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I rode a Paso Fino for the first time yesterday and I am in love with their smooth gait! I will keep my eye on her (: How is she doing?
Hmm... seems to me that if she's going to be available soon, all you lurkers had better get your applications in so you have a shot at an appointment.  I expect that this one will find a home VERY quickly and the lucky person that is the right match for her is going to get a really special horse.  All the adoption horses deserve great homes, but ones like this do not come through very often.

I rode a Paso stallion at a breeding farm a couple of years ago (because he was the "most broke" of the under-saddle horses) and wow! they really are little sports cars.
Scott: MHWF
We got the results of Athena's blood work back today and everthing looks good, except her thyroid is at the low end of normal. It is still in the normal range, but we will wait until the vet comes back from vacation so that we can talk with him before we make any jugements on those results. Doc will be back in about a week and we will update her thread as soon as we get a chance to go over the results with him.

Thank you.
Jane J.

this message goes out to all but mostly to Jamie that posted about her beloved Peruvian Pasos. Look me up sometime in WR this spring.I have three Peruvians. I have had other Peruvians that were not as friendly as these three but it seems like they are either very freindly or quite stand offish expecially to strangers etc. I have many friends that have all different gaited breeds and I belong to a couple of gaited riding clubs etc. I feel that there is just something special about a Peruvian Pasos , well now I will sound like Hank Kimball from Green Acres.as I adore my Rocky and my TW. My Rocky is the love of my life equine!! But those darn Peruvians have my heart also!!hehe I think they have en extra sence of understanding whats on your mind before you think it!!hehe   I met Athena and think she is a very sweet mare. She is on the smaller side even for a Paso Fino but she is gorgeous and I am sure that she will be finding a super loving new home soon!!
I don't know how to get ahold of you...are you in Wis. Rapids?
Athena has my interest, but i would prefer an older horse.  My Josie was such an alusive horse too, I don't know much about her past, but I was told she had some rough times.  She wasn't a horse anyone could walk up to...but I finally broke through and was able to walk up to her and put a halter on without having her run off...she was great with the grandkids.  And I do soooooo miss her.  Loved her in every way.  I would love another Peruvian....Don't know of the differences in the Paso Fino's and Peruvians other than the Peruvian's have a paddle in the front legs and may be a smoother ride...But I am keeping my eye on Athena.  Buddy my Peruvian gelding that died of cancer, was a lovable curious horse that stuck in your pocket...he was special too...but then they ALL are aren't they?
Scott: MHWF
Our vet got back from vacation last night and I had a chance to talk with him about Athena this morning. We have decided to go with a small daily dose of Thyro-L for about a month. At the end of the month we will do bloodwork again and see where her Thyroid levels are at. We can adjust her meds at that time if need be. We should be able to make Athena available for adoption on another month or so.

Hopefully this is all worth the wait for any potential adopters. At least now we will have a diagnosis as well as a solution, and she will be all set to go. If it turns out that she will need to stay on the Thyro-L, we will provide that as well. It is very inexpensive and should not be a big financial burden on her eventual adopter. 

Good to hear Scott.  Sounds like things aren't much of an issue.  We'll wait for the updates!  A friend of mine has her QH gelding on the same meds, but for crestiness not crustiness!  LOL (just my attempt at a little funny :)

Don't let the Thyro L scare you from being interested in this girl, if it ends up Athena has to stay on it. My Marcy that I adopted from MHWF needed Thyro L everyday as well. Scott and Karen gave me a nice supply when I adopted her, and when I had to buy more after a year or so it wasn't that expensive. She just ate it right up in her senior feed. 

Hello, I see that Athena  is getting better by the day. I am an experienced horse person and love using the natural horsemanship training.  I also am a experienced paso rider. I love the look of that little girl.  I love my pasos.  I am a paso person threw and threw.  I lost my paso named molasses a few years ago.  I was boarding at and lent her out to a friend and she ended up coming back with a broken leg.  I have learned my lesson to never lend my horse out ever again.  I am interesting in Athena.  It doesn't matter to me is she needs to be on the thyro L the rest of her life of not.  I have gotten spoiled with their gait and the smoothness I have been looking for a horse like this little girl for a long time.  I have just never found another walker or horse that is the right fit for me.  Can you let me know if you have anyone interested in Athena?  I want to send out the application for her, I am not interested in any of the other horses at this point.  Thank you for your time. 

MHWF, Inc.
Hello Lorraine,

The first step is to fill out and send in your adoption application and get that approved. Once we get it we will call you to let you know and to answer any questions you might have...once she is actually available for adoption.

