita's questionon weight, we added about a 100 pounds to her pasture weight (somewhere around 720pounds) to arrive at her winter weight (821 pounds). She held that weight nicely allwinter, maybe too nicely, since she didn't shed out as close to her summerweight as I'd have liked and we had to gently ease her down to summer weightwhich she is pretty much at now (Around 800 pounds). Vet is happy with herphysical & mental condition and she's passed her spring checkup with flyingcolors.  Phew!

Karol Ann
Here's a quick pic I took of Athena while I was testing her new Paso trail saddle for fit.

Photo resized for poster.


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OMG, *Athena* looks like one of those Breyer horse figurines. She is one BEAUTIFUL girl. Really sleek looking.
Emily riding Athena.

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Lisa B.
What a nice horse/rider combo! Enjoy.
She looks awesome!!  Looking back over her previous posts, it had been a long haul with her.  She is so lucky to have landed at MHWF.  Thank you Scott and Karen for taking the time, energy, and hard work to get her back to where she needed to be and sticking with her to find her the right home.  What a lucky mare!!!
She does look wonderful...not only beautiful, but quiet eye, peaceful presentation, and overall happy horse.  How nice to see.
Awww..Athena. She is such a little gem.
Athena and her rider Emily

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Sandy K
I love this action photo . I like how she is moving and her rider's balance bareback . They look great !
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