As far as whether or not she has people interested in her....we simply do not yet know because she is not yet available for adoption. I would hope after all the time she has been here that she has a couple people looking at her, but please do not let that discourage you if you are interested in her. There is no harm done in getting your application in and ready...just in case. There is also a good chance that we will get other Pasos in for adoption as well. We seem to get a couple of them every year.

Thank you.
MHWF, Inc.
We are now finally ready to make Athena available for adoption!

What a long journey it took to get to this point, but we now feel pretty confident that she is sound, healthy and ready for her new home.

To address a couple of things that we know people are going to ask about her right away.

1. Athena does not need any special shoes or any specialized trimming.

2. She is not a kids horse.

3. Athena is a dainty little thing and will require a rider under 140 pounds.

Thank you for your patience and for your prayers for Athena's rehab. It has been a long road, but we worth the effort. She is about as sweet and loving as they come and someone will be getting a wonderful trail companion.


What excellent news!  Big pats on the back to Scott & Karen for getting Athena to this point.  Good job!


So glad to hear that Athena is ready to find her new family. Do you have any recent pictures of her that you could share?


 Will you be placing her with some one with knowledge and background re: gaited horses or just a small adult with horse experience? 

Scott: MHWF
Sorry, no new pics today. We were out of town for most of the past week and when we get back we have tons of things to catch up on....new photos when it is muddy and snowing out are not real high on our priority list, but we will get some new ones eventually.  Of course Karen has lots of pics of her just out in the pasture and about, but no new formal pics yet. 

As far as what kind of adopter are we looking for to adopt Athena, any small adult with some horse sense and experience will probably do just fine with her. Half the fun in getting a new horse is all the new things to learn, especially when it comes to a nice gaited horse like Athena. She has energy, but is very sweet and forgiving, so someone will have alot of fun with her.
Awesome news! Thank you Scott and Karen for all your dedication, time and love that you give this little mare, and all the horses. 
Sue B

Wish I were 40 pounds lighter! 

I snapped a quick pic of Athena this evening to share since Diane wanted to see one.  :)  The picture is of Athena (on the right) standing next to Ben, waiting to come back out of the pasture.  Don't mind the mud, it is definitely mud season around here, so she is pretty dirty in the pic, and the ratty halter, she just wears that for coming in and out.  :) 

I also just wanted to reiterate what Scott said above regarding the weight requirement for a rider for Athena; this is because Athena is so small, no other reason. 

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Thanks for sharing the picture. They both look really good. Mud? What mud!LOL

Denise S - WW
Those two are just adorable!! Mud & all!!! So glad to hear that Athena is available for adoption!
Brandy S

Sue B> > I feel the same way lol. She doesnt look much smaller then my paso in the pictures but scott and Karen definitely know whats best for her. I know I am out but that is probably for the better, since I may be tempted to save some of my farrier money and go snatch her up, (com ed can wait right??? ;)

Jenni O.
Omigosh, I love her ears!  Why are there so many horses that go through MHWF that I'd love to have?  I think the photo might be deceiving.  In it she doesn't seem really small compared to Ben, who looks like a pretty huge beast in his profile photos.  But I saw her when we brought Brown Eyes back and she is a petite girl.  She made me think of a friend's Icelandic, size-wise, although Athena doesn't have the roly poly build or the wild mane. 

And I was reading a thread on another forum about mares vs geldings and the main opinion was that mares might be harder to bond with initially, but once you do they will walk through fire for you.  Someone is going to find their perfect horse in this girl.
Now you might be forcing me to go on that diet I have been talking about for too long!  I wonder if she will still be available long enough for me to loose....aaah.....15 lbs!  LOL
She sure looks good tho...mud and all...and I must say, Ben looks pretty dapper himself :)
She looks tiny, tiny next to Ben, who is a big boy.  If you really look at the photo and take your eyes to where Ben's withers would be, you will see she is a lot shorter than him.  She has her neck and head very upright.  You know, we put that weight limit on here because we had to draw a line and help point out what may be obvious to most, but not to all.  She is a very petite horse, very fine boned and long-backed.  None of her photos will show just how petite she is, but when people meet her in person they comment on how tiny she is.  
A lot would also depend on how good a rider is as well and that weight limit could go up a hair, we just wanted to stop anyone who is over say about 5' 6" and more than 150 pounds from calling on her, as I just can't see putting anyone bigger than that on this petite little girl.  Not only would they look ridiculous, but it wouldn't be good for Athena with her small stature either. 

Jenni, I believe I said that on another thread here on this forum regarding mares, although I didn't use the fire reference.  :) 
This is what I like about MHWF... they are ALWAYS thinking *For The Good Of The Horse*... *Athena* looks really good and I hope she has the patience in doing her PICKING out of a new family... You sure did a MARVELOUS job with this little beauty, and you do with all of the horses...WOW!!
